Trump Picks Ted Cruz to Argue Election Fraud Lawsuit Before US Supreme Court

President Donald Trump has asked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to argue the Texas election fraud lawsuit before the nation’s highest court. The Texas lawsuit has been joined by a total of 18 states, opposing widespread fraud in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The left-wing media jumped on this. They slammed Trump for appointing Senator Cruz to his legal team. They said he was playing politics and wasn’t being serious. Ted Cruz, they questioned? Really?

But what the media doesn’t remember is that Sen. Cruz took one of the most important cases before the Supreme Court and won. The case forever changed America’s history.

In short, when Ted Cruz was the solicitor general in Texas, before he became a U.S. Senator, he argued successfully to the Supreme Court against the globalist President George Bush who wanted to release all foreigners who were in American jails. If President Bush had gotten his way, rapists, murderers, terrorists and thousands of other criminals would have been released from jail, no matter their crime or how much time they had left on their sentence, simply because they weren’t U.S. citizens. You can read the whole account of how Senator Cruz saved America here, but suffice to say he has a great track record with winning important cases in front of the Supreme Court and he’s a phenomenal addition to Trump’s legal team.

If Senator Cruz is successful again, the lawsuit would allow each state’s Republican-controlled legislators to determine the winner of the state’s electoral votes. This legal pathway would provide the opportunity for the electoral votes of four key states to be given to toward Trump, upsetting Biden and giving President Trump a second term in the White House.

The Texas lawsuit claims the four battleground states illegally utilized the Covid-19 pandemic to ignore election laws and change the results of the election. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement this week:

“Trust in the integrity of our election processes is sacrosanct and binds our citizenry and the States in this Union together…. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin destroyed that trust and compromised the security and integrity of the 2020 election. The states violated statutes enacted by their duly elected legislatures, thereby violating the Constitution.” Trump has further signaled his support for the lawsuit through a tweet, stating, “We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!”

Senator Cruz recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to confirm he had agreed to argue the partially-rejected Pennsylvania case. The new Texas case has gained far more momentum and Cruz would likely accept.

Of course, so-called Leftist legal experts immediately trashed the lawsuit. Election Law Blog author Rick Hasen promptly noted,

“My view in brief: this is a press release masquerading as a lawsuit. Texas doesn’t have standing to raise these claims as it has no say over how other states choose electors; it could raise these issues in other cases and does not need to go straight to the Supreme Court; it waited too late to sue; the remedy Texas suggests of disenfranchising tens of millions of voters after the fact is unconstitutional; there’s no reason to believe the voting conducted in any of the states was done unconstitutionally; it’s too late for the Supreme Court to grant a remedy even if the claims were meritorious (they are not).

RINO Senator Mitt Romney of Utah also blasted the lawsuit. He stated, “The idea of supplanting the vote of the people with partisan legislators is so completely out of our national character that it’s simply mad.” Too bad for RINO Romney, his home state is one of the 18 states that joined in the Texas-based lawsuit.

Romney fails to see the strategic necessity of the moment. The 2020 election involved widespread voter fraud in key states essential to Biden’s victory. With recounts rejected or utilizing the same false data, and other legal paths shut down by leftist jurists, the Texas lawsuit offers one possibility for allowing the voice of the American people to be expressed through state representatives.

If there is no legal vote, America is no longer a democracy. America must get this right, or America will no longer be the land of the free.

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28 Responses

  1. I seen this on Perry Mason : See the Villon frames the victim in a certain light , and uses the news headlines to pressure on the courts and public option. See the democrat’s have been framing Donald Trump , even tried to have him impeached and failed , they continue by attacking his business’s and taxes right-off that are legal. And as there doing it there saying Donald Trump needed to win the election of the president of the USA to keep him out of jail. When all along it has been the democrat’s that needs to steal the election to keep them from being exposed as treason and criminals at the extent that they came to be, at the expense of all Americans Black, White, or any race of humans of this nation. And end the end the Villon’s are exposed and are arrested.

  2. I voted for Mitt Romney, and I am so sad that he has been acting like a Democrat. He will never fool me again !!
    I am praying that God will help America during these terrible events. Also, I really get tired of appointed Judges who can sit in their black robes and refuse to hear this case. America needs someone that can demonstrate just how to get the Judges to listen to this case !! I love America and our President Trump !!

  3. Let ted take on. The case for the american people and AMERICA.

  4. How insane that the likes of liberal media is censoring the hijack of the 2020 presidential election. In 1992 the Telecommunications Act was passed during the Clinton presidency. It allowed 6 owners to purchase 90% of the main news medias. That is the main reason the socialist media is a tool of dismantling our Republican Democracy. If Biden is crowned as the winner of 2020 election we might have a civil war. Personally as a die hard veteran I will probably never vote again. Unless there is a restructure of voting machines and 100% security throughj the whole process. Now tell me how could Biden have won when at his rally’s tops of 50 people were present and President Trump had thousands.I have an extreme hatred to the socialist media and the demonocratic party. God please help us win for righteous Donald Trump, unless it is not your Holy Will

  5. Let ted take on. The case for the american people and AMERICA.

    1. Lets all Pray for Senator Cruz 🙏
      Pray continually, for America, for President Trump, and for Senator Cruz,, that the Supreme Court, our Supreme Court, will hear this case, and Pray to God for their decision, as they should in every case, put in their hands.
      Ted Cruz is the right man for this task, and, along with President Trump, needs our Prayers and Support…drop him a card of Thanks, and let him know your praying for America, and that your praying for him.
      God bless America 🙏

  6. I am sick after the so called win for Biden. It was a stolen election and even the Dumbacrates know that. Our beloved American is in deep trouble if he is put in office. He will step aside and that socialist women he made vice president will destroy everything we have fought and died for will be destroyed. Americans need to pray hard that we will not have to once again fight for our freedom…

  7. The Liberal Leftist Socialist Dummocratic Hypocrisy has been on full national display! We as American Patriots, need to Fight, Stand Up and Support our great Republic, voter integrity and President Trump. My belief and hope is that Senator Ted Cruz will be well prepared and be victorious in the Supreme Court case.

  8. How in Gods name the SCOTUS rejected the lawsuit saying the lawsuit has no merit after all the parade of witnesses who undoubtedly risks even their own safety to come forward under severe penalty? That the court didn’t even hear the case? Now the last hope lies in the hands of the Legislatures to have the courage to stand for the truth and exercise their lawful right to correct this wrong, this fraud election to save our country! May God grant them the wisdom and the strength to render justice and restore our Democracy! There Is No Way that the USA will become a Socialist country! No Way! Yes Martial Law and a New Election with 100% ID or Secession is definitely is in order.. Lets face it the country is divided. Shame on the DemoncRats who shamelessly and flagrantly stole this 2020 election.

  9. President Trump is brilliant and lucky to have chosen Senator Ted Cruz to go to court on this fraudulant lawsuit because Ted Cruz majored in the Constitution when he was going to be an attorney. This Senator knows the Constitution better than anyone and if anybody can bring justice and over turn the fraudulant presidential election results it would be Senator Ted Cruz.

  10. In the old days, this all could be seen through more clearly. I only hope when this is sought through that these treasonous dogs are shot for Treason. (Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Clinton. And the other communist socialist dogs threatening our country, freedom and way of life. That would send a message to the communist countries.

  11. Let Ted take the case, I agree there. I wonder why Ohio wasn’t among the states…no I don’t, our Governor (Dewine) is a Rino.

  12. When I heard the Supreme Court denied the 4 States lawsuit made from Texas in our last chance to submit a lawsuit for this ridiculous election fraud everyone knows about which have even been verified by victims who gracefully have come forward in all Swing States testifying and declaring under oath risking their lives in doing this voluntary service who easily could have been submitted as evidence from every State, and then Scotus denied to even hear THEIR testimony!!! this has made me so absolutely furious and annoyed that I am wondering now why I became a US citizen where you cannot even trust the Supreme Court anymore, or any court with justice in this US as a matter of fact, they now refuse to decide the most serious case we have ever had here in the United States, and believe me we, the people, are so furious it could easily end up in a civil war! We are the ones who are paying the salaries to the Supreme Court Justices, so they better remember this, and if they are too ignorant or afraid to even bother to hear these awful false election results, who else can we rely on ? The denial to even hear this case happens to be the worst in US history, and no one will ever be assured their vote is submitted truthfully anymore. People like SOROS and CNN’s Zucker throwing in 140 milllion dollars instructed by them for people to put into these bad Dominion machines with mostly unsigned mail-in ballots going through these bad Dominion machines over and over several times again to Biden instead of Trump, what a mess this was as well as no one was permitted to see what was going on, and thousands of mail-in ballots were hidden under a table after all helpers were sent home at 2 A.M. and huge amounts of mail-in ballots were then put into these faux Dominion machine aimed at Biden only!. It is my opinion the Supreme Court Justices should NOT be paid their salaries in the future until this mess has been cleared up, and until the day they are ready to hear this case, and a bill in the Senate should be voted on in this regard as a penalty for them not even to bother to tell us why they are also rejecting this important case and to why a denial was issued and by whom of each of the 9 Supreme Court justices? I like to hear by whom in this case.
    If Senator Ted Cruz is able to clear it up this mess with Scotus shortly I applaud him for doing so. Bless him.

  13. These United States have been put in this position before and our forefathers had to standup for our freedom. Together the people of this great nation have to make your voice heard. The courts don’t seem to understand the voice of the people. I hope that Mr Cruz will be successful in getting the voice of the people across to the Supreme Court as i don’t want to see what will likely happen if the court again looks the other way. I believe that we have been robbed of a fair election and the swamp is so strapped with political corruption that monitory gain that we may never see the light. I certainly hope that this can be fixed. This country was created under God and I pray that we can get it back to support what our founders intentions wrote in our constitution. If we can’t God help us all as our way of life will no longer be.

  14. Is this still the United States?One nation under God with liberty and justice for All ? And a degrace to ALL THE MAN AND WOMAN WHOM FOUGHT AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY ,And Still Are. BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME WHY SHOULD THEY FIGHT FOR ANYONE WHOM DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THIS COUNTRY AND ANY THING GOES .Taking an OATH of office for our Country means nothing.AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE CONCERNED! Anyone who cares about AMERICA our constitution and the people of the united states of America. THANKYOU TED CRUZ!

  15. Lying Ted and Don the Con will get their asses handed to them by the SCOTUS for filing a frivolous lawsuit. It’s time for you delusional tRumpTurds to admit defeat. Once again the Democrats will clean up the mess left by the Repukes and the tRump

  16. Ted Cruz will rip them all a new one…He will accomplish what so many others couldn’t.. For the good country, his name will go down in history as the true Patriot with the cohones to stand up to the traitors…. Ted Cruz doesn’t take none of their BS..

  17. Interesting, all the noise and bluster about how he would argue the case. Surprise, as the Supreme Court lets you know that there is no case. Maybe the rabid noise will go away. More than 50 law suits filed and all that came back was one victory on a state election having nothing to do with the presidential vote. The fraud of this attempted power coup will eventually come out and Trump will be remembered by history for his shame.

  18. why is it so hard to find an honest polititition, and an honest way to run an election?
    I think that lawyers should not be allowed to run for office. they are not honest people to begin with.

  19. It is perfectly clear that any one who claims to be an american citizen, and they claim this was a fair election they need to move to china the country who claims they rigged the election. I agree that the Supreme Court Justices should have their pay stopped if they can’t agree to take this case. this is the most important case in the history of this country. I’m sure they are aware of what has transpired. It would be almost impossible for the nine justices to not know what is going on unless they have been in complete isolation. I,m sure that there are several members of the Democratic Part guilty of TREASON, and the y should be indited for that crime. they must be held accountable for their crimes if not they will commit more crimes.

  20. Regarding Joseph Schwab’s comment: Joseph, you have to vote. A non vote is actually a default vote for the Adversary. As has been said by better men than I (and I paraphrase from memory, and so may be incorrect in particulars but correct in the entirety of the principle) “all that Evil needs to succeed is for Good Men to do nothing”.

  21. l
    Let’s divide the states as I’ve read time & time again. Let the commie pinkled socialist greedy DemoncRats and the blue Rino RePukelican backstabbing greedy dogs have their states with all their ignorant, stupid, freeloader sloathful lawless believers with all the lawless, law-breaking wicked illegals and the communist, paid-off, deceiving news media & followers have their states and the U.S. Constitutional Republican God fearing followers have theirs. Then we will see who flourishes and shines the best. The socialist lovers can have Biden and we our U.S. Constitutional following God-fearing President Donald Trump. Our Almighty Father and his son Jesus Christ will have the final say. Thumbs-up or Thumbs down. You decide on your fate and God will judge those who were unrighteous and wicked in their own self-understanding ill deeds and those who remain righteous in following God’s Will to the fullest as possible and live in peaceful coexistence together free of division and free of sin in accordance to his Holy Scripture. Evil will not prevail under your own self-willed ill sinful understanding, but only death & short-gevity will prevail as stated in the Holy scripture. Your decision. God gave you this understanding.

  22. The SCOTUS better get it’s act together and do the right thing in order to save our precious America and it’s freedoms. If SCOTUS cannot see how rigged and fraudulent this presidential election was, they better take off their robes and find a dark hole somewhere to hide in. The American people are not stupid and they resent the fact that they are being lied to. We are getting closer to a Civil War every day this election scam festers into an incurable cancer that becomes harder and harder to swallow and cure. The whole world knows that president Trump won this election in a landslide, and they are laughing at the American people for being so stupid as to accept the results that Biden won. If this is not corrected, America an it’s reputation for honesty and freedom, will be the target for every communist country in the world. We should never allow that to happen and we won’t. Civil War is one way to eliminate the America haters forever and that day is coming closer every day. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  23. Hi – can some one explain what is going on! ok i heard Biden is the president! i know the supreme court didn’t want to hear the case! so what is Ted Cruz going to do – can he still argue the case even though the court refuse to hear it! this is where i”m confused! are there any more options President Trump has to go forward with still winning 2nd term! I hear different things and wonder if someone can at least give good info. thank you

  24. Mr Romney is not the least concerned for the truth in regards to the election. He could care less if there is any fraud. He has a personal vendetta with Trump therefore he is out to get even. Also Mr Romney wants to work with a Biden administration to get a top level position. Call a spade a spade. Purely self motivated.

  25. Well is really sounds like there might be a socialist in this group . Right Noah, if he kept his mouth shut about my friend
    Ted Cruz there wouldn’t be so much stink .I know right now you have a right in this free country to write, speak or sign
    In this great country and senator Cruz is and will bring before the supreme court an outstanding argument for the American people. He is one of the smartest if not the smartest person that knows the law and will of the people . God bless Ted Cruz.

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