What Other Countries Say About the Election – Plus, Trump Should Get Out Now

The American government usually has a lot to say whenever some banana republic s-hole country holds a shoddy election. We’ve forced countries to hold do-over elections when they had less fraud than we’ve seen in states like Oregon and Rhode Island. That set me to wondering: What are other countries saying about America’s 2020 banana republic s-hole election?

Sure, a lot of globalist leaders of foreign countries are happy about the election; they know Joe Biden and they know they’re going to get rich at the expense of the American taxpayers if Biden ends up in the White House. But what are the people in other countries saying?

You’ll never see it in US media, but it turns out there was a massive “Stop the Steal” rally the other day… in Osaka, Japan. Thousands of Japanese citizens marched in Osaka chanting, “God Bless Trump” and carrying Stop the Steal signs. If YouTube hasn’t taken the videos down yet, it’s well worth a couple of minutes of your day to watch it. It’s uplifting to see.

Here’s another interesting thing to ponder: There were a number of foreign flags flying in the sea of peaceful protesters who marched on the US Capitol this week. There were flags from India, Vietnam and South Korea at the protests. It appears that people who have relatives that live in countries in close proximity to Communist China are not particularly thrilled at the idea of Beijing Biden occupying the White House illegitimately.

Here’s a fun quote from overseas:

“The electoral system in the US is archaic and does not meet modern democratic standards, creating opportunities for numerous violations, and American media has become an instrument of political struggle.”

That’s according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (sort of like Russia’s equivalent of the US Secretary of State). She’s not wrong. There’s a reason why more than two-thirds of the developed countries in the world have imposed a total ban on mail-in voting.

Konstantin Kosachyov, a politician who sits on the Russian government’s foreign affairs committee, had this to say this week:

“The losing side has more than enough grounds to accuse the winner of falsehoods – it is clear that American democracy is limping on both feet. I say this without a shadow of gloating. America no longer charts a course and therefore has lost all rights to set it – even more so to impose it on others.”

Ouch. No matter how you may feel about Russia or Russian politicians, is he wrong? I don’t think so.

As for President Trump, it saddens me to have to say this, but we’ve seen how this plays out in countless banana republic s-hole countries before. It may be time for him to seriously think about a contingency plan for getting himself and his family out of the country. His enemies are going to kill him. It’s better to be a living leader of a movement in exile than to stay and watch his sons and daughters hanged by the communists that seem poised to sweep into power.

Nancy Pelosi announced today that she had a meeting with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to discuss preventative measures to keep Donald Trump away from the nuclear codes. As if the president who has brought America the longest stretch of peacetime in the last century is going to suddenly nuke San Francisco. (Silver lining: It would be the first time since 1962 that San Francisco hasn’t smelled like pee.)

The House will vote to impeach Donald Trump next week. After the cowardly performance of the US Senate this week, is there any doubt that a majority will vote to remove him from office? My prediction is that the only six Senators who would vote against impeachment are the same six who objected to the fraudulent Electoral College vote count. And even their loyalty should be in doubt, now that Democrats are threatening to expel any and all Trump supporters from Congress.

Despite the craziness of the past week, and the fact that it appears that Donald Trump is now on the ropes, the Democrats are still not acting as if they believe they’ve won the election. Kamala Harris still, to this date, has not resigned her US Senate seat. What do you suppose she’s afraid of?

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31 Responses

  1. Thank you, Russia. Our leaders won’t look at evidence, we have lost our freedom of speech, please post all the video for the world to see

    1. We are already under Communist China’s control that who is controlling the Democrat party!

  2. The democrats did steal the election and have no intention of ever holding another election. This last election wasn’t even an election. It was a sham pulled off by a bunch of crooks. Totally rigged. The other countries are right. We might as well be under China’s rule as to be under the democrats.

  3. We still have 1 week until the inauguration of what would be/might be an illegitimate president. Massive voter fraud should not be allowed. Period. If the Dems are so sure of the win why do they NOT want to allow a forensic audit to prove that they rightfully and truthfully won. Do They fear the truth will come out? Hundreds and possibly more eye witnesses cannot be wrong. Voting machine tampering. Dead people voting. And then there’s the fraud from mailed in voting. At the very least, there should be a do-over election. A new election that would delay the Jan 20 inauguration to allow adequate time to rightfully sit a legitimate president. One vote for a registered voter with a voter ID. Simple solution to a very big controversy. SO, what say you America. God Bless America!

    1. You are correct a new election before Jan 20 inauguration is the best way to legitimize who our president is but only if we use voter I.D. with registered voters. God save our great country.

    2. I agree, but would demand that dominion voting software be banned.

      1. ALL voting software to be banned!!! If uses a computer program, it can be reprogrammed to do whatever the communist/ democrats want them to do.

  4. I disagree with the writer’s comment that the Trump family had better flee the country. There is too much of a fast growing groundswell of Americans, who would ” do what it takes ” to prevent the Trumps’ being martyred. Were the Democrats to instigate such a blatant lynching, on the most spurious & arrogantly corrupt grounds, They would quickly find Maga supporters & ” others ” grabbing their weapons & Blitzkrieging not only Washington D.C. but all the other corruptly Democrat dominated States.

    In that scenario, the armed forces, despite their professionalism, expertise & training, would find themselves so easily overwhelmed, disarmed & forcefully sidelined by 75 – 80 million plus Patriotic Militias; until the Communistic Democratic Party Regime, nationwide has been permanently dealt with.

    This smouldering anger isn’t going to die away any time soon folks, not by a very long shot! All it will take is some patently stupid political move by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer & their hard left comrades, to fan that anger into a raging inferno that will have those cronies captured at the airports, whilst attempting to evade Federal Arrest Warrants issued against them.

    Then we’ll all witness how much they enjoy wearing the ” orange jumpsuits, whilst serving life, with parole only granted via a pine box ” at Gitmo.

  5. Forensic Audit immediately. I hope and pray for our once great country. Congress on all sides allowed this to happen because they THOUGHT it never could OR they helped

    1. The democrat/communists in the country and in congress had been doing fraud for decades. They knew that now they do it in the open now because they controlled the population by communist rule over a minor virus that they knew was not a major threat to health. However, with the help of their friends in CCP and the communist controlled news media, they made it into a crisis that otherwise never would have made the news.

  6. our election procedure was the most sacred procedure we all had and i think it is in the toilet for now. today we can mourn a loss of greatness and in the future we will see happenings that will astound us all. the outreach of the left seems to be expanding like waves in water. this brings a government tat is restrictive and not a format of democracy and a republic. like former great nations i guess history is repeating itself and this is the down right downfall of our beautiful country. god bless us all amen.

  7. Who would ever think that the United States would turn from a free and open society to that of a dystopian communist nation over night….know our country is being intimidated by threats..fear and retaliation from our government officials and their supporters where a one party rule..the shut down of any opposing voices..the shut down of free speech and the democrat forces of Jack booted thuggery on the necks of the American people…

  8. Fortunately, he lives in FLORIDA, with a REAL governor (not a Left Wing COMMUNIST like Kalifornia) who will protect him. Also, Secret Service will guard him AFTER the elections, who will make QUICK WORK out of ANYONE who tries ANYTHING against him or his FAMILY. Plus, there are REAL Patriots who will come to his aid . . . Florida is FULL of them (as well as TEXAS). Unless some FOOL has a DEATH WISH, they better leave him and his FAMILY alone. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Family 2020.

  9. The only ones scaring people and taking away our freedoms is the Democrats party .. please listen this will only get worse and yes one day the “leaders” will come after you Democrats as well.. step 1….
    first amendment and freedom of speech is the first step … then soon all republicans will have to wear a big red mark on their clothing, and be forced to work off there options.. God help us all..

  10. Please don’t worry. President Trump is not going away and he will be there for 4 more years. The DemonicRATS however wont be! You should know by now that President Trump never gives up. He is a Winner not a loser. And by the way, there were 2 sets of voting going on 🙂 Whilst DemonicRATS were cheating their lungs out, he had Blockchain put in place. A Quantum Voting System that cannot be interfered with. So far he has not used it as ammunition, he is allowing these thugs to expose themselves. Military have the figures : President Trump 81% and poor little dishonest criminal Biden got 15 % I would say the 15 % were either brainwashed College kids or special interest Billionaires who made their money under the table and want the gravy train to continue. God is good and God wins Amen

  11. Well I guess we the people let all this happen. The democrats have taken over the United States, and we did nothing to stop it. Is it that we are not smart enough to fight for our freedom or is it, we say, what will be will be. One person a lone can’t stop the democrats. It takes we the people together, but who will lead. I am old enough now that maybe the good Lord will call me home to where I won’t have to live in this crap. I do worry about my kids and grandkids. What will happen to them.??

  12. When Russia talks of a fixed election in America we have reached Sht-hole status, Ilhan Omar has gotten her wish and America is no better than Somalia. A fraudulent election is being pushed down our throats and even the Supreme Court is in on it. What the congress, senate and China Joe fail to comprehend is that 70 some million people think the election was stolen and they are making it worse with their silencing of all dissent. The US government relies on the consent of the governed and they are quickly losing that.

  13. “Do They [Democrats] fear the truth will come out?”

    They fear the truth as strongly as vampires fear the bright light of the sun that decimates them — categorically..

  14. “What Other Countries Say About the Election”

    Input from those countries having had experienced centuries of political turmoil would obviously seem cogent concerning the 2020 U.S. election debacle. Sageness doesn’t develop without deformities in a closed-minded, vacuous ideology such as the Twenty-first Century reoriented Democrat ideology.

  15. It is time PRESIDENT TRUMP release their scam show your cards, why they are trying to impeach you they are afraid of you exposing the corruption that they are so deep into, pull the plug on the swamp

  16. Democrats – no integrity, compromised to other countries but mainly China Swalwell & Fang Fang, Biden Family, Pelosi, Mcconnell, and others, unpatriotic, hate Americans that don’t agree with their ideology, pulled the wool over their constituents. Destroyed cities, businesses, encouraged riots, looting that resulted in the murder of innocent lives, paid for bail on guilty offenders BLM & Antifa plus others. A dossier fabricated to get rid of a president that was voted in by the people. Constant chatter by elitist whom feel entitled to these government positions that apparently they have forgotten they got elected to. This is a government by the people for the people.
    What Bidens or any other owes to the CCP they need to settle on their own time, with their assets, not with our national assets or taxpayer monies. My prayer is the LORD intervene.. Mr. Warnock GOD does have a plan. IN THE SCRIPTURES no such thing as “repent for whiteness” but it does say we are all created in HIS image, but OUR sin nature is why the cross. GOD’s word says Deuteronomy 12:31do not worship the way they worship their gods, Revelation 22: 18-19. GOD WARNS US if we hear the words of the prophecy “if anyone adds anything to them, GOD will add to him plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophesy, GOD will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.” He who testifies to these things” says JESUS is coming soon. partial paraphrase. “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.” TRUTH does matter.

  17. It’s time for President Trump to declassify everything, to show the world what we and the rest of the world have been fighting, communist socialist takeovers and keeping our freedom. It is also time for all true patriots to come to the aid of our country. This means ALL American citizens, government personnel , military, ex-military, business owners, that truly believe in America, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Freedoms. We need to take a stand and take our country back from the evil that is trying to destroy US. They are the democrats, far left, Antifa, Apple, Black lives matter, Google, Twitter, George Soros and the rest of the rich and powerful, pushing their own agendas of power.

  18. “Evil only wins when good men refuse to act.” I am not sure who said this originally, but we can chalk up this coming debacle to tow men, Mike Pence and Chief Justice John Roberts. The first didn’t have the balls to choose the proper course and tell the democrats to go F*** themselves. The second was too chicken sh*t and was afraid of BLM and Antifa riots. We will have four years to regret the cowardice of these two men. The article is correct and Trump needs to leave the country to stay alive as the leftists won’t stop now as they have ample proof that the MSM and democrats will look the other way when they start murdering people.

  19. As I read these comments I can only say OMG how did we get this far?

  20. It was very odd when I went to vote this last time, they did not ask for ID or anything they just gave me a paper
    with the candidates names to fill in who I was to vote for and put it in the voting machine. I could have been from anywhere
    in the world. Yes it was totally different this time.



  22. There’s only a few Republicans strong enough to handle the corruption that democrates conjure up , sounds demonic , yes it is . There un-American politician’s are laughing , the ignorant voters don’t know what we have in mind , they’ve told you nothing . How have they even help America ? Cricket’s !!! There not in to help Americans , wise up , it’s plain to see . If you thought it was wrong than it is . This isn’t a game it’s your lives at stake . And democrates don’t seem to care .

  23. Now that we have geriatric Joe (Bad Biden) at the helm, whose is allegedly $4.5 million dollars richer now due to his son’s dealings with communists for money, and with him saying Harris is going to run the Country, we are in for a “Pioneer” socialistic woman wanting to change our Country and America will suffer, as it is just opening the door to communism. Other country leaders are already denigrating Biden and are losing respect for America due to it’s violence, unrest, squabbling, protests and criminal looting and rioting, and other unpatriotic actions. We’re condoning the actions of a bunch of sorry seditionists who want control by trying to erase any trace of whatever remotely reminds them of any Confederates of our past. You cannot change history, we learn from history. The raving fatuous ideas of Biden’s DemoBrats (who are merely using old Joe as a mouthpiece), and their pansy co-horts are going to make this Country a mess instead of great again!

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