Voter Fraud Rampant: 1.8 Million Extra Voters

Threats of voter fraud have been apparent all year — for several years, really. We all knew the left would cheat in any way possible in this election. While President Trump and the Republicans did as much as they could to ensure election integrity, a devoted cabal like the Democrats can always find a way to cheat.

It turns out that they found many ways. We’ve already heard about them preventing ballot checkers from being present in key swing state districts. We’ve heard about dead people voting. We know that mass mail-in votes were far from secure. Now, we have a very strong case of rampant voter fraud.

This election had a record turnout. During a pandemic. When hundreds of thousands of mail-in votes were disqualified. If you knew nothing else, these facts already make the results sound fishy. Unfortunately, the facts paint an even worse story. It turns out that the voter turnout we saw was mathematically impossible. The latest voter fraud allegation comes from the fact that many counties across the country had more registered voters than eligible voters. More than that, there were eight entire states that fit this description. Those states are Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Even worse, voter fraud was not limited to these states: they were just the worst offenders. Across the country, there were 353 counties where voter registration exceeded the maximum number of eligible voters. They represent an excess of 1.8 million voters.

It will take time to see how many of these excess voters successfully cheated, but considering multiple swing states were won by less than 50,000 votes, the 1.8 million-person surplus is plenty large enough to swing this entire election. You might have already noticed that Michigan was one of the top offenders. Democrats put all their efforts into overturning this state’s 2016 election results for Trump. Many of the individual problem counties were in PA, WI and GA.

It’s important to understand that excess registration alone isn’t necessarily voter fraud. Instead, it is an opportunity for fraud. If you move to a new state and register to vote there, you will often see a lag time before your previous state purges you from the rolls. Under normal circumstances, that’s a vulnerability in the election system. This year, it was an open door for cheating.

We just saw many states and districts implement universal mail-in voting for the first time ever. That means that every registered voter was sent a ballot. There are no systems in place to ensure that the person who fills out the ballot was the intended recipient. Even if they are, we have no national system that prevents people from voting in two states. If enough people lack integrity (and the months of riots suggest we have such people in surplus), they could have swung this election without outright voter fraud. Even worse, we will probably never know the full extent of the cheating.

This was always the Democratic Party’s plan. They make it illegal to purge inactive voters from the rolls. They claim it’s to fight voter suppression, but we all know better. Once the rolls are corrupted, they will knowingly mail ballots to inactive addresses. There is no way to certify the ballots, and cheating becomes simple. This is how they stole the election, and we have hard numbers demonstrating it.

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44 Responses

  1. Remember the hanging chads? Thirty seven days and two trips to the Supreme court and gore didn’t get to be president.
    Remember John Kennedy? The joke going around was the all the dead in Illinois got up and went to the cemetery to vote for John Kennedy. It was later proven there were more votes in Chicago than voters. Do Democrats cheat? Is the Pope Catholic?

    MAIL IN VOTES UNLESS YOU ARE OUT OF THE COUNTRY and Previously requested a Mail IN Ballot

    1. I agree. We need a new election or a Manuel recount on all states. Too much happening with the computerized votes

  3. Good Morning I live in New Jersey and I can’t believe that the voters of this state would vote for higher taxes we’re high enough with this jerkoff we have for a governor so I believe that there is voter fraud in New Jersey

  4. Well here we have again a PERFECT CASE of , demo-communist FAILURE, they were so over confident that they would win with the MAIL IN VOTE FRAUD, they did not plan on it being contested this much, and they picked some very bad people to carry out their plan, most likely low income people and out of work people from the CCP-19 VIRUS. And all of this was planned by , those in the DNC-CP , ( pelosi,schumer,bidens campaign , and of course soros,obama,clinton and the chinese communist party and many others ) . And they thought this was going to be a SLAM DUNK for the demo-communist. For 4 yrs the demo-communist have tried to undo the 45th PRESIDENT of the US, and have FAILED , FLUNKED OUT because for their FLUNKIES. These people are a VERY VERY BAD JOKE. And now the FUNNY is over.

    1. No matter how many times you repeat this bullshit lie it won’t make it true.

      1. You must be a brainwashed socialist to believe after 4 years of doing nothing but trying to force President Trump out of office that the left wouldn’t cheat to win.
        Nancy Pelosi literally said that they would get President Trump out of office no matter how or what it takes. It is not possible for Republicans to big win the house and the senate and vote a Democrat in as President. This country is more red than blue. Sorry for your luck. Your party is the lying cheaters, not mine.

      2. Back at you Noah, how many times are you going to push your lie???

    1. I agree Susan but how do we get it done. Take a poll how many people want a do over election

  5. The entire democrat/communist party needs to be totally removed from this election and the republicans that were running get those positions. After which time, the democrat/communist party is declared illegal, its leaders are all arrested and tried for treason and then executed. The company that helped to perpetrate this fraud should be treated as a hostile foreign entity and removed from the country and all property seized and programming destroyed after a thorough investigation of the programming. The owners jailed and subsequently deported to China since they love communism so much. Clean out Congress the same way. All socialist/communist promoting congress and senators to be deported without US Citizenship to China.
    To restore law and order in our cities overrun by terrorists, the military will need to be used to surround the terrorists and then shoot them in order to remove the threat from our nation. They are domestic enemies that need to be neutralized.

  6. How will they re count all the ballots that were destroyed, and thrown away? Time for a new election. In person only requested absentee ballots. Each city/county has to have even number of counters from all parties represented and federal poll watchers.. there is no way possible to do a accurate recount at this point. Msm and social media need to be dismantled. Sued and prosecuted, elec. Interference.

  7. The biggest problem is NO ONE on the LEFT ever goes to jail for breaking the law. They know there will be no punishment so they do what ever they want.

    1. Yes its very strange that people get indited in large show trials televised on c-net, yet no one goes to jail. It’s also time for big tech to go the way of ma bell.

  8. THE TRUTH marches ON . . . The Democrats are CHEATS, and their votes are ILLEGAL. Therefore, THROW them out. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And ENRAGED Patriot. Team Trump And his Allies 2020.

  9. I am all for a do over new election. Now how do we get it done.

    1. I e-mailed an idea to my US senator to have at least the 7 most contested states redo their election and this could be completed, including the counting, by Jan.18. With all this fraud there will never be any unity no matter who wins but it’s the dummycrats who have refused to unite for last 4 years and now they demand WE unite behind a babbling senile fool and his vice street walker. I’ll never unite behind those 2 worthless sewer rats.

  10. When states send out unsolicited ballots to everyone, in my case in California- multiple ballots-what do you expect but voter fraud? There needs to be proof of who you are when you vote. Just like driving requires a valid drivers license, voters need to be of age, and registered before they vote….I am fine with showing my drivers license in order to vote. Especially the new ones in California that are tamper proof. I would be fine with voter registration I.D. as well. In California, they harvest votes which takes the will of the people out of the equation and puts cheating in the equation.

  11. I too am in favor of a do over vote. The Dems are nothing but CHEATERS. This Election was nothing but a joke. I can’t believe that Joe Biden who spent most of the Election campaign in his basement as Present Trump campaigning all over the Country with enormous crowds could win. Trump will always be my President and has earned four more years. TRUMP 2020-2021.

  12. I agree there should be another vote ,only military&bed ridden should havea mail in Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. We all know they cheated the evidence is there. Everyone write a letter to Trump telling him you want an audit not recount because it’s more accurate. Emails get deleted and polls are BS. They can be used as hard case of the amount of people who know it was Fraud. Include all websites of recordings and fact based accounts of voter fraud that will make it impossible for any judge not to see the truth. Right now Biden is still a citizen nothing more and should be arrested for speaking to other countries which Biden accused Flynn of an wanted him arrested. The same applies to him. If they insist on taking down this Country We the People will see another Civil War and who are they going to call? The police they have been allowing to get beat and killed or the military that Biden and Obama sent plane loads of cash to terrorist knowing they were going to kill our military? I don’t know any American who will waste a bullet to save anyone of them. I sure will not!!

  14. creator, that is really interesting, particularly given the fact that Trump is clearly contesting the election.

  15. Harris/Biden tells Americans they will raise your taxes/eliminate tax cuts, take your guns, ban fracking, get rid of fossil fuels, give illegals healthcare, implement the Green New Deal which gets rid of cars/planes/cows, put us in the disastrous Paris Accord, make us dependent on terrorist countries that hate us, sell us to China, get rid of the border security, DEFUND POLICE, mandate masks, lock down the country, cause a recession then depression, enforce terrible socialized medicine, —-and 70 MILLION AMERICANS WANTED THIS??! When Evil Queen Harris rules over dying/destroyed America, maybe the far left socialist Democrats will have buyers remorse???….SHIP OF FOOLS!!!!


  17. Only a brain dead supporter of a
    insane deranged lunatic moron believes this stupid shit

    1. Speaking of brain dead, how is Joe doing these days??

  18. BIG surprises coming to the commies..(will NOT say more } USMC retired E-8.. Have a nice day !!

    1. Quote:BIG surprises coming to the commies..(will NOT say more } USMC retired E-8.. Have a nice day !

      I sure hope you are one of the few who have military “:contacts” who share truth with you. If that is the case, Thank you for the hint, could you provide more crumbs?

  19. The fix was in by the dems.
    There needs to be a new in person verifiable election for 2020..
    There also needs to be a change in how proposed bills, laws, regulations and amendments are made into law, they need to be ratified by popular vote not by our so called representatives in congress as they have their own agendas.

  20. The only way to fix this is for our nation to rise up & insist that a new vote date be set, paper ballots, no machines, no mail ins……….if we let this go we can never trust another election………….

  21. We should not recognize Biden as president and people need to go into the streets and demand a new election and no mail in ballots period. People need to understand this is the new world order at work and Americans are being led like sheep to slaugher. I truly believe Biden will order a total shut down of this country and cause panic making the public agree to almost anything including socialism and Marxist policies.
    WAKE UP AMERICA before we are down this road to a point of no return.

  22. Joe Biden and his floppies are liars and criminals who totally need to be fired, held in contempt and put in prison. When Biden was on the debate he was standing up like he was sleeping several times, having to recompose himself, kept stuttering and said he was going to take away fracking, raise taxes and other things. When asked several different questions he would not answer. It has been said numerous times there being a suspicion of Dementia but no one has demanded this liar have a complete physical in order to continue his search for election to the Presidency as he flat out refused to do. When President Trump was asked to do this he completed it successfully no questions asked. The Government officials blame everything on President Trump, including but not limited to the Covid situation but no one is looking at it, making the Governor or any of the other officials take responsibility or any of the blame for the way it turned out when they are the ones running their respective states and could have and should have done more to slow the spread down if not stopped it as much as humanly possible. I totally agree Donnie should not have take it so lightly or underestimated the potency of it but neither should have the rest of these idiot officials who most definitely did, using the blame game to sway the minds of us voters. We need not be fooled! The Democraps are the LIARS and CHEATS plain and simple TRUTH be TOLD! The Courts should just hand the Election over to Donnie No new election or anything, knowing he won fair and square!!! Donald Trump is our President for Four More Years! Justice Served! END OF STORY!

  23. Don’t worry about Biden worry about Harris she will be the president within 6 months!!

  24. The “POWERS THAT BE” can fix this fraud, or the silent majority will not be so silent and people WILL DIE !!! We outnumber the liberal criminals and WILL use that to OUR advantage !!! ELECTION FRAUD WILL NOT BE ALLOWED, PERIOD !!!

  25. Our country has been fighting Communism for a very long time, and we are war seasoned, better trained freedom fighters willing to sacrifice. I still believe Trump will win, but they are coming, and we are ready.

  26. READ THE FIRST LINE OF PARAGRAPH SIX. What does PROOF have to do with it? Everything.

  27. If there’s ANY way a Lie-beral DEMONocrat demon can cheat, they will. They’ve been working 4 years now to remove President Trump. They don’t want goodness for our country….Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons want C O R R U P T I O N !!!

  28. Now you know why Biden did not campaign, he knew the fix was in.

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