Democrat Governor’s New Shutdowns Are Reversing Economic Recovery

It’s kind of weird. We’re seeing record coronavirus cases across the country right now. All of the scientists are telling us that we’ve crossed the tipping point and the rest of this winter will be brutal. Yet, somehow, none of the hospitals are out of space — and many are operating at reduced capacity. Death tolls are still a fraction of what we saw in April. How can that be possible? You know the answer to this. The pandemic has been blown out of proportion so politicians can justify increasing their power over citizens. The goal was always to destroy the economy, the one accomplishment the media couldn’t take away from President Trump.

People keep blaming economic problems on the virus. That is not correct. The real culprit is shutdowns, and Sweden is the proof. They never shut down. As a result, they have seen greater per-capita infection rates than any other Nordic country. They are also the only Nordic country that hasn’t had a decline in their GDP. Sweden has seen net economic growth this year. Very few countries in the world can say the same.

In March and April, the U.S. instituted massive shutdowns. It was done by each state rather than at the federal level, but we saw the GDP drop by a third in just a few weeks. It was the largest and fastest GDP drop in the history of the world. At the same time, we cut more than 20 million jobs out of the economy. Shutdowns put us in this situation, not the virus. Our entire economic problem right now is solely the result of political decisions.

The following months proved just how powerful a Trump economy really is. We saw the fastest economic growth in the history of the world. The GDP grew by more than a third the following quarter. When all was said and done, by October, we had recovered 90 percent of what was lost. It was a miracle.

Job growth was also incredible. We added millions of jobs every month and cut record unemployment in half in just six months. In May, unemployment was five points higher than any point during the Great Recession. By April, it was lower than in 2012, the end of Obama’s first term. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now, Democratic governors across the country are instituting new lockdowns. States with Republican Governors like Texas and Florida are maintaining their commitments to avoid further lockdown. Their economies are now going to have to float the entire country because locked down states like California, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois are tanking.

We saw 709,000 new jobless claims in one week of November. The latest statistics are not yet in, but they will be worse. We’re losing millions of jobs again, and this isn’t because of the virus. Hospitals are not out of space. We have two proven effective vaccines with more on the way. This is about governors trying to take credit for fighting a virus in a way that never made sense in the first place.

Governors instituting lockdowns do not care about the damage they are creating. In Michigan, Whitmer is outright defying the ruling of the courts. In New Mexico, they are closing down grocery stores. How well do you think that will end? We are in a crisis, but it isn’t the result of nature. It is a manufactured crisis created by Democrats because they want more power. This is the moment where we decide if we are going to save America or let it fall.

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5 Responses

  1. democraps do not want a strong economy, they rely on poverty and people sucking on the tit of the country, so they will do everything they can get away with to crash the economy with things like the green new deal, and Medicare for all (even if you are an illegal trespasser).
    Just like drug dealers, you got to get them hooked with the free then make them work for you like a prostitute to keep getting the fix.

    1. It’s amazing how Repubturds fall for the right wing line of bullshit. The tRump economy was fueled by artificiality low interest rates and massive deficit spending . Unemployment was beginning to increase and GDP was dropping ahead of the pandemic. Its only because of trillions of dollars poured into the economy by the government that the country is not in a full blown recession. But like they have numerous times the Democrats will fix the mess left by the Repubturds

  2. Does anyone else know what the CONSTITUTION LAWS SAY? I Know that NO CONGRESSMAN OR WOMAN IS TO GET A SALARY IF THE COUNTRY IS IN A LOCKDOWN! This is the same thing as if there is NOT A BUDGET PASS TO BALANCE THE DEBT CEILING! DEMOCRAT shall not be getting any TAXPAYERS MONEY til the COUNTRY IS OPEN BACK UP AT 100% We t pay our bills or support our family then they DON’T DESERVE THEIR INCOME!

  3. Can’t pay our bills or support our family. Then CONGRESS SHALL NOT RECIEVE A PAY CHECK!

  4. It is the same in Canada.
    We’re seeing record corona-virus cases across the country right now. All of the Government Health Professionals are telling us that we’ve crossed the tipping point and the rest of this winter will be brutal. Yet, somehow, none of the hospitals are out of space — and many are operating at reduced capacity.
    It’s an “Asymptomatic Pandemic” with Asymptomatic persons in 14 day isolation unless they want to attend a BLM or Antifa rally.
    Canada’s Prime minister is blaming the people for the spread of the virus and is threatening to put the nation in a 6 week lock down through December into January claiming its necessary to beat the Covid flu – from which 99.% of people recover. Other Canadian premiers are making similar threats and now have forced lockdowns even blaming the public for the look downs as in “Look what you made me do-to you”. Our leftist politicians really are Psychopaths

    A national 6 week lock-down will destroy most all small business in Canada. The lock downs are more a means to extort from the public a total financial dependence upon the government. Cananda is behaving no different than Americas largest leftist States

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