So It’s Safe to Talk about Joe Biden’s Corruption, Flaws and Mental Decline Again

That didn’t take long! Apparently, the moratorium on stating truthful facts about Joe Biden’s corrupt family dealings, his weirdo hands-on approach with women and little girls, and his severe mental decline has been lifted. Just in the last few days, the Washington Post has noticed something truly alarming: Joe Biden seems to be a doddering old fool with dementia. He’s not quite the same old vigorous Joe who ran such a robust, energetic campaign in 2020!

It’s as if the media is suddenly admitting what all of us knew all along: Joe Biden is probably not long for this world. They may as well begin reporting on some of the sleazier truths of Joe Biden, now that he is no longer needed.

For example, Politico – Politico, of all places (!) – is reporting that one of Joe Biden’s revenue streams is suddenly refusing to reveal who his donors are. Now that the media is no longer wildly disinterested in vetting Joe Biden, it turns out that something called the “Biden Institute” was founded at the University of Delaware in 2017. That was the first year that Biden was out of office, you may remember.

Yeah, I had never heard of this “Institute” before either – that’s how much the media avoided looking into Joe Biden for four years, even though everyone was pretty sure he was going to run for office in 2020.

Anyway, Politico notes that this Biden Institute is being quite a bit less subtle than the Clinton Foundation ever was. If someone wants to curry some sort of favor with the Biden administration, they should feel free to make a generous donation to the Biden Institute, winka winka.

Oh, and it gets even sleazier!

At the University of Pennsylvania, there’s also a previously-unheard-of thing called the “Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.” The man who has been running the Penn Biden Center since it was founded in 2018 is a guy named Tony Blinken. That name might sound familiar to you, since Tony Blinken is Biden’s nominee to be the new US Secretary of State.

The Penn Biden Center under Blinken’s leadership took in more than $20 million in anonymous donations from Chinese nationals. And the Penn Biden Center is now refusing to disclose the identities of those Chinese donors.

Almost every dime that the Penn Biden Center raked in over a two-year period came exclusively from anonymous Chinese donors. Yet not one Republican in Blinken’s Senate confirmation hearing bothered to ask about it. They were too busy complimenting Blinken while nervously asking questions about the embassy in Jerusalem.

Since the Penn Biden Center is almost entirely bought and paid for by anonymous Chinese donors, you should know that there are a few other people who worked there who are also moving over to the White House this week.

The list includes White House counselor Steve Ricchetti, Brian McKeon who will be headed to the State Department, the new Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl, the new deputy UN ambassador Jeff Prescott, and three other people that Biden has appointed to the National Security Council.

See how that scam works? All of these people are required, obviously, to fill out financial disclosures during the nominating process. But they’re all just going to write that they were paid salaries by this Penn Biden Center. And the Penn Biden Center is refusing to disclose its list of anonymous donors from Communist China.

Bought. And. Paid. For.

The good news for the media is that the Biden-Chinese-money funnel is a scandal that won’t impact their preferred fake president, Kamala Harris. Now that Joe Biden no longer serves any purpose in the communist takeover of America, the press can feel safe about digging into the corrupt Biden family cesspool.

Once that happens, look for Joe Biden to have some sort of health emergency that requires him to step down.

Here’s another reason why this is all significant. None of the money that flowed into the Penn Biden Center from Communist China had anything to do with Hunter Biden. The Biden family can’t just pawn that off on their black sheep of an excuse for a son. This is Joe Biden’s money scandal – and his alone. Which gives the puppet masters one more reason to take Joe back behind the barn and give him the Old Yeller treatment.

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44 Responses

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    1. What can We the people do for the next election? WE THE PEOPLE must act. 1. Take your name off the voter rolls NOW. 2. Attend the local school broad meetings – each month. Stop the Communist part of the educational program 3. Watch C-SPAN for thirty minutes a day at the committee level both in the House and the Senate. What are the Senators and Representatives during with the real problems of the United States? 4. Contact your local Republican party group. Attend meetings. Everybody needs to know WE THE PEOPLE are angry. 5. Register January 2022 to vote in the PRIMARY. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO VOTE IN LARGE NUMBERS. 6. Call 20 people on the register rolls. 7. What are their five major concerns? 8.How can we have a clean, fair, and honest vote for every election? How is funding the Attorney General and the Sec. of State in your State? 9. Write your state legislatures and find out the current voter requirements. 10. What are the penalties for illegal voting? What is an illegal vote? 11. Asked your state Attorney General office how many court cases were filed and prosecuted for voter fraud in the past 10 years? 12. We the People, are responsible for the way we are governed. We the people, need to open our eyes, clean out our ears and find out the FACTS of a problem. 13. We the People, need to take responsible for this “MESS” and start to clean it up.
      14. We the People, can clean the “Mess” up with God’s help. An angry, concern citizen of Mississippi and resident of Texas.

  2. Just as planned, Camelass Harris will be taking over soon. I thought it would last 6 months but am thinking I am wrong on that prediction

    1. This has become Washington’s worst kept secret. The unfortunate part is Obiden is so mentally degraded, he won’t be able to enjoy “the fruits of his ‘labor’” when he leaves office.

  3. What took them so long. We have all known this for months. They wanted this Senile Old Man in the office, and now that they have gotten him, they don’t want him? They are as nuts as he is. There is a reason they waited this long to start saying anything. They wanted to hurt President Trump and all of the country. May they rot in hades.

  4. Correct, Robert. Now, when we get the house back in two years, we can impeach the HO, for the same reason they impeached Trump

    1. Impeached is a word used by dimcrats and Fake News Media to falsely and “Fakely” suggest a conclusion that someone has actually been impeached…NOT TRUE. In the real world… No one has been Impeached… Not even clinton. The conclusion of impeachment requires a conviction. Neither clinton nor Trump have been convicted. Trump will not be convicted on the second hoax impeachment either and will be back to run for a second term in 2024 in which he will win and own the house, senate, and Presidency. This is where America will become Great Again and drastic changes made in favor of the American People.

  5. Anyone with half a brain knew this was coming. I gave him a month before they disposed of him and moved commie harris in there. Everyone of those lying traitors involved from the top down should be arrested and locked up including the rotten corrupt media.

    1. I think most of you people have half a brain. You all believed almost everything Trump said knowing that all he does is lie.He tried to do what he said Obama was going to do and that was stay in power.But he is the low life that tried to be a dictator. He has broken so many laws he should be locked up for a long time.

      1. And, OF COURSE, you have links and sources for all of his so-called lies, RIGHT? lets SEE them you fricking idiot TROLL, you’re the one that needs removal from polite society, PERIOD!

      2. gilbert — are you trying to match the pedophile biden and the demoRAT party for pure insanity ???? Your post has zero basis and absolutely no truth, just more media and piglosi lunacy.

      3. I would rather have half a brain and know the truth, then to be totally brain dead as you, having that empty space filled with all the “lies” of that fake news that you have believed as the gospel. Seriously……President Trump has broken so many laws???? Really???? The Democrats were after him the second he took his oath, and if he broke any of the “laws” you are accusing him with, they would have had him thrown out of office the first week! The fact that he served his full term is
        testament of the fact that there were no laws broken and the best the Democrats could come up with to try to get rid of him was about a phone call! You sir are the one who is brainwashed and when all the things start happening that President Trump said they would do and the fake news wouldn’t report on, then you will realize who was really telling the truth as you are watching our country going down the drain.

      4. You have no brain!! No one has broken any law!! Biden and the other Are Hear For 1 Reason!! To Destroy America!! They are hater wannabes That only Wish They Could Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With President Trump! President Trump will Drain The Swamp! They Cheated and They Paid Antifa To Kill And Harm Innocent Americans! Anyone That Stands With Biden Or Harriass Need To Be Removed From America! #45BestPresidentEver #PresidentTrumpWillPrevail

  6. Why don’t the republicans bring this up at our REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S joke of an impeachment? Hopefully we can get BOTH him and heels up out at the same time. We ALL know they are BOTH GUILTY just as much as we know President Trump Is innocent. Why should they get away with FRAUD LIES AND CORRUPTION and turn around and try to ruin someone’ else’s life. What makes them think they are above the law? It’s always the GUILTY ONES who try the hardest to blame someone else for their CRIMES. Republicans need to STAND UP AND EXPOSE THESE CRIMINALS who have sold us out to China Over 74MILLION of us need our elected officials to do the jobs WE pay for. EXPOSE the SEWER RATS DISPOSE OF THEM AND IMPEACH THE ONES WHO ARE TRAITORS to our country

    1. Sorry to say Becky. It has to do with Cowardice within the republican party…. McConnell MUST GO!!! … and the RINO Traitors and back stabbers chased out for the republican party to survive until Trump can get back in and TCB.

    2. Take Heart Becky, The PATRIOT PARTY was just FORMED and certified by the FEC, GREAT things ARE coming when the gop is DRAINED of all but the rinos!

  7. I am not sure who is worse, Clueless Joe or the so called main stream media. Truly evil, corrupt people all the way around!

  8. Poor guy is pure scum……..sell out America to gratify the global rich

  9. China jolly ass puppet and the news review has been a PR company for Democrats for years they are missing for the Democrats their mission is martial law then comes no more elections they will put it through they think they should be there the Democratic news media is all or suffering what they’re doing they’re giving opinions not the news they’re hiding under the first amendmentand their interpretation of the first amendment will say what they want and if you have an opinion that they are wrong you be told to sit down and shut up all the other zombies that voted for him are going to be led to slaughter

  10. Well, well, well. NOW the Dems want to deep six their election “winner”. The OBVIOUS “Why?” is well, to get our REAL team of corruptocrats installed in the foundation of the deep state. The LESS obvious “Why?” is their (hopefully mistaken) belief that when Beijing Joe goes away, there won’t be any incentive to do that embarrassing investigation into just how deeply our deep state is beholden to Communist China. and how completely we are being sold out.

  11. Its quite amazing that Biden got elected. I guess the irrational, illogical hatred of Mr Trump overcomes common sense. Anyone paying attention could see that Biden was just a vehicle. The door is now open for the purchase of our Federal Gov. Quite amazing that so many people voted for this. What were they thinking??

    1. They Obviously Were Not Thinking! They Were Listening To The lame ass Media! It Dont Matter Who We The People Vote For Now A Days Its Too Deep Thanks To An 8yr Term Of Obummer! He Is To Blame For This!! Obummer And Hillary For Prison!!!! #45BestPresidentEver #TrumpNowMoreThanEver

  12. There was still too much voter fraud, and dementia jo told everyone that the democRATS have the most sophisticated means in cheating, how can anyone say he won an election! This was the last page of the coup against our democracy of our republic by denying the American Citizens their rights to a free election. No transparency No election.

  13. Who vetted Biden? Must have been Wary FBI. We have been had America and
    Corruption rules the day.

  14. The democrats have disgraced the concept o democracy that men and women have given their lives for..

  15. Where’s the Congressional investigations into the money scam by the Biden family. The republican congress is just about as corrrupt as the democrats. Time to join the Patriot Party – time to leave the corrupt republican Party – too many RINO’s.

  16. So Chinese money, from undisclosed Chinese entities, funneled into biden fake charity is how the big guy gets his 10%.


  18. Delaware-where is your state police with HUNTER BIDEN porn filled lap top, where is our attorney general, Oh I forgot they are DEMOCRATS-Coons-Carper-Rochester-Carney. Where can you go into politics a pauper & 2/4 years be a millionaire. PS : Joe get out of rehoboth beach. WE don’t need you.

  19. The Liberal Media supported Joe Biden, and overlooked a lot of serious questions about his competency and his mental state; because Trump simply didn’t like the Media and wouldn’t play their gotcha games in press conferences. So, they gave us Joe. How long is the Media’s softball, hands off questions going to last?…That approach doesn’t make news, and fawning over Biden isn’t going to sell. So, sooner, rather than later, some reporter/journalist is going to ask President Biden a really direct tough question and not let him skate away. President Biden at this stage doesn’t seem to have the mental agility, to deal with anything he views as criticism, and will revert to what he does…a snarky, put down, insulting retort that doesn’t answer the questions……other Media Journalist “stars”, not looking to be outdone by their competitors, will sense blood in the water, and continue the
    “harassment”…….Biden will go into hiding again, which is how he escaped any Media scrutiny, and only held carefully scripted press conferences during the run up to the election….in 47 years in Public “service” Biden mostly successfully avoided any real accounting for what he did or didn’t do…..when it got tough…….he bailed out.

    How long will it be before the press really starts to hit him directly with questions on unfulfilled promises?…Hard to say. They are Democrats thru and thru and created this Presidency, so attaching it makes them look complicit in any failures……but eventually you have to ask, about the continuing riots and BLM and Antifa, you have to ask about where’s the money going, and why it’s going to foreign goverments when so many Americans are unemployed and suffering under Covid-19 restrictions, they’ll have to ask about a wasted year in Education where students didn’t learn and teachers teaching remotely didn’t teach..TEST SCORES!..they’ll have to ask about dealing with China, ask about immigaration……..and the bad news for President Biden is he can only BLAME THE GREAT SATAN TRUMP..for so long…The buck stops with him……how long will he be able to hide and avoid the scrutiny?……I’d suggest that at his age, and apparent mental issues……..not all that long. But perhaps I am giving the lapdog Media too much credit.

  20. Sadly we must endure the current evil. Our creator has a plan, for it to be fulfilled, these things must happen. Hold fast to what is good and righteous, stay focused on him and regard not the war that rages, God is in control. Amen

  21. not so fast with the getting rid of Sniffing Joe. “DR” Jill did not stay with with porn filled leech pervert NOT to be First Lady for 4 YEARS. Dems are stupid if they think they can get rid of her any time soon. She has spent hundreds of thousands and thousands on clothes to parade around the WORLD as First Lady of the USA and entertain to the hilt at the WH for 4 YEARS.
    Any Dems that try to take hat away from her will regret it. She is a ruthless Democrat.

    The Democrats have run on hate Trump. Trump is gone give the tax paying voters YOUR plan for the future other than the Obama plan, which was blame bush for 8 years.

  22. China already said openly they have taken over America and will control our government.

  23. impeaching a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Impeaching a President the Constitution states is removing them from office. the ONLY person in office to remove is Joe Biden. Donald Trump is NOT in office so the only impeachment candidate is Joe Biden. BUT Biden does not fit the reason for impeachment set down by Pelosi. So Pelosi and the low information Dems in the House and 10 STUPID Republicans are taking and impeachment request to the US Senate to remove a man from office that is no longer in office.
    ONLY the EXCEPTIONALL STUPID WITH HATE would vote for this.
    ANYONE in the House or Senate that votes for this impeachment is too stupid to be in Congress and must never serve in public office again. ANY president that does do ACTIVLY stop this charade s too stupid and full of hatred to be president of ANYTHING!


  24. This is absolutely the path the demoRATS and the lame media will take to get rid of biden. They knew the street walker would not win if she ran — they needed china joe as their front man puppet. Now that the farce scam election has been stolen from Americans he is no longer needed. I like a few others here thought it would be about 6 months but it looks maybe to be sooner than that. The problem is that all this evidence of biden corruption was out there long before the election and this whole country ignored it — it will again be ignored and china joe will just abruptly disappear with a magical illness.

  25. If you have the need to just comment and move on, then we have a problem, and why our Country is in the mess it’s in today!

    People love to whine and cry, piss and moan, but seriously what does that resolve?

    You don’t have to attend a rally to be pro-active, you can flood the offices of members of the House and Senate and make your voice heard, just don’t scream, use foul language, just be polite and make your concerns and demands known. And if need be call them every day!

    Otherwise, the only person you can literally blame is looking at you in the mirror!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE


    1. Everyone Needs To Do This.. We The People Have To Be Heard! Thank You For Posting The Numbers!

  26. We need to get rid of people like George Soros and the rest of the Deep State. Time for the Military to get involved. Take out all of the Politicians and start over. If I was 20 years younger I would run for Congress.

  27. Rabid Animals will bite & spread rabies UNTIL they are put down!

  28. well how about going back to investigate election fraud. impeach both president and VP at the same time. they like most states keep election records fora period after the election so if the people demanded an election audit from their own state what court can deny it?—————Grampa

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