All the Clear-Cut Biden Vote Fraud from the First Week Post-Election

Okay, maybe we’re being optimistic about that title. There has simply been too much vote fraud uncovered in the past week, so we might not be able to share all of it with you in one article. But we’re going to try. The fact that there have been so many incidents of fraud should tell you that we are a long way from the 2020 election battle being resolved. There are simply too many fishy election irregularities this year for this to not be a coincidence. Here goes.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (yeah, that one) has shut down two state websites that allowed people to check for deceased voters. One was the Michigan state registry of deceased people. The other was the public voter index. Internet sleuths were comparing names on the public voter index with names on the registry of deceased people. After announcing that they had found 847 absentee ballots filled out by dead people, Whitmer shut those two state websites down.

Pennsylvania was not allowing any Republican observers into the vote counting rooms until a judge ordered them to on Friday. Chain of custody can now never be established on ballots that showed up there in the dead of night. The ballot dumps there also broke 100% in favor of Joe Biden.

Delaware County, PA is not allowing Republican observers in, but they forget that there are livestream webcams in all the counting rooms. Multiple videos from those counting rooms have been captured on Twitter. Those videos show vote counters working in teams. If a Biden ballot is legally supposed to be discounted, one person on each team reads the info to the second person; the second person fills in a new ballot and stamps it.


UPDATE: Twitter has taken the video down. What it showed was a woman at a table filling in and stamping ballots – IN THE COUNTING ROOM – for several hours on Thursday. Other “counters” have been spotted working in teams and filling out ballots as well.

Joe Biden received more votes from black Americans than Barack Obama did in his historic 2008 victory. Sounds legit, right? Despite Donald Trump making historic inroads with minority voters and receiving more minority votes than any Republican since about 1960, Joe Biden still had more minority votes than Obama’s 2008 victory. Joe “You ain’t black” Biden did that? Joe “You can’t walk into a 7-11 without hearing an Indian accent” Biden did that?

The vote totals for Joe Biden don’t match the vote totals for Democrat Senate candidates in two contested states. In non-swing states, Biden’s vote total is nearly identical to the Democrat Senate candidate’s vote total. The same is true for Trump’s totals and GOP Senate totals in nearly every state where a Senate seat was up for grabs.

Here are two examples as of this writing:

In Michigan, Trump received 2,637,173 votes and GOP Senate candidate John James received 2,630,042 – pretty close. Joe Biden received 2,787,544 votes and Dem Senate candidate Gary Peters received 2,718,451. Biden received 69,000 votes more than the same-party Senate candidate. Why? Ballots dropped off in the dead of night were filled out 100% for Biden, but not for down-ballot candidates.

Same deal in Georgia: Biden received 2,414,651 votes while Dem Senate candidate Jon Ossof received 2,318,850 votes. Biden received 95,801 more votes than the same-party Senate candidate when Atlanta revved up its vote manufacturing machine.

More than 10,000 out-of-state voters who cast ballots in Nevada have been identified. Criminal referrals have been made against more than 3,000 of those illegal voters.

When everyone went to bed on Tuesday night, Trump had comfortable leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada. The miracle spikes that allowed Joe Biden to close the gap all happened overnight when huge ballot dumps occurred – with no chain of custody. In many cases, it took eight hours after the polls were closed for these boxes to be delivered a short distance across town. That’s fraud.

Whistleblowers continue coming forward to Project Veritas with proof of fraud in the states still being counted. There are a lot more examples, but I’ve run out of time. The fact that Trump observers are still being blocked from entering counting rooms is proof positive that the steal is on. This has never happened in America on such a mass scale before. The media and Big Tech are trying to demoralize President Trump and you and me into conceding this election and just giving up. Pray for President Trump and for our nation right now. We still have a long fight ahead of us.

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7 Responses

  1. What more proof do we need? This whole election is a fraud…Trump was winning in all the swing states, and then suddenly in the middle of the night,
    drop offs of hundreds of votes with ONLY Bidens name on them. A two year old could see what this is all about. TURN THIS ELECTION BACK TO ITS

  2. Why isn’t there arrests being done this is absolutely the most corrupt Democratic Party had better be ready for civil war

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