Alleged Bill Clinton Lover Ghislaine Maxwell Seeks Bail as Confidante Dishes on Family’s Dirty Laundry

Disgraced ex-Pres. Bill Clinton comes under renewed scrutiny as convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, makes a push to be released on bail, and a former White House gatekeeper airs the family’s dirty laundry.

It was long believed that Clinton’s association with Jeffrey Epstein —who committed “suicide” under suspicious circumstances in a New York jail — was linked to underage sex-trafficking. Flight logs show Clinton took numerous rides on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” luxury jet that was a front for prostituting underage girls across the world.

Recently Bill Clinton’s long-time confidante and former employee, Doug Band, came out with allegations suggesting Clinton and Maxwell had a sordid relationship. He says at least two trips Clinton took on Epstein’s jet were to the infamous “pedophile island” to hook up with Maxwell behind Hillary’s back.

According to Band, Maxwell and Clinton managed to hide their lurid affair in plain sight. The Epstein madame was a welcome guest at Clinton family functions and enjoyed a friendship with Bill and Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea. But as Band became aware of the disturbing sex-trafficking rumors, he tried to push Epstein and Maxwell out of the Clinton orbit. It didn’t sit well with father or daughter in the early years.

“I knew in telling everyone to stop including Ghislaine that Chelsea and her father would be very angry. It made it harder for them to justify being close to her,” Band reportedly said.

Like anyone who rubs the Clintons the wrong way, Band had his reputation ruined, and they fired him from their family foundation, alleging her committed inappropriate financial dealings.

“No staffer has ever used their role to serve their interests as much as Doug Band,” a Clinton spokesperson retorted. “For many years he was a valuable member of President Clinton’s team and supportive of Clinton Foundation programs. Until he wasn’t. He put the foundation at risk by leveraging a world-class philanthropy for his own financial gain.”

Whether this was another attempt to throw a witness to Clinton’s affair under the bus and cover Hillary’s pay-to-play schemes remains to be seen.

According to Band, it wasn’t until Chelsea began seeing credible reports that her father was waist-deep in an underage prostitution cult that caused things to finally change in the Clinton circle.

“It wasn’t until 2015 that Chelsea became aware of the horrific allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, and she hopes that all the victims find justice,” a Clinton family spokesperson reportedly said. “Chelsea was friendly with her because of Maxwell’s relationship with a dear friend. When that relationship ended, Chelsea’s relationship with her ended as well.”

The death toll surrounding the Clinton family increased by one after Epstein suffered an inexplicable suicide while being the highest-profile prisoner in America. Maxwell’s attorneys have pleaded for her release saying she too could easily be killed in the prison system. Turns out she doesn’t believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself either. She hasn’t said yet if she is fearful the Clintons will kill her or one of her former bosses highly connected rich clients who was also likely involved in Epstein’s international sex trade.

Maxwell’s testimony could potentially unravel the behind-the-scenes dealings of the Clintons. Legal experts anticipate Ghislaine Maxwell will either get a lenient plea deal after Democrat elites bring pressure to bear in 2021 or she’ll drop a dime on Bill Clinton. Clinton is for sure soiling his pants over that last option.

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39 Responses

  1. nonsense. she will commit “suicide” soon if she is still alive. alternatively she will be tortured by “injections” to the state of total submission and insanity. Later she will get the final injection to sleep forever. Then she will be burned in crematorium like they did with the supreme judge Scalia. Husseins and bidens are not joking.

    1. I think you hit the nail square! Biden will try making this go under the rug on orders from Shrillary .

  2. What was Bill suppose to do he wasn’t getting any from Lesbo Hillary!!!

  3. tRump was a lot closer to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell . Plenty of videos and pics of them together .tRump most likely had Epstein killed to cover his own ass and will likely pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before he leaves office

    1. You might be right about pardoning her but it will be for her own protection, the rest of your post stinks of demoRAT/libtard stupidity. She has to stay alive to bring down ALL the dirtbags involved with underage kids and that includes the sleazeball clinton and now sounds like both of the witches in the clinton crime family along with all the other wealthy “above the law” lowlife scum.

    2. Are you kidding?! Trump is the only one who WASN’T involved with this group, genius!

    3. Noah, why is your comment so “anal” in theme? (“tRump”, “cover his ass”) What you do in your own time is your own business, but we don’t need to know your tendencies…Plus, you’re totally wrong- The Clintons needed Epstein dead, not our POTUS….

  4. So amazing that our duly-elected President Trump was investigated for years and impeached for one innocuous phone call to Ukraine while the Clintons dirtied themselves in the mud–Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. They even got away with murder. The downfall of our country began with the Clintons, with the financial assistance of Soros. They should all be incarcerated and tries and then executed for treason because nobody ever did it better, not even Hitler, Stalin or any of our enemies.

    1. I agree in part with you, but the downfall of our country began long before the Clintons. Let’s start with FDR and social security. First it was voluntary, until it was not; then it was not taxable, until it was not; then the money was in trust, not to be touched for anything else, until it was not. What do all of these things have in common? A democrat was responsible for it and it’s all socialist programs. Welfare started out as a helping hand til you could get back on your feet, not a life time career. Again, the democrats keep making it better and better. If you wanted to immigrate into our country, you used to have a lot of hoops to go thru and before you were let loose among the people already here, you had to pass a health exam, have a sponsor who would be responsible for you financially until you were on your feet and you were expected to conform to our culture – we didn’t bend over and change for you. Look at how things have changed. If you are an immigrant and want still want your old life, then stay where you were or change to blend in with us. It is not up to us to change, it’s up to you since you were the ones who wanted to escape where you were. Our downfall is that we treat non citizens better than we treat our own – we borrow money to give away to foreign countries instead of living within our own budgets. Let’s stop the taxing of hard working Americans to pay for non essentials of the masses. Government is not supposed to be a charity; it’s a business and we the people are supposed to be controlling it, not the other way around. Charity is supposed to come voluntarily, not mandated. That’s what churches, charitable foundations, etc are for. Plus, put a plug in those foundations that don’t pay out more to the charity they are suppose to support than they do to overhead; if they don’t, take away their tax free status. So much can be done to make life better for CITIZENS and that should be our number one priority. Our freedoms have been slowly evaporating for decades so the people won’t up and revolt. It’s time to get it all back. Those who don’t like our way of life, can go find another country better suited to their values or just sit down and shut up.

  5. What a surprise ,The good and faithful husband.

  6. The Clintons are the dirtiest, most dishonest, and sneakiest people in our government! From him having State Police drive young women to the Arkansas’s governor’s mansion, to the Whitewater land deal, to Killery renting out the Lincoln bedroom while Billy Boy was President, to them “removing “ WH furniture when his term had expired (and getting caught and having to return it), to her complicity in the deaths of 4 American patriots in Benghazi, to her having Donna Brazile feed her the questions at one of the Clinton/Trump debates, to the Clinton Foundation farce, to her illegal email account as Secretary of State, and on and on. How any American with 3 functioning brain cells gives any serious consideration to either one of them amazes me! Oh! Let’s not forget the long list (over 50) of people associated with them have met their maker, many under mysterious circumstances like taking a dive out of a window, plane crashes, suicide.
    With the broad range of people that they know, some deaths are expected-but over 50? Google the death list with the cause, then make your own opinion.

    1. There were SO many things. There was also the WH travel office. The fired the entire office to give it to their friends. That wasn’t enough for them, though. They filed false charges against the head guy, ruining his life. He was finally acquitted, but it took a long time.

  7. The Clintons are the ones that have designed all the corruption within our Government ever since they first got involved in politics. . And they are still spreading their evil ways within our government thanks to Comey and his corrupt FBI letting crooked Hillary go free… In all the years of me being a Democrat I never realized that how crooked the Democrats are till that happened and that’s when I switched and voted for Trump only to find out how much more corruption the Democrats were involved within government. Unless Our president Trump exposes the Democrats for what they really are I feel that America and its people are going to suffer for many decades to come. PS The liberal news media are the true Traitors to our country and its people because of all their lies and false assumption ever since Trump became our president.. Only GOD can help us now.

    1. President Trump has exposed MANY corruptions, and what has it gotten us? Nothing but proof the media and courts are just as deep in the corruption. The ultimate corruption for this country is to not delve into the election accusations. 75 million people feel the election was stolen. This isn’t 1 or 2 or even a few people. There are fewer blacks than that in our country and they are being bowed down to every day. If there is nothing to hide…then provide the transparency and prove us wrong. To say we aren’t worth the trouble is so disingenuous. You can forget the faux cries to come together. I ain’t buying it. This is Hitler’s Germany all over again, and the Antifa goons have fooled half of America into believing it was President Trump taking away their freedoms.

  8. There are no good Clintons. Chelsea ran the Foundation and you know she darn well knew what was going on!

    1. You think she knew? I think she was sharing partners with her “dad”. After all, Bill isn’t her DNA provider.

  9. I don’t like Bill Clinton , But after thinking about this Affair with Maxwell I can’t really blame him for choosing Maxwell over his ugly evil Wife Crooked Hillary. Besides that I believe that Crooked Hillary is gay anyway.. And if anything happens to Maxwell I believe that Hillary will be the one to give orders to have her die from suicide like all the others involved with the Clintons.

  10. Clinton’s need to face justice an Maxine should be pardoned but not without some kind of paying for her crimes as well,admitting her guilt to those women an pay her suits admitting her guilt .

  11. I’m just not convinced that a sitting President would do what everyone thinks that Bill Clinton did ! This must be “Russian Disinfomation” (Pun Intended) Maybe when Maxwell kicks billy Boy under the Bus Shrillary will finally “Shut the Hell up and fade away”

  12. Obama did a whole bunch of sick stuff to….What is wrong with these Demos….? They did worse than the Republicans….Obama had people killed in his own family so as not to tell who he really is….now he’s back as a Shadow Pres….GOD Please help us…Figure it out…..!!!!!!!!

  13. Chelsea’s pappy was who? Certainly not ‘Wild Willie’.

    1. Web Hubble is Chelsa’s DNA. She has his fat round face. Hubbard helped Killery get her law license which she has no more. Most corrupt family to live in Arkansas. Killery is from Chicago and she used a stupid small town country boy for her evil works.

  14. Is there no one with spine in the F.B.I and Justice Department to Honor their obligatory oaths
    that they take to defend the constitution against all threats foreign and domestic?!!!!!

    1. There are…..they just aren’t high enough to do anything about it. The only ones who rise to the top are the ones who are just as involved in the corruption.

  15. Bill Clinton was known by his horny desires to jump anything that resembled having life. He didn’t care whether they were underaged, overaged, attractive, unattractive, short, tall, fat, skinny, blind, deaf, alive or not – he would jump ’em at the blink of an eye. I don’t blame him for taking on Maxwell, as she was undoubtedly far better than fat ass Hillary. Bill had an irresistible urge for three things; (1) Sex, (2) Power, (3) wealth. Being a typical dishonest and corrupt Democrat, Bill was able to satisfy all three of his major quests with ease. After Bill’s realm as “Head Stud” of the White House, along came Democrats Obama and Biden – both masters of corruption, thievery, and unusual sex habits. Bill and Joe preferred females – not necessarily adult ones. But what about Obama? Biden reminds me of what my uncle used to say about Democrats campaigning for office; that they were willing to kiss a mule’s ass if the owner of the mule would vote for them. My uncle was a staunch Democrat supporter, but like most all other Democrats, he had no idea why he supported them. I was also a Democrat until 1950, when I saw the light and converted into a solid Republican. I may also have a quest for sex, power and wealth, but By God, I am not corrupt, and I am a proud, retired 86 year old military veteran – and most important, a Republican citizen of the USA.

    1. There is nothing wrong with sex, power, or well as long as you come by them honestly (just as you state). When corruption has anything to do with gains they are nothing but rotten fruit.

  16. I Thought the Democrats were Beyond Belief in terms of Trustworthiness until Bill & His “Box & Cigar” (correctly put) made me Become a Working Class INDEPENDFENT/Republican…..What a Pair of SCUMBAGS the Clinton’s are & their Dayghter has to put up with their SHAMEFUL Disgusting history, ALL BAGGAGE included…. & Now, We got a TRUE American Bunch of TRAITORS forming under Good ole ROMNEY….& just recently announced, BARR.
    Thank you God, I am glad I’ll be near HARDLY any Politicians in a Few Years——-I’m 78..

  17. I don’t think the daughter “put up with” anything. I think she joined right in by choice.

  18. yea when you talk dirty Demoncrats the name CLINTON pops up like willy’s willy around any thing female, the daughters dad died in a park of ? just another number in the Clinton death list & Oshit head is jellous because his list is shorter & he has to stay in the dark to cover up his male relationships, including his wife???


  20. They’re all sexual perverts. Starting to think sexual perversion goes hand in hand with the Democratic Party.

    I see Obama in a big ole diaper with a binky in his mouth…..weirdest duck we’ve EVER had for a President.!!

    Diaper Boy Obama…. wear it well Barack!! Lol

  21. Just, maybe that Mrs. HRC, in her past, had a sexual relationship with a man that had an oversized biological weapon below his stomach, and Mr. Willaim “Bill ‘Slick Willy'” Clinton found out about her affair, and knew that he just could not measure up, and could not satisfy his wife, good enough? So he went on a hunting expedition of his own!

    1. Fred, in case you didn’t know it, Bill the Perv, tried to get out of the draft 5 times, finally some Dem. Politico got him out, and he became a Rhodes Scholar, and ran off to ‘GET HIS EDUCATION AND DEFERMENT. While in college, he did meet Hillary and they “Hooked Up I would guess then-She was RADICAL even then. But BILL CLINTON did NOT graduate as “HE WAS CHARGED WITH SEXUAL ASSAULT AGAINST A FEMALE STUDENT.” Many do not realize this, it was afterward ,that Hillary and Bill realized ‘They were a Corp. of Corruption and benefitted each other. Her Mentor, was Saul Alinsky, Marxist of the 60’s that she wrote her thesis on-they remained friends until HIS death. He wrote “RULES FOR RADICALS” and she was(as well as his Other admirer-Obama who taught Alinsky’s Methods to Acorn Thugs) Alinsky wanted Hillary to “work for him, but SHE opted instead to join the Group of like-minded Radicals
      “TO TAKE DOWN NIXON”….Ironically, the Supervisor of the Group “FIRED HILLARY FOR LYING AND NOT FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION”…..So BOTH Hillary and Bill had a ‘Business arrangement marriage of “Zippers and Coattails(she hung onto) and while working at “Rose Law Firm….she hooked up with Webb Hubbell, “WHO IS CHELSEA’S REAL FATHER”…..looked at pix’s of the two and Chelsea’s face was imposed OVER Webb’s and there is “NO DOUBT WHO SIRED HER.” though she is also a part of
      “The Clinton Crime Family, who uses their FAKE FOUNDATION to “Money Launder the Millions they have taken in from ANY NATION
      ANYONE who was willing to “PAY TO PLAY”(Hillary’s Scheme while SOS, to collect Millioins-most likely BILLIONS they surely have HIDDEN OFF SHORE to Avoid Paying American TAxes-they already got caught lying about, and had to pay up “What they said on tax forms, but wasn’t true that particular year.


  22. I agree with you, Mr. Robert E. Altee, sir, which reminds me of the Kennedy brothers, but the only difference, is that JFK and RFK did not perform their actions in either The White House or in The Capitol Building, like “Slick Willy” had done, which was Off Campus!

  23. HAS EVERY ONE FORGOTTEN ABOUT VINCE FOSTER? He allegedly committed suicide after an affair with Hillary. Anybody betting it was not suicide.

  24. If she opens her mouth she will be dead , the one’s who enjoyed the forbiden fruit do not want exposed ,will kill to stop her.

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