Fair Questions Everyone Should Be Asking About Trump’s Reelection

I had a sinking feeling in my gut for 37 days straight back in 2000. I had pulled a 13-hour on-air shift for ABC News Radio, gone home at 1:00 a.m. on Election Night, and we still didn’t know who had been elected president. The “not knowing” was a nail-biter for me, as I’m sure it was for almost everyone else. The Supreme Court finally stopped the Florida recounts and then we knew who the president was. I haven’t had that sinking feeling this year.

There’s never been a moment of uncertainty or doubt as to the fact that Donald Trump won this election. We still have to sort out the results and send some people to jail – but we all know who won the election. And we also need some answers to some very serious, fair questions.

These are all questions that we’d like to see the press asking, but they never will:

Do the cities where massive vote discrepancies took place on Election Night have a history of electoral fraud?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see an hour-long news special exploring that question? I’d watch it, especially if it involved honest reporting. I pulled Detroit out of a hat and ran a quick Google search on election fraud there. The most recent felony arrest was in 2018. Huh. That was a quick 5 seconds of research.

In 2019, Southfield City Clerk Sherikia Hawkins was arrested on 6 felony counts of election fraud. During the 2018 election, a bunch of different places stopped counting the votes that night and then the Democrats inexplicably won a bunch of seats at 3:00 in the morning. (Almost as if it were a trial run for 2020, right?)

Ms. Hawkins hasn’t gone to trial in Detroit yet, but she’s accused of personally altering almost 200 absentee ballots during the hours when the vote counting was shut down for about three hours. So… imagine a crew of 100 people tampering with ballots at that same rate of speed, you could manufacture 20,000 votes during a 3-hour shutdown, or 40,000 votes during a 6-hour shutdown, and so on.

Sure, the Southfield City Clerk was just one person in one city… but that was 5 seconds of research. Imagine what a team of reporters could uncover if they really applied themselves to answering that question. Instead, they just endlessly repeat the phrase, “Election fraud is a myth.”

Who really owns these damned voting machine companies?

That should be a very simple question to answer and we ought to know the answer to it because it’s a major national security issue. Who really, truly, actually owns SmartMatic and Dominion Voting Systems? Sure, we know that DVS was founded by Venezuelans, operated an office in Canada and was supposedly owned by another company run by George Soros’ right-hand man in London. But who owns that company?

Nobody knows! Its ownership is hidden behind a bunch of shell companies in the Bahamas and Denmark. The more you try to unravel the spiderweb of shell corporations around these voting machine companies, the more it starts to look like they are yet another CIA operation.

One America News has now confirmed that in Toronto, Dominion Voting Systems’ headquarters (which is suddenly an empty office) shared a floor in a building with the Tides Foundation (Soros) and a Chinese data analytics company. Probably a total coincidence, right?

Are American votes truly being processed, tabulated and counted in foreign countries, and is the data on servers in foreign countries?

This appears to be true and I tend to believe it. But is it true? And if it is true, why are we just learning this right now? Sure would have been nice to know about this long before the election, so we could have made decisions about it ahead of time.

If this is true, then it means the 2020 election is null and void. Seems like the only piece of the puzzle that Sidney Powell is missing at this point would be a data packet of votes being sent to just one overseas location, and it’s “game over” for the fraudsters. The Kraken wins!

There’s no way to audit a machine on foreign soil. Even if we got our hands on one of the servers (which we may or may not have, depending on reports out of Germany), would we be able to get accurate information from it and would we be able to tell whether vote totals had been tampered with?

These are serious questions. I think that since the media won’t pursue these questions, President Trump should make it a mission of his second term in office to hunt down answers to them – so we never have to go through another fraudulent election like this again.

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12 Responses

  1. Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election hearings today 11-25-2020

    GO RED Remove Every Democrat ……. from public office FROM YOUR CITY, COUNTY, STATE, SCHOOL BOARD, AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!

  2. Great article! A real eye opener. I will be taking your advice James L. !

  3. Let’s pray Sidney wins and the criminal party ALL go to jail plus all of their minions.

  4. Now such a one sided story deserves a big” not a word of fact”, award. Now where is all this voter fraud when every instance is investigated by both parties and professional investigators both State and Federal and no voter Fraud has been discovered in any way. Now anyone thinking they should know who won on election night does live in a u8neducated World. Now lets go back to 1800, when a person voted in say Southern North Carolina and the polls closed , then it took about 3 days to get that vote to the Capitol then th capitol had to send the results to The US capitol in Washington which took about 7 days under the best of conditions, exactly why there is almost 1 month built into the Constitution before the announcement of the official results of the election., every thing before that date is projected winners not the official winner, and after the official date then they are the President Elect until 21 Jan when they are sworn in. Now those pushing election fraud in this election could back fire in their face when they win an election at another time in History, there is a very old saying which some seem to forget, “Be careful of what you wish for because you may get it.”, which in essence means the Democrats could use the same tactics to try to overthrow a Republican win.

  5. Someone, please, explain to me how Joe Biden, who couldn’t get 20 cars together for an election caravan, won this election. The same joe Biden, who could not get his supporters to show up at airports, but, Trump supporters were able to make him welcome., won ? The same Joe Biden, who, hid in his basement, for four months, and placed, non stop, holds on his election team, won ? Can someone. please. tell me how 54% of the Americans put there faith in a man, who cant get a simple sentence out of his mouth, without slipping into the baby blabber , won ? Can someone tell me where Dominion disappeared to ? Can someone tell me, just how much of Dominion is owned by George Soros ? Can someone, please , explain to me. why the vote count was EVER STOPPED, in ANY STATE, for ANY REASON, in the middle of the night ? WE have millions of people who work three shifts, in this country, and our vote count, could not be set up, on shift work ? Can someone, please, explain to me, why we should believe a single word, that the mainstream media spits out of its one sided mouth ? When was the last time, the main stream media, got ONE STORY RIGHT ? If, you are one, that is going around, swearing that there was no election fraud, then, YOU ARE THE ONE ENABELING IT !

  6. We owe we owe off to china we go. Payback coming due for all the favors. All will come to collect soon. Biden or kamala depending on who you ask will never come clean. They are talking nothing but spending already. Where is this money coming from. We have been locked down so much no one can pay any higher taxes now. How does a virus with over a 98 % survival rate shut down anything. Funny how this virus comes from his china pals just in time for the election to roll around. Made it easy for good ole joe to stack the mail in votes. At least you could have held back from the numbers you put in. Suppost to just make it through not the jaw dropping impossible numbers. Now people are starting to figure this out. Out of the realm of possiblity numbers was too much not to notice. If they can get away with this. Just imagine what we are in for. Expect more wars to help his bomb and bullets buddies to start making them their cash flo.

  7. I watched the entire Pennsylvania Hearing; it was riveting. How can so many otherwise honest Americans allow themselves to be used to “fix an Election” in this way? There are hundreds of election workers and officials out there who know the acts of criminal fraud that took place who are remaining silent. Fear of repercussion is not an excuse ~ their Lies will fester inside of them and eat away long after this mess is over. The witnesses are heroes for ignoring the attacks being heaped upon them and speaking up. I, too, have not had a moment of doubt that Trump won this election. Hearing the witnesses just helped confirm my misgivings. What a terrible thing has happened to USA, what used to be the greatest example of Freedom and Democracy in the world. Who do we turn to now? Absolutely not my sick country – Canada! I am heartbroken.

  8. I too have not had one moment of doubt that President Trump won election. I have watched the PA hearing twice. Mainly because I wanted to make sure that I really heard what I thought I did! It was so devastating to know that people had really done all those things! But what really got me was the discrepancy between the number of mail in ballots that they sent out and the number that they counted has being received! For the SoS to certify that election was either pure stupidity or he was in on the fraud the whole time! And now for those numbers that were reported not to be there any more tells me that more than the SoS was in on It! I mean that alone without any other fraud should invalidate the election in PA. Because how do we go back and remove 700,000 votes from the mail in? And what about the 40+ missing key cards??? This is insane that the Governor and SoS (both Democrats, BTW) could honestly certify the results! If the results were reversed and President Trump were on top, with all these discrepancies, do you think that they would certify? No way in heck!

  9. Hate & bias caused fraud in this election. Let this president sit another 4 years to change how elections are done and stop the fraud. Shame shame media killing democracy

  10. I hope so they need to be procured, for the crime they did.

  11. This election of 2020 is a prime example of how the Main Stream Media has forced Trump out of office. They pronounce the winner as they always have, but this year we have States allowing votes to be counted that were received after the day voting ended . . . which should not be happening in many States! Accepting votes after the day of voting makes no sense what so ever . . . unless someone wants to throw as many votes for one candidate over the other. And, apparently, it can be assumed that IS what has happened in order for Biden to win, when the legal votes are the only ones that count . . . NOT the ones that arrived after the 3rd of November, any votes received after the 3rd ARE ILLEGAL!!!

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