Joe Biden’s BS Foot Story Gets Even More Unbelievable

Joe Biden broke his foot last weekend. He was running a 50-mile ultra-marathon at the time.

Just kidding. He was getting out of the shower. Or playing with his dog. Or…

Let’s step back. It’s kind of a long and confusing story-Joe Biden keeps flip flopping on the details. He’s changed his story so much that its raising eyebrows. Why won’t he tell us the truth?

Team Biden is now saying a hybrid of all of his previous explanations—that the accident occurred when he got out of the shower and his dog started playing with him. So Biden picked up and threw a ball and took a step or two and tripped on a bath mat. He fell and broke his foot. Or twisted his ankle, but saw an orthopedic doctor out of what he called “an abundance of caution.”

Huh? Who plays with their dog while their getting out of the shower? And who keeps tennis balls in their bathroom to throw to their dog while they are getting ready. None of this makes any sense. This story is even more unbelievable than his first explanation of how he broke his foot.

Does anybody even believe Biden’s bs anymore?

This is supposed to be the most transparent president in recent history and already, before he even takes office, he is changing his story multiple times and concealing things. Team Biden hid this story from the media for the first 24 hours after it happened. They even used a press van to shield reporters view of him entering his orthopedics’ office.

Why the lies Joe?

Maybe is it because the real reason you fell is because you’re too old and frail to be doing things like running the largest economy in the world?

Over the length of his presidential campaign, Biden has become something of a YouTube sensation for his numerous unforced gaffes. One time he said he was running for senator.

Another time, he mixed up Afghanistan with Ukraine.

Once he said that he would eliminate the capital gains tax when he meant exactly the opposite, that he would raise it. (Democrats promising to raise taxes? Unheard of!)

Several times in debates he ran out of cogent thoughts early and trailed off in the middle of sentences to inquire whether his time was up. Obviously hoping that such was the case.

It’s not always what he says in the spotlight, either. Sometimes it’s the, uh, questionable attention he shows women and girls. It can remind some of the “innocent” attention your grandpa might give to his grandson’s pretty new girlfriend during Thanksgiving. No one thinks he’s serious about his awkward behavior toward her. He’s just “of a certain age” where men can get confused about boundaries and tend to say or do what they want.

Does that explain some of Uncle Joe’s behavior toward women?

That and the confused thoughts and sentence mishmashes have gotten people to wondering about the mental health of what would be by far the oldest U.S. president in history. Consider this: Ronald Reagan is currently ranked as the second-oldest president. But if Biden takes office, he’ll be older at the beginning of his first term than Reagan was by the end of his eighth year in office. And we know now, 30 years later, that Reagan had clear signs of dementia his last year in office.

That’s why all of those verbal gaffes have been noted as possibly more than a bundle of amusing misstatements. They just might be signs of deeper problems. But while he often looked shaky in debates and mangled phrases and let thoughts trail off and showed confusion with speech topics and momentarily forgot which office he was running for, he at least looked trim and ramrod straight and healthy. Great teeth.

But now we’re contending with a future leader who falls and breaks his foot stepping out of the shower. Or playing with his dog. Or…whatever. Reason for concern?

The lies from Biden and his administration are already starting. I fully expect them to cover up any cognitive mistakes he makes talking to world leaders and adversaries. It will be like the last years of the Reagan administration all over again where we had no idea our leader was in the throws of dementia. Make no mistake this won’t be the Biden-Harris administration, it will be the Harris-Biden administration. And that means a full blown socialist is directing our country.

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20 Responses

  1. Governor: your trip to the French Laundry is a joke in this state and outside of it. you clearly are someone who thinks nothing happens to them. i have my own feeling re
    you getting COVID. i would not lose sleep over it. hopefully, CA will get rid of you in the coming year. what a jackass you are and always will be. the things happening to SF are clearly following you time in office there. get out of CA please

    James H Wells, MD

  2. His fall probably had to do with his dementia. His motor skills are leaving him and it will continue to get worse rapidly. Kamel Toe the Ho will be President in a year after Biden and his cronies destroy our great nation. Look what he is filling his cabinet with. Lobbyists, lobbyists, lobbyists. Sit back and watch corruption at its finest. I don’t want to hear no liberal whining about what is happening. Yaw voted this idiot in

  3. He would be the most embarrassing person in American’s
    history. The laughing stock of us all!Please God some how
    some way, get TRUMP in as our leader!Biden has become
    one heck of a freak show!!

  4. Why doesn’t Biden admit that he lost the election, winning because of fraud!

  5. It is similar to teddy kennedy tripping in his underwear and falling down in his house when he had billi Clinton over for a sleep over play date.
    he needs to wear the call devise button to tell people he has fallen and can’t get up.
    his dementia is so bad he cannot recall what he did and how he did it.
    and he going to carry the nuclear suit case?

  6. Joe did not break his foot! It was deliberately broken by the CIA as a forewarning to do their bidding and for the fact Joe did not do something they already told him to do. CIA is known for dirty tricks like this.

  7. If this idiot actually is allowed to officially become the President best we prepare for the reaction that will be forthcoming from Real Americans which will include all former Veterans who put our lives on the line for America.
    Communism will not be accepted nor tolerated in America, Past and Present Military personal guarantees that.

  8. We are now a banana republic run by the Chinese Communists.

  9. Joe Biden dropped a suitcase full of Chinese bribe money on his foot.
    .Not to worry, he’s still smiling all the way to the bank.

  10. I ran behavioral health facilities, psych emergency response teams…Joe Biden is without a doubt in the throes of Dementia, he is in the throes of a chronic or persistent mental disorder which includes memory disorders, impaired cognitive reasoning, personality changes etc…the opposite of SANITY! The only way he won this past election is through the cheat the Dems perpetrated on this country…WE are in trouble with him and or when Kakneela takes over!

  11. Joe is in a state of Dimentia. He can’t remember anything and its getting worse. Hank Bradley said it best. its a persistent mental disorder, memory disorder, cognitive reasoning. Personality changes the total opposite of Sanity and there is no cure for this except Death. The Dems know this they are not stupid. Everyone in America knows this. He won’t last until the Inauguration. Harris is fully aware of what is going on. He is beyond any help at this point in time., He must have a degrading Wife– as she is allowing him to make a fool of himself and tries to pass it off as he jokes a lot and he is a touchy feely guy. I don’t think he needs to be around a lot of women. So far Harris has gotten him to try and put Obama on the Supreme Court. This is a person who didn’t make good decisions as a President much less on the Supreme Court. Hilary being in there someplace is like a slap in the face to Americans She is a hateful — unqualified to be President at all or even in the White House. Her and Billie Bob stole so much stuff from the White House an sold it before they were caught red handed. She wouldn’t even make a good dishwasher. This Fraud has got to be stopped and now.

  12. I am amazed and dismayed at the overt fraud that occurred in our U.S.A. presidential election. It’s blatant fraud – in our face – Who would have ever thought that this level of fraud would occur in our country?. What does it take for the courts to recognize it? The election reminds us of what happens in Venezuela (Hugo Chávez and Maduro) and other 3rd World countries – Banana Republics. Where are A.G. Barr, the DOJ, and the corrupt FBI e.g. the Biden fraud and more, conveniently disclosed after the election. I pray that the corrupt election systems will be rectified and our President Trump will have 4 more years in the White House. We desperately need him and not a socialist-marxist form of government as promised by the liberal left. We know Slo Jo will not lead our country for he obviously is a pawn who suffers dementia and is well known for 47 years of corruption and ties with Hunter’s China. In addition, his constant plaigerism, many gaffs, flip flops, lies, incoherent speeches, gross mispronunciatio’ns are constant, and we never really seem to understand his mangled messages.
    God bless Texas A.G. Ken Paxton, Texans who supported him, and the 17 states that have the courage to stand up for integrity in our U.S. election system.

  13. MAYBE, his SO-CALLED Accident was much more Sinister than just playing with the family dog? MAYBE, he was super threatened. YOU KNOW? CHICAGO STYLE? MAYBE, BIDEN Had A Moment Of Regret and Wanting To Tell ALL HE KNOWS? … I Am Positive What He Knows Is Mind Blowing. SO, PRESIDENT ELECT GOT HIS LEG BROKE? Any “RED FLAGS” flying for Anyone else? DANG!


  15. Has any body bothered to ask kamala if her knees have healed yet ? Must have been a rough trip, to the top !

  16. CREEPY Joe is an embarrassment to OUR country !!! He’s nuts and the LIBERAL , SOCIALIST dems know it . Can you imagine CREEPY Joe sitting across the table from Russias’ President Putin or Chi with china ????? They will eat him alive , and this is the person that is suppose to be strong and protect OUR country . With CREEPY Joe and hunter being in the pocket of China , and our Government be full of SOCIALIST , LIBERALS ,, we are in line of becoming a 3rd world country CONTROLLED and DOMINATED by China . A civil war is right around the corner , the people better start FIGHTING back NOW . If the dems and the LIBERAL media get away with the FRAUD in this election , they will control ALL future elections , to the point where OUR government will be ALL SOCIALIST LIBERALS . The 2nd Amendment isn’t just for burglars ,,, it’s for militias to FIGHT BACK against the TYRANNY of the government . Start forming and FIGHT BACK !!!

  17. was the dog IN the shower with him…………
    were they both naked?

  18. Once a liar always a liar.
    A compulsive liar lies so much and so often even they can’t keep up with their lies.
    He’s been a politician for 47 years, what do you expect?
    Broke his foot? I think not, under that boot is a device that monitors his whereabouts as he is under investigation.
    He sure can’t tell the truth about that. What did you say? Joe doesn’t have a dog?
    Or a brain!

  19. Chevy Chase could do a good skit on this clown, Joek (is) Buyin (the election) ! However, this is all a distraction of the main show: Kamel breath and the destruction of America.

    (Why are we being punished with ‘Captcha’ ?

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