The Battlefield of America’s Next Civil War is Online

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - September 14, 2018: Smartphone in hand displaying the logo of the Facebook. Red censored text blurred on background. The concept of censorship on popular social networks. Shallow DOF

Liberal big tech CEOs thumb their nose at the U.S. Constitution every day by muzzling conservative speech and the free flow of information.

Not since British King George III tried to bully Americans into submission with his murderous Red Coats has a greater threat to freedom and Democracy surfaced. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google worked tirelessly to suppress true facts about Biden family corruption while allowing Democrats to push phony narratives ceaselessly.

These so-called “Masters of the Universe” have grown so powerful they have blacklisted the President of the United States and ranking members of the Trump Administration. Imagine what they can do to you. Everyday Americans are now tasked with firing another “Shot Heard Round the World” that brings these election thieves to their knees.  

“The President’s use social media in the first place because the establishment media refuse to cover him and his movement fairly. Now they justify their censorship by claiming they just try to squash anything that could promote violence,” Fox News correspondent Steve Hilton reported. “But look at this tweet from May. ‘Meet at the Beverly Center. They said they’re going to start the riot at 6:00 p.m.’ Twitter not only allowed that, they promoted it in their ‘What’s Happening’ section.”

The country suffered unprecedented violence, looting, arson, and murder during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. Twitter, Facebook, and other liberal-leaning platforms encouraged them to wreak havoc and destruction. Social media platforms allowed fake news posts to promote those insurrections as “mostly peaceful” protests and vilified frontline police officers who were injured and killed trying to protect communities.

So extreme has the efforts of social media platforms trended that posts directly targeting police officers by lowlife Antifa members were circulated. “Let’s get to that cop’s house and burn it down,” one post that was not censored stated. Even the British soldiers had the decency to face America’s Minute Men on the battlefield.

The combination of promoting the false Russian collusion propaganda, silencing the Hunter Biden story, and mass voter fraud helped unseat President Donald J. Trump. With the president’s power of the pen in its final days, the Masters of the Universe have emerged as digital terrorists. When conservatives shifted to free speech apps such as Parler, powerful big tech CEOs removed them to put out of business their competition.

Now that Democrats have a stranglehold on power in the legislative and executive branch, what can everyday people do to protect their freedoms? A recent Wall Street Journal opinion-piece offered some guidance.

“I’m suspending indefinitely my use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. I’m doing so not to make a political statement, but in the hope that America can return to kitchen tables, churches, taverns, coffee shops, dance halls (it’s a Texas thing) — whatever it takes to look others in the eye and rebuild our communities and humanity,” Chip Roy wrote.

For those who plan to defend the U.S. Constitution like the patriots who faced the Red Coats at Lexington and Concord in 1775, digital commerce is the new battlefield. One Idaho internet provider fired a shot by blocking Facebook and Twitter in response to censoring its conservative customers.

“It has come to our attention that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in censorship of our customers and information. We have the past couple days been fielding calls from customers voicing the concern that they do not want these sites allowed to be displayed on their internet feed to them and that they do not want their children to go to these sites. Our company does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you. We have made this decision to block these two websites from being accessed from our network. We also don’t condone what Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple are doing either to Parler by trying to strong-arm them into submission.”

Pres. Trump hinted that new platforms will emerge in the coming year to beat back anti-American censorship. Liberal social media CEOs may soon discover — much like King George III and his Red Coats — they are masters of none.

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19 Responses

  1. Agree with Chip Roy, we, as conservatives, need to STOP airing everything on these internet platforms for the world to see. Innocuous posts are fine but revamping the conservative masses should be for our eyes and ears only. If Americans (the real patriots with ethical conservative values minus the GOP defectors) again begin to communicate with real town hall meetings, etc., we can begin to move forward. As a people we have and are being attacked by not only the insane Left but by many that impersonated Republicans — they need to be ousted. Make no mistake this is becoming a revolution.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself Tamara!! Thank you!! Never used Facebook or Twitter, and never will. What the democrats and the Rinos, have already done to this once great nation and especially to us Conservatives will NOT be tolerated!! These cowards denounce and shame our Constitution. But then try to hide behind it, when it fits their agendas!! Rebellion and revolution is on the horizon….

  3. In “1984” Orwell never made it quite clear how the telescreen both transmitted and received, and by what algorithm citizens were watched. It is clear that in the real-life Oceania that is much closer to completion than we had realized the internet will be the monitor that can never be turned off (except by those in the Inner Party) and the monitoring will be done by the underwear-clad geeks and Chinese “fact-checkers” in Silicon Valley. The work of last Wednesday’s “insurrection” is not finished, and the overthrow of marxist tyranny has barely started, such that another and more widespread national uprising is going to be necessary.

  4. 1) destroy all satlaties that provide service for twitter etcs
    2) destroy all television stations that promotes liberals
    3) Move the capital to the south-Louisiana -Texas
    4) Take over all military bases in the south
    5) Change all our currency to gold coins

  5. One thing I know for sure, is that those of us on the right, true conservatives and patriots. should NEVER put aside our differences with the Democrats under any circumstance, as long as all those, and I do mean ALL, who were involved in the massive voter fraud in any way, and all those involved in the on going smear campaign against President Donald Trump, his administration, his family and his supporters, as long as all those who were involved in getting the constitutionally ineligible Barack Obama elected president, and the constitutionally ineligible Kamala Harris elected vice-president, are allowed to go free without any accountability and punishment for their crimes of HIGH TREASON against the Constitution of, the country of, and the citizens of the United States pf America.

    It is my sincere and firm belief that the very moment Congress certified Biden and Harris to be the winners, in the face of overwhelming and undisputed evidence of massive voter fraud, ballot and voting machine tampering, all those involved went from merely committing TREASON to committing HIGH TREASON against the United States of America. I also believe that by their very act of certifying the Biden/Harris team to be the winners, and all of the governors and election officials, in the states where the fraud took place, and the judges and Justices, including those on the US Supreme Court,, openly displayed their utter contempt for the Constitution of the United States, contempt for the Rule of Law, for their oath of office and for WE the PEOPLE of the United States, and by so doing, they have openly and with malice of forethought, rendered this present government NULL and VOID. Thus WE the PEOPLE are no-longer under any legal or moral duty or obligation to obey ANY Rules, Regulations, Laws or Statutes, legislated, enacted or decreed by any branch, department or entity of this now defunct government.

  6. Can’t wait until new, fair and honest platforms are available. I expect they will do very, very well! Whatever endeavor President Trump decides to pursue I will most definitely fully support him. I fear the likely war will include more than social media battles. And it will lay squarely on the shoulders of dems, rinos, msm, social media, beauracrats, entertainment pp and sports figures. What they have done and continue to do to this country is unforgivable!

  7. Has it occurred to anyone that certain politicians, after we had been in lockdown for a while, had it dawn on them that maybe they should use this pandemic ( or Dempanic as I like to call it ) as a dry run for their schemes of despotism. I mean, why let a good panic go to waste, they thought? Let’s see if Americans are the timorous, little, compliant beasties that we think they have become. Let’s see if they have become as obsequious as the Chinese.

  8. We need to have conservative spaces where we can enjoy free speech. That means we cannot allow one company. like Amazon to control all the servers in the US. Where was our DOJ when Amazon was creating this monopoly?

  9. Make SURE that we BREAK UP these TECH GIANTS, Bring these CEOs to JUSTICE, put an END to SECTION 230 and then SUE these TECH GIANTS and CEOs into POVERTY. Next, we need to PRIMARY all politicians (both Democrats AND Republicans, ESPECIALLY RINOs), never to ALLOW them to SERVE in office again who ALLOWED this TREASONISTIC BEHAVIOR. We need to bring in TERM LIMITS (2 terms MAX) and tell them to GIVE UP all businesses just like the PRESIDENT is required to do. Next, we need to have a CONVENTION of STATES and TELL the Federal Government what they WILL or WILL NOT do (like, follow the U.S. Constitution?!?) or RISK SUCESSION, PROBABLY starting with TEXAS, and MANY more will ensue. Hopefully, it WON’T turn into a SHOOTING war, but a way to REMOVE from OFFICE all SEDITIONISTS, TREASONISTIC Traitors and Socialists/Communists from government. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


  11. We continue to hear protests with no violence because that is not the American way. That is great as long as our government follows the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. But when voters rights (as set forth by the Constitution) are destroyed and the court system rules by party affiliations instead of the Constitution, there will be violence. This nation was founded and protected by violence.

  12. nothing is going to get better until we learn to cheat like the left.

  13. There are three things we can do. First, whichever states want to secede, let them secede and form a new union. Secondly, ensure the new union has term limits on its representatives.
    Thirdly, rewrite the constitution in such a way that the founders wishes can not be manipulated.

  14. Democrat party, in collusion with ACLU, News ‘Media/False-fake News (5 of 6 far left’), Silicon Valley,NAACP, BLM, Antifa, Geo,.Soros groups, and more, – behind all the chaos, riots ongoing for mos, tearing down statues, capitol ‘riots’-you name it…and probably part of whole ‘scheme’-, release of Chlnese Wuhan .virus….. A complete and total ‘takeover’ of America….”The Fundamental Change of America’…right in your face! Money, Power, Fraud, Criminal Acts and Intent. Makes the book ’84’ look like child’s play!

  15. It all stops on Jan 20th , Pres. Trump has asked us to stand down. He has it under control , command center Texas. Will be mass military in DC to arrest swamp. Have faith

  16. This battle will not be fought online, maybe some heated rhetoric, but the real war will be in the streets. Because no one will be able to connect online, and the hatred will fester underground, until it goes for the Heads of these Snakes. It will happen.

  17. Ever wonder why there are preppers. Just for situations like this. Time is running out. True conservatives and patriots will standup to the traitors in the DC swamp. I don’t look forward to violence, but am afraid that is what it will be coming to. There needs to be a way that conservatives can begin to shut down Hollyweird, msm, twitter(the twit), facebook, google, apple etc. Hitting their pocketbook first by boycotting them or deleting your account if you have one may help some, but that will not be enough. I am also tired of certain Republicans just giving lip service. Shame we can’t recall them like can be done in the state governments, got to wait for them to be up for reelection. Both the Demon craps and Rinos think that the American people will forget about everything as soon as Trump is out of office and the Dims also think that they will be able to buy our silence with another stimulus package. I pray that the people of this country are stronger than to give up their freedoms for a few dollars. I don’t think that I would say that we could be looking at another civil war, but more of another revolution. It’s not the Red Coats this time, but the communists. We would have to find ways to communicate without their knowledge just as was done during the original revolution. How safe is the communication on this site where we voice our fears and desires? One other thing that we must all do is to pray for our country and that whatever steps are taken, that they are for righteous reasons.

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