Iran Thumbs Nose at Weak Biden on Day One

In the Trump Administration’s final days, Iran became increasingly bold knowing the U.S. would no longer have a strong leader in the White House. The enemy state recently pivoted away from releasing a business man with dual U.S. and Iranian citizenship even after its own court system cleared him of all spying charges. The move is a shot that demonstrates Iran no longer fears American power and is thumbing its collective nose at Joe Biden.

“Notably, the Trump administration imposed maximum pressure and got American hostages released,” Richard Goldberg, director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, reportedly said. “The incoming Biden team signals a return to a policy of paying Iran’s extortion racket — and now this.”

Emad Shargi was detained in early December while trying to cross the Iranian border into Iraq. He had already been arrested and cleared of all allegations in December 2019. But the regime held on to his U.S. and Iranian passports to restrict his movements. In 2019, even the radical extremist leadership feared harming an American after President Donald Trump put the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism on notice.

“Any attack by Iran, in any form, against the United States will be met with an attack on Iran that will be 1,000 times greater in magnitude,” President Trump warned, and Iran took heed.

But after *alleged* election fraud (Google makes us say that) handed Biden the Oval Office, Iran appears to have shrugged off its apprehension about imprisoning, harming, and even murdering Americans. Throwing Shargi back into prison without a criminal allegation is a message to Biden. It’s also one everyday Americans should note because those traveling abroad are now vulnerable to attacks.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, among others, made blanket statements only a few weeks before Biden took office that implies the regime expects all sanctions lifted and the U.S. to come groveling back to the nuclear deal which gave them millions for nothing.

“Sanctions are a treachery and crime against the Iranian nation and must be lifted,” Khamenei reportedly said. “Today, our defense power is in a way that our enemies have no choice but to consider our power in their calculations.”

Establishment media outlets such as NBC and Barron’s are pushing a phony narrative that taking Shargi hostage is “possibly jeopardizing Biden’s plans for diplomacy with Tehran” and that Iran is accusing the U.S. of “hostage-taking.” Both narratives fail to highlight that Iran had effectively been neutralized before the November elections outcome.

The idea that Biden faces a difficult diplomatic road to peace with Iran runs counter to the last four years of American strength policies. Former President Trump went as far as to take out Iran’s top general in broad daylight. He was engaged in funding and training terrorists, as well as the orchestrator of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that killed and maimed countless civilians, U.S. soldiers, and innocent children. Iran bit its collective tongue and did nothing while President Trump was in office because they feared him.

But with Biden restoring the weak-kneed Obama-era foreign policies, Iran has nothing to fear. It was Obama and Biden who bowed and scraped on their apology tours to Iran and other U.S. enemies. And in its lust to destroy America’s most loyal ally in the Middle East — Israel — Iran recently took a significant step forward toward developing a nuclear weapon. Had President Trump been seated for a second term, the green light for Israel to destroy the rogue regime’s nuclear weapons facilities would likely have been given. Unfortunately, Jihadists in Iran sleep soundly, knowing Biden lacks the temerity to act.

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29 Responses

  1. This was only the first day for the demented crooked pedophile rapist lackey, and the actions of Jean-Francois Kerry’s mullah in-laws was not even the first international humiliation for the moribund First American Republic (our Chicom masters struck first). Regime media and the big tech telescreen will tell us that we are now back in the good graces of the inhabitants of sand dunes, rain forests and dictatorships the world over, but everyone knows that we are now for real the “paper tiger” that Chairman Mao used to make fun of, It is increasingly likely that secession and partition are going to be likely if any of us are to avoid impoverishment, enslavement and possibly nuclear or biological warfare extermination. Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist.

  2. We can only hope that laughter will “scare” Iran away. Biden is no deterant

  3. THANK YOU, IRAN! Iran couldn’t have done ANYTHING nicer than to thumb their nose at biden! And I mean that sincerely! I am not a fan of his either, by FAR! He has going to RUIN living here & RUIN the standing of the US when we become SOCIALIST! We’ll look like Venezuela the 2nd! I will NOT like losing the many rights I have had all the previous years of my life. Thank heaven there aren’t many more years to go, but ANY is TOO many. It isn’t fun to be embarrassed of your country, thanks to the Democrats. They will be the RULERS of ALL that goes on & they have NO idea how to do it, the dummies. They believe “do now, think how to handle it later”. No planning, just GET THE POWER even if it IS done ILLEGALLY! RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN! However don’t you worry, God will prevail & we will get the power back by LEGAL means. JUST YOU WAIT!

  4. You can bet every foreign country is glad that we’ve got another anti American gutless weasel in the White House. Biden is just as worthless as Obama was. He’ll probably go around the world telling everybody how terrible the U.S. is like Obama did. I’ll be anxious to see when the morons who voted for him finally admit they miss President Trump.

  5. Once again the Democrats will clean up the shit mess left behind . Treasonous tRump said nothing and did nothing when his BFF Putin put bounties on our troops. Kissed Kim’s ass and cut deals with China to benefit himself and his family

    1. Where do you get your information? I have heard just the opposite. I listened to CNN and PMSNBC and that’s
      exactly what they say and have been for 4 years. But when you ask for proof, none is there. Chicom news will teach you how to think, if you don’t have a mind of your own. No thanks, I said to them. I do think for myself.

    2. Noah Names, I don’t know what drugs you are using, but maybe you need to just go back to your drug infused coma and live in your communist controlled fantasy world. You obviously don’t know anything about the real world. Leave the thinking and planning to those of us who are able to actually think for ourselves.
      If you don’t like this country, leave it!!! The people that almost think , like yourself, and only listen to communist propaganda put out by the mass media, incidentally they are owned by China, then go to the communist country of your choice where election fraud is a way of life and you only have the right the breath until the government decides that you don’t.
      Just in case you can’t understand what I have just said, I’ll say simpler for you. Get out of America you communist maggot!!!

  6. Boy Mr. Noah Names — it is thinking like yours that will bring America DOWN. YOU sir are certainly living in some kind of retarded fantasy world and have no concept of reality.

  7. Noah I hope you go travel abroad so that you can take in first hand of what the new administration stands for. You may also want to inform yourself better than to just take what CNN is telling you. Don’t know where the treason you are speaking of happened. I would like to see the article proving this or an actual court trial which as US citizens we are all guaranteed to be innocent until proven guilty. But I guess that is no longer the case? I deployed multiple time to defend these freedoms that seem to be being pushed aside by people like yourself and speaker Pelosi. I sit here bracing myself looking on wondering what is the next freedom that people like yourself are going to allow the government to take from you. So when you get arrested for something you did not do don’t cry about it just go ahead and look back to the day you were ok with giving up your rights as a citizen and make sure you get busy trying to prove yourself innocent. I wish you good luck sir!

  8. Just the opposite of when Reagan ( a strong leader, sheepdog) took over from Carter ( an incompetent sheep) seems that the enemies of America know when a weakling is in charge . America is in serious trouble!!!

  9. Biden and the Marxists are going to take down America. There will never be any further elections or Republicans; they will ensure all of the illegals they allow in and those who achieve amnesty, will only vote for them. A completely totalitarian state will be run, no different than those in Cuba, China or the former Soviet Union. This election was not an election; but a coup to sell America to the globalists. COVID was used to manipulate and corral people like sheep for complete control they will not let go of at any time. If you think life will go on as usual with Biden, et al, think again. Trump instituted the Insurrection Act and the military is now running the country because traitors hijacked the election through foreign adversaries and entities. They are seditious criminals. Nothing they say or do is legitimate. The illegal Act of 1871 was removed a year ago, thus ending the Corporation of America, which has been run by the worldwide cabal, the UK and the Central Bank. Just watch what occurs.. American cannot become Communist.

  10. where the appeasement will go with Iran will lead only to more of our boys and girls dieng in foreign lands. the need to spend money will only make the rich richer but this is never mentioned. it is the ones that supply the troupes and then rebuild the nations we destroy. that make the money. what could this nation look like if we spent those funds within our nation. we could have the best roads the best transportation the biggest farms the best water and all done by American workers. we wouldn’t need to fear illegals because we could put them to work offering a legal path to citizenship. with jobs crime would drop and we could have the best hospitals in the world. our politicians have but one goal, control. they get rich upon the labor of we the people. look at the finances of each in both houses. how can one afford such riches unless you have inside information like voting for a conflicts that will hand contracts to companies you have investments in.————–Grampa

  11. Iran says to O’Biden that no money, no talkee, send me the cargo planes with the pallets of cash.
    and here we go again, money to terrorist campaign begins.
    where’s hunter and is he still holding the 10% for the big guy.

  12. The sellout of AMERICA has BEGUN! 4 years of hard work to establish a strong AMERICA is now being destroyed and we are now going to become the financiers for our enemies and cause our own destruction all because we now have greedy corards in charge.

    1. Unfortunately, we ALL get what they “voted” for….

      1. We will all be facing the consequences of a fraudulent vote. Despite all his opposition, we had a good American as president who stood up for America. And if it weren’t for the cheating during the election, he would still be fighting for us.

  13. When Biden gets through bribing Iran, North Korea will be next. Kim Jon Un has already told him to go to hell, he said he would do whatever he wanted to do and he dared Biden to try to stop him. Most of the countries will probably do the same. They wouldn’t do that to Trump, because they knew Trump meant what he said and would not put up with their garbage.

  14. Pretty darn scary. Biden is going to send our country back to the good old days when other 3rd world regimes can do what they want with no one with enough guts to stop them. Trump kept us out of a war, but I’ll bet it won’t be long now before we are once again at war. Thank you people who voted for Biden and Harris. Hope you like what you are going to get.

  15. Biden just sold us out to Iran, and other socialist countries! He is spineless just like his idol obammy! Talk big and do nothing! Pretend to be the tough guy, but when confronted, back pedal as fast as you can and deny, deny, deny “ plausible deniability”! What a sorry bunch of dastardly weasels! And they are supposed to be running our country? Yep, right off the highest cliff they can find!

  16. Jumping Joe and is band of merry men will no doubt have us back in a war overseas by the end of the summer if not sooner. His ties and his cabinet ties to the defense industry will no doubt drive us to more war. Good bless our military.

  17. Did any one doubt that our enemies could not be handed a better weapon to kill than by us having a weak career politician as president and for him to be bringing back the same old group of cowards that believed being weak and paying off our enemies was the right way to deal with these terrorist nations that chant death to America. The point of these nations wanting our money is not to improve the lives of their people but to some day have the military strength to be a threat to other nations including us on a much larger scale than now. They will build their arsenal and sponsor terrorism to destroy us and they will be doing it with our money paid for by the American taxpayer.

  18. Oh no, Quid-pro Joe! You better call Kerry and see if James Taylor can still sing!

  19. Thank you idiots for putting a complete piece of shit in the WH. Hope you enjoy watching him enjoy spending your money while you become unemployed. Are you really so dumb you did not listen when he told us what he would do to destroy the USA? Glad you do not live near me.

  20. Since the spineless senile (illegally!) elected jellyfish has been put into office along with the weak kneed greedy money hungry (traitors),
    the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is now in GRAVE DANGER from all its enemies, because these enemies know that
    this spineless jellyfish of a leader will not do anything but sellout AMERICA to the HIGHEST bidder.

  21. Everyone on this blog is beating up Biden. Which signals the fact that Biden must go. But let us look at this another way: Everyone (including and especially the Major Media) knows that the election was not legitimate. Even those die-hard swearers of truth know, intrinsically, that Trump won the election before it was taken down by techno-subterfuge. But the fact is—despite the glaringly obvious evidence—that no one (not even the Republicans, themselves) have done anything to push back. And compromised John Roberts has permanently stained the Supreme Court that now has lost its luster as a preeminent institution.
    All these mysterious complicities point to The Deep State. If anyone doubts that the Deep State exists, they are not connecting the dots. Not only does it exist but it now is calling the shots of everyone’s life, right on up to the presidency. This is the “head of the snake.” And it needs to come off.

    1. Well said, Carl! But how do we get our country back? Can’t depend on honest elections any more. Can’t trust the media, or the courts, or most of the people who simply vote party line regardless who the candidate is or what he/she stands for. Kamala Harris, who couldn’t get 2 percent of the Democrat vote during the primary, is now on the brink of being president. What a shame!

  22. Now that “SNIFF” and “BLOW” are in the White House and Katko is auditioning for “SUCK” we have officially lost the country as we know it. I love Trump but I don’t think we can survive 4 years as the party of Law and Order. If we don’t take back our country we simply won’t have one by the next Presidential election. For those clowns who are still quoting the entirely debunked as a news source, CNN either get your heads out of your behinds or get glass belt buckles so you can see where you are going. Go to One America news or Newsmax or any other reputable news source if you want to actually learn something. All you had to do was watch SNIFF (I’m sorry for those of you who may not know,,. SNIFF is President* Biden-not my President) giving his press conference. I watched for 20 minutes waiting for him to actually say anything…never did, and then at 4:15…you guessed it, he put a lid on it.

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