Why Giuliani Held That “Pointless” Election Fraud Hearing in Pennsylvania

President Trump’s legal team attended a hearing before a joint Pennsylvania state House and Senate committee right before the Thanksgiving holiday. A lot of Republican commentators expressed dismay over this. Even though it was a great hearing, they said, it was just informational. “It didn’t accomplish anything, and woe is me!” Not so fast.

I’m pretty sure that Rudy Giuliani, the guy who sent the heads of the New York Mafia’s “Five Families” to prison for life back in the 1980s, knows what he’s doing. Plus, there’s big news coming out of the Pennsylvania legislature now as a direct result of Giuliani’s hearing.

I understand that everyone is impatient about these legal cases. Everyone wants something to happen and they want it to happen right now. Even though it feels like it’s taking “forever,” it takes time to properly build, compile, write and file a legal case. That’s part of why “Team Trump” has split itself up in different areas.

Richard Grenell is leading one group in Nevada. Sidney Powell is doing her thing in Georgia and Michigan. The Trump campaign team is in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And so on. Giuliani’s “pointless” informational hearing in Pennsylvania was part of the strategy.

Giuliani’s PA hearing was not aimed at you or me or the voters in general. It wasn’t aimed at the Pennsylvania legislature. We all know that fraud took place. Good grief, only 3% of Trump voters believe that fraud did not take place in this election. Giuliani’s hearing was aimed at an audience of ONE PERSON. And that one person is the District Court Judge who will eventually be the first to hear his case.

That judge may or may not be a partisan hack. We won’t know until we learn who has been assigned the case. But what Giuliani has done is try the case in the court of public opinion beforehand. And Giuliani won that case.

One of the most remarkable moments in Giuliani’s “pointless” hearing came when a fraud analyst testified. He explained the various vote “spikes” that happened in favor of Joe Biden – the large dumps of miracle Biden ballots that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Approximately 570,000 votes for Joe Biden came in overnight.

Giuliani: “And how many for Trump?”

Witness: “About 3,200.”

The entire audience in the hearing room erupted in laughter at the absurdity of those figures. This is prima facie evidence of election fraud. No sane adult can look at those numbers and not laugh out loud.

The District Court Judge who eventually hears this case will not be able to shrug that off. He or she will have to realize that this will be one of the most heavily scrutinized election law cases in American history over the next ten years or so. Even if the judge is some Obama-appointed partisan hack, they’re going to have to stick to a strictly constitutional interpretation of the law. All of this works in Rudy Giuliani’s favor. He knows what he’s doing.

So, put aside all of the naysaying about this hearing. It’s part of a broader strategy and proves the seriousness of the fight to Trump’s legal team. They’re not a bunch of ambulance chasers in this for a quick payday. They’re in this to win.

Furthermore, it turns out that this was not a pointless or ineffectual hearing when it comes to the Pennsylvania legislature. After the hearing, talk in the Republican-led House and Senate in Pennsylvania has turned directly back to the Constitution. The Republicans there are now fashioning a Resolution (which won’t require Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf’s signature) that wrests constitutional power back from the PA Secretary of State on seating Electors.

Back in 1938, the Pennsylvania state legislature ceded its constitutional authority to seat electors to the Secretary of State – a partisan appointee of the Governor. If the Republican legislature reclaims its authority – as it seems to have every constitutional authority to do – they could seat Trump Electors in time to send them to the Electoral College.

In other words, the Republican legislature in Pennsylvania is convinced that their Governor and Secretary of State did not hold a free and fair election in 2020. With proven fraud right in front of them, they have a duty to step in and offer a remedy for Pennsylvania voters. That would suddenly shift 20 Electoral College votes from Joe Biden’s total to Donald Trump. Still think Rudy’s hearing was “pointless?”

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18 Responses

  1. I will believe the government in PA, will change the outcome, when I see it. I am ashamed of the national republican party, for doing nothing when they could have, to help President Trump. The government is so twisted in corruption, they can’t seem to do anything for the people any more. They are in it for personal gain, nothing else. I wouldn’t want to do that job for anything, they would have me locked up, trying to do the right thing for the people. This is like the last days of the Roman empire. They are back biting each other, to win the good graces of the devil himself. This country has gone to the dogs and the dogs don’t want it, that is what my 93 year old mother says. She says it is a good thing, that her tine on earth, isn’t much longer, she doesn’t keep up with politics, like most elderly people of today. They feel like that whatever they say, it doesn’t matter anymore, that is what our government, has done to its elderly people. I hope you Democrats are proud, of yourselves for being such demonic pawns, for the devil, your day at judgement will come. It won’t be your crooked lawyers and judges, that will be in charge of this preceding,, it will be God himself. I hope and pray you change your ways and become good Christians before you die. Please change for the good of this country not just your pocketbook.

  2. Looks like biden has it all wrapped up. It will be hard to trace the voting machines. Of course they will get the only ones not tampered with. If they get that far. Biden can close up that hunter story this will go away soon. The media will catch another unfact news item that they need us to belive in and we all forget. I see no future in media as it stands now. If they said rain i would have to go outside and make sure it really is raining. Most of the time we will never know truth from fact. The media is not fair to anyone other than the ones who are running the show that day. United states of the offended now.

  3. Biden is corrupted and has severe Dementia, which may caused 2 Anurysem…But, his wife who is a doctor should know better not to have her husband run for the White House…She knows his medical condition and she doesn’t care..She wants to get into the White House so bad..This country is going to fall apart into Communism…The whole Biden voting was absolutely Dirty and corrupted by both parties…May God have mercy on them…


    1. I believe that BIDEN has demntia and I believe the DEMOCRATS know it also. I believe you will see, in the first three months of his PRESIDENCY, the DEMOCRATS are going to use (AMENDMENT 25 I BELIEVE) and have him removed from the PRESIDENTCY and hail PRESIDENT HARRIS. GOD HELP US ALL.

    2. Jill Biden is a PHD -not a medical doctor. I have felt that she is guilty of allowing Joe to be used by the DNC. I also think he has had 2 aneurysms in the past.(I am unsure of that fact.)

  4. I love Trump, don’t get me wrong but, this is bigger then all of us! The cheating, the lying!! Bigger then we as true Americans know! NOTHING! a is going to come of this! The POS Dems win again!! To many against us. We can pray allll we want. But it’s going to be that brain dead thing in the WH. And I’m so sick and tired of people saying God will help us through this. Well he would t of put us through this for a start. I believe in God don’t get me wrong. But the devil Dems are to much for us. And they have won again!! Sickening!! And if I’m wrong I apologize. And can’t wait till I do. If I am wrong.

    1. God help those who help themselves. God alone can’t unravel this web of lies. Facebook and twitter will get their dues next. Those two should be broken up and not be so into our lives. But we are the ones feeding these creatures and making them grow so big only an act of god could take them down now. Facebook pumped so much money in the election fraud and unshameless attempt to sway the election. If you vote for biden all your schools get our new laptop. Only to find they are rigged to only their status quo to be let into their new minds. they have no problems covering up their lies. they have enough money to make things happen. Now kamala will drive us the rest of the way off this thelma and louise cliff ride. How can this have happened. Voting is for fools as they obivious have shown us now. Just put who you want in and new president. No the votes count but the bankroll behind them is king now. We the money handlers. No longer we the people. Biden already has spending on the blank slate of a mind he has. Where is the money coming from with all not working now. Oh yeah here comes the new taxes. This election and lack of govt. Interest in the fraud has gone to major crime ties. When are any law enforcement getting in on this action. Hunter covered up, slime ball smelling little girls hair covered up. Fraud in this election covered up. Why are we even surprised.

  5. Keep the faith my friends today is a day of distress I know, but please keep the faith
    that GOD is still in control. We must do this as evil is among us everyday a much of it
    is in Washington D.C.

  6. One case win would be helpful. It might go quickly from there. Keep the faith

  7. All of the comments I read are true. Where is this country headed? We now know who to vote out of office, starting with some of the RHINO’s of the Republican party.

  8. I have faith that Gods hand is working for America and President Trump. This Supreme Court case was prophesied by several prophets going back as far as 1980. Look up Kim Clement, Trump prophecy it will comfort you.

  9. We have learned a lot from this whole fiasco. Corruption is rampant. So what are WE going to do. I for one and I hope with an assist from the Tea Party would like to start a “WE WILL NOT FORGET MOVEMENT” and this will apply to both parties. We will see how all of this mess plays out.

  10. GO Giuliani Go
    he’s doing a great job and the rest of the Rep better get on board, need to sink the democrats for the lies, fraud onto the citizens of the USA, which will not be the land of the free under biden

  11. I’m not a youngster. So my vote from Trump this year may well be my last vote in a presidential election. And I can say in all honesty that I have never seen an election like the one we just witnessed. Trump has been a great president. His problem is that he was a businessman who expects work and results for the Company (in this case Country). Politicians can’t accept that. He doesn’t blow smoke up other peoples’ you know what. So he has created enemies within the government and within their hangers on. As my Mom used to say “they’ would cut off their nose to spite their face. That what the problem is today, too many elected officials would screw over the country to spite Trump. That’s why we have to get rid of the career politicians and elect people to represent us and our will. No more career politicians! To represent us, they have to live with us, work with us, and know us. Know that the rules and laws they pass apply to us and to THEM! No exceptions!! And NO BIDEN and FAMILY!

  12. At 89 years of age Emil Geverd has inspired me to comment on his above statements.
    In my opinion. There is the possibility of corruption in this election then have a new honest election in those states.
    President Trump can stay in office until this is resolved. He sure has done a great job for this country.
    Biden may also do a great job for our country. It sure appears Mr. Giuliani is doing his job to the best of his ability.


  13. It was better than nothing. Getting it tried in the case of public opinion is good, but it seems as no FBI or DOJ have done and said nothing about it.E even the AG office of PA send out agents to inquire into people who testify at the public information campaign!

  14. Yes, a effort was started to pass a resolution in the Pennsylvania state legislature to get the electoral college electors to vote for Trump. But instead they decided to fold up their tent and go home. They could go back into special session and pass the resolution, but politicians being what they are, they won’t.

  15. Long drawn out comments and NO ACTIONS by the individual voter it the biggest problem in our country and society. We complain but do NOTHING to fix it. We MUST KEEP constant letters to our Senators, and Representatives in BOTH State and Federal offices. God will help those who help themselves and others. Don’t just complain and cut down people…GET ATCIVE …and I don’t mean go out and “protest”…I mean keep your people in government constantly hearing from you and anyone you can encourage to , about how this scenario MUST change and keep a POTUS who genuinely CARES about the people in office. BTW, if Trump were just concerned about “making money”…he would keep his POTUS pay check instead of donating it to a needy agency or people!!! AND also…Biden is not running for himself – he IS running and will be put aside to change the US to a communist or socialist country – and it’s been coming since the 1960’s – I’ve lived through this transition in the making…

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