It’s Time for Joe Biden to Concede for the Good of the Nation

The best possible outcome for America right now would be for Joe Biden to do the right thing and concede that he lost the 2020 election. In his concession speech, Biden should note that since there was obvious, orchestrated, wide-scale fraud that took place in multiple swing states, he is offering his full support to President Donald Trump to shore up our electoral system. That’s far more important for the good of the country than Joe Biden spending two or three days in office before Kamala Harris shoves him down a flight of stairs.

The evidence of election fraud is now a towering inferno that blots out the sky. There was so much orchestrated fraud in so many locations that no one will ever be willing to accept an election result in this country again if Joe Biden is inaugurated in January. That’s a terrifying prospect for a country, because what happens next is never non-violent. Voting is the peaceful way of settling political differences. If you take away faith in the voting system, political decisions are still going to be made – but they will increasingly be made through violent force.

For all those Republicans out there declaring, “Oh, well, Trump will just run again in 2024 and win.” Why would people bother voting in the next presidential election if this one is stolen? If you brazenly tell the people – as we are being told right now in this moment – that their vote doesn’t matter, people will believe it. They’ll act on that belief by not bothering to vote again. No Republican will ever win the presidency again unless our system is shored up.

Congress Matt Gaetz (R-FL) noted this the other day on Steve Bannon’s podcast. He said that if the Democrats get away with it this time, they’re not going to get worse at election fraud in the next four years. They’re going to get better at it.

More than half of the US population believes this was a fraudulent election, according to Rasmussen Reports. 85 percent of Republicans believe it was Likely or Very Likely that massive fraud determined the outcome of the election. 30 percent of Democrats believe it was Likely or Very Likely. That’s somewhere north of 51 percent of the population that believes this was not a fair, honest, valid election.

This is not due to “Russian disinformation” or Twitter trolls. It’s because we see what’s right in front of our eyes.

And let’s be clear about something. No court ruling is going to overturn that unsettled feeling that we all have because of this hinky election.

If President Trump’s legal team takes their election challenges all the way to the Supreme Court, and the court rules against them, then what? Suppose the court swats down every one of the Trump legal team’s argument and dismisses their proof, are we all supposed to feel better and accept it?

Dominion Voting Services, the sketchy company that had voting machines in all of these locations that delivered unbelievable vote totals for Joe Biden for several days after the election, has gone into hiding. The company has shut down its offices in Denver and in Toronto, Canada. Its current and former employees have all erased their connection to Dominion Voting Services from their LinkedIn profiles. Company executives fled from a Pennsylvania state congressional hearing last week, refusing to testify about the multitude of “irregularities.”

Votes were counted in multiple states where Republican observers were restricted from seeing the vote count. Postal workers have declared under penalty of perjury that they were ordered to back-date ballots that arrived after the election deadline. Mail-in ballot envelopes – the only way to prove whether a mail-in ballot is possibly authentic – were discarded and shredded. Election workers “cured” invalid ballots from Democrats in violation of court orders, while invalid Republican ballots were always discarded. Hundreds of thousands of Biden-only ballots poured in, in the dead of night.

If the courts rule against Donald Trump’s cases, are we supposed to forget that we saw all of those things? Are we expected to pretend it never happened?

We know this was fraud because we saw it happen in real time. All of this messiness could be sorted out in an instant if Joe Biden would just do the right thing. More than half the country believes this was an invalid and fraudulent election. Joe Biden must concede immediately.

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21 Responses

  1. I am 91 years in this world and ashamed of being born into a Democrat family; never thought I would see sooo much corruption and dishonesty. I have lived the life of a handshake on an agreement was as good as any legal drawn contract. I grew up honoring the election (if done honestly) whether it be a football team, or any president or captain, most people got behind the leader and helped him, or her, to be successful and make progress for all concerned. Not so for politicians where you see a known criminal elected on simple basis of what they can personally do for you and their friends. Lawfully or out and out dishonest. Trump has done more for this country than any one person for a long time, some normally thought impossible. WE HAVE FAILED TRUMP, MOST WILL LIVE TO SEE THE DAMAGE BEING IMPOSED ON PEOPLE; PROBABLY NOT SO FOR ME DUE TO MY AGE, but I will go out fighting for what I believe to the honest and right thing to do. I pray people will wake up to what is really going on and attempt to change it.

    1. I totally agree with you. I’m 62 and this is the most despicable thing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The way President Trump was treated since he was elected is down right pitiful. I’m scared for this country and myself and my family. The Democrat party has become a party of self-serving crooks. It’s a disgrace!

  2. Dam sad when the only way you can win is to CHEAT that’s why they PUSHED so HARD for mail in ballots that’s why they censor online the news media on most of the tv channels hide the truth the WAR between GOOD and evil they only have some fooled that r blinded the most of us KNOW The TRUTH

  3. I agree with both or the post above me, I am 81 years old and born in TN. and saw what hard times were back than. We trusted our leaders back than and helped them to do better but today looking at what just happened to President Trump makes me want to cry, not for only him but for our Country. I served our Country and as did a lot of other Vets did and I did not do it for what I see going on in this world today, God is watching each and every one of us and I bet he feels the same way, we could not have had a better President the last 4 years than him as he had to do what he has done without any help from anyone on the other side. When and if he is gone in Jan. we all will be losers. Thank you for reading this. from a VET.

  4. Democratic party are all criminals and need to be prosicuted to full extent of the law

  5. Ever since crooked Hillary Clinton lost the twenty – sixteen election, we had the lie known as Trump campaign/Russian collusion hoax and then the impeachment act.
    Followed by the Democrats support for the extremely violent Black Lives Matter movement and their Antifascist allies. To the Democrats and liberals it seems that it doesn’t matter how low or criminal that they have to go to gain power.

  6. Ditto on Jimmy Tucker’s response of Nov.30, 2020!

  7. If the Democratic Party would go to this extreme to win the election, which they definitely did!! What will they do if Biden is I Office. People had bette think about it!! The dementia man (Biden) has already said he will open up the borders, decrease the military, he trying to take our rights away, increase our taxes. This country will be under a socialist government. Take heed people!!

  8. That would be the perfect way to put all Americans at rest. This man HAS to know that there is NO WAY he actually won the election, and that the
    evil Democrats paid for by George Soros put this all into play. If he wants to let it ride, then I hope that Giuliani’s team will PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE
    DOUBT that the votes were illegal, that ballots were dropped off and filled out only for Biden, that the machines were programmed to change votes
    at a certain algorithm and in favor of Biden, and inspectors were not allowed to view any proceedings going on in the poll station. Not to mention that
    many mail in ballots were sent late, were not signed, contained only votes for Biden and no one else, and that in PA 700,000 more mail in ballots came
    back, than were sent in (1.8 million ballots sent out to residents, and 2.5 million came in for election…!!! Duh, how did that happen?) Yes, it would be
    fantastic if this little man would stop the charade and stop pretending that he even knows what the hell is going on at all, and put this election back in
    the President’s lap where it should be, since on Election night he was ahead in EVERY swing state and in PA by over 700,000 votes, only to wake up and
    find that he was “losing”. Yeah, we’re all a bunch of dummies, and we can’t see how this was a manipulated effort by the Democrats and their ideals
    of Socialism takeover, driving them over the edge, and trying to take our country, our freedoms, our jobs, our $$, our way of life from us. I wish someone
    would prove that they brought this virus upon us and that they have been misleading the American people about this all along. Read the John Hopkins
    findings about Covid and you will be amazed. STEP OUT JOE BIDEN…YOU KNOW YOU DID NOT WIN THIS ELECTION AND SO DO WE. WE ARE NOT
    IT OR US.

    1. I believe that even in Biden’s demented condition he knew he would win by his party cheating. Why else would he say such things as, “I don’t need your votes to win” and “I have the best team of voter frauds around”? He himself said these things. He knows he didn’t win as elected by the people. After all, he did good to get 100 people to turn out to a rally versus Trumps thousands.

    2. Exactly Che ,
      Read from the lonang institute. It’s about the 2nd amendment, God forbid it comes to this , the American people are fed up with Obama style politics, WE are a FREE PEOPLE WHO WOULD RATHER DIE THAN BE ENSLAVED BY A TYRANNICAL GODLESS GOVERNMENT!! So when Biden sends communists to get our guns don’t forget one thing Beto, a good supply of body bags!!!!

  9. Excellent article. This nails the situation. I have an extra reason for truth to play out. I have a son being deployed in January and a grandson just completing basic training. I want to feel in my heart they are protecting an honorable country and NOT being thrown to the wolves. I want a leader who respects the military and is behind them. I don’t want to see a war or a surge in ISIS. I pray daily President Trump is elected for a second term, that is rightly his

  10. The right thing to do!
    There is only two right things to do !
    All democrats should commit suicide!
    Or patriots should help them commit suicide!
    Treason is a capital offense
    Democrats are the very definition of treason!
    Punk kids without purpose or value proving their morons!
    I am pro life for humans
    I see no human traits in democrats
    Only murder, hate,treason, corruption,lies and the inability to perform abstract thought or support themselves!
    Today’s left punk kids are pro abortion after birth!
    It’s time to abort these worthless excuses of children millennials have spawned!
    Everyone doesn’t get a trophy
    There are consequences for morons actions
    To be against freedom is a thought only retarded satanic Demscum could justify in their worthless excuses and attempts to be relevant
    Should they succeed in destroying America they will starve to death just like the rest of the world
    I hope and pray , GOD will take mercy on all our worthless soles for both those who are destroying Gods creation, America! And those of us who are destroyed by these Imbeciles Calling themselves democrats

  11. This would be a perfect outcome for the election. It will not happen though because these communist have done what they wanted to. They have through the media, fraudulently put our country at risk of being taken over, by politicians, for the first time since the civil war. The Democrat party back then was doing what, it is now, trying to do, destroy our country. This is the first time I think that the conservatives might be angered enough to revolt against the government since the civil war. This is what China and the other communist countries want, that would take the world, keeping the justice keeper powerless to oppose them and their takeover of the world as it stands today. First they release the virus upon the world creating the pandemic, Then they fraudulently helped the Democrats win the election in our country, with software and machines, that could be altered by their staff, while the process was being counted. This is a travesty to our country and should not be tolerated. I hope I am wrong and they get the case of guilt for their actions and do the right thing. That will only happen if God intervenes, with the process. I do not think that will happen though because he is tired, of the things we do, against his commandments on a daily basis.


  13. Yes this was all orchestrated by Soros and Obama! It was a scheme to end all schemes! But we know well in advance that Joe and his son Hunter were corrupt, we knew in advance that Harris was corrupt, as well as Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Adam Schiff, Killary, OAC, Omar and the rest f the squad, and the rest of the swamp, so why did theses voters even think that this would never happen in the USA.
    From what I believe, this was also done in the Primaries in 2018 and that is how they got majority. Only fools would vote for these mental midgets!
    This pandemic was unleashed by the Chinese government and the DemocRATS as a small experiment, which the Democrats helped them by giving them money to help with their experiment. Apparently the DemcRATS paid a sum of $ 3, 500.00 to help the China Lab to introduce this virus to a few people and see where it would be beneficial to both the Chinese and the Democrats if they ever wanted to use it as warfare! Unfortunately, this virus got out of hand, and no one knew how bad it would get and how to stop it!
    This is only my opinion, but knowing the players in the DemocRAT Party, and how some of the virus that the Chinese have unleashed on their citizens, like SARS and MERS as well as other virus that have come to light in the last 10 years. I believe that these Chinese Labs are working to find some kind of pandemic that they can use if they ever needed some kind of warfare on their citizens, and on the world if they need to!
    This was a Chinese Virus, and there is no mistake about this, why did the Chinese send their citizens to other countries to infect the rest of us! If Biden is wanting to ” make sure ” that China is ” helped ” then he is a traitor as well as a crook!

  14. What can all of the Trump supporters do during this evil pres term to oppose him, fight his actions and generally let him know how much we hate him and his administration? Actually, I truly believe the Antiifas and BLM may do it for us!

  15. I agree on all the above Posts but I doubt that Biden would admit to all this Fraud because his handlers would most likely have him have an accident. If this goes through with Biden taking office our Country will be lost and I can see a Civil War taking place to attempt to right a wrong. And if this election/Fraud goes through I would not trust another election in our country. It really scares me to think this is really happening in the USA. At my age I have never seen this type of Fraud take place and Pray the Lord steps in and corrects this election. I truly believe it was the Lord that helped Pres. Trump win the election against Clinton because the Lord knew how evil and corrupt a Clinton Administration would have been and all the voter fraud that was done. I am not super religious but this is how I feel so Pray the Lord helps us out again.
    Thank You for reading this.

  16. the world is watching, what will we do as Americans to fix this corruption?

  17. he must concede the election, Trump is our President

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