Democrats Turn on Nancy Pelosi After her Failed Leadership Hands Republicans a Big Win in the House

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s stranglehold on the House appears to be in jeopardy as fellow Democrats blame her for a “dumpster fire” of staggering election losses. There is even rumblings of ousting her from the Speaker chair!

Upstart Republican women flipped five seats in stunning fashion. The five wins cut severely into Democrats super majority in the house. They now only hold a 10 vote majority over the GOP in the House.

The bold rhetoric and enthusiasm that Democrats would increase their House majority has been shattered. There was no “blue wave” like the media and pollsters told us there would be. Even though it looks like Republicans lost the presidency, they were the BIG winners in this election. Voters overwhelmingly rejected Democrats embracement of far left policies like socialism, open borders, and Obamacare.

Now fingers are being pointed directly at Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her refusal to compromise with the White House and failure to deliver stimulus relief to struggling Americans before Election Day. They believe her unwillingness to get anything done hurt Democrats and caused the rejection of their party.

“It’s time for Democrats to elevate a new generation of leadership in both the House and the Senate,” one unnamed lawmaker reportedly told the media. “Americans are clearly afraid of ‘socialism,’ want safe streets and neighborhoods, and to vote for people who they believe will help put more money in their pockets. While Democratic policies can adequately address those issues, our messaging mechanism clearly cannot.”

Recent reports indicate that at least two centrist Democrats have reached out to other suburban and exurban districts. They are reportedly frustrated with the liberal policy shift and radical voices defining the party. Moderate Democrats are saying platforms such as the Green New Deal, a phony impeachment, and socialism run contrary to Main Street USA family values.

Although the fake news and establishment media has neatly concealed the fact the Democratic party has been embroiled in a civil war, the remarks coming out of liberal extremists tell a vastly different story than centrists.

“Pelosi needed to hammer Trump but instead she chose to let him slide,” a former senior Democratic aide reportedly said. “Last night should have been a bloodbath for Republicans.”

But the thread that runs through many House Democrats is that Nancy Pelosi failed in every conceivable way and the Republican gains prove it. However, two questions remain. Would moderate Democrats enlist the help of Republicans to oust Pelosi? And can the party risk alienating Pelosi who brings in nearly $90 million to fund campaigns?

What few Washington outsiders realize is that Pelosi won the speakership on the thinnest of margins. With 218 representing a majority, she secured only 220. 18 Democrats and independents rejected her as their leader and voted for someone else. Given Pelosi’s failure in this election and the blame being placed on her for losing so many House seats, it’s not impossible to see a scenario in which her party ousts her from leadership for someone else.

After the 2018 election, Pelosi wooed enough members to her side by promising them it was her swan song and would not seek re-election. Like so many promises, the 80-year-old career politician lied, ran again, and is now pushing for another 2 year term as Speaker of the House. Two more years would certainly maintain the status quo of gridlock, division, and finger-pointing. While not doing the people’s business may seem unpalatable, Pelosi could hand Democrats an entire landfill fire in 2022. Voters are clearly sick of her garbage.

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7 Responses

  1. Do YOU know the difference between a COMMUNIST and a DEMOCRAT?

    Do YOU know the difference between a BLACK SUPREMACISTS AND A WHITE SUPREMACISTS ?
    The white ones go to JAIL, and black ones do not get CHARGED with a crime! !

    Do YOU know the difference between a DEMOCRAT and a REPUBLICAN?
    The Democrats are wanta-be DICTATORS, and BABY MURDERS, The Republicans are for FREEDOM and the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Believe in GOD, and life for all including Babies! Unborn and Born!

  2. I pledged 100 a month to help trump with legal expenses

  3. Well if nazi pigglousi is in HOT WATER that is good, now turn up the heat, a BOILER HER ASS.

  4. This Pig-lousy is a deranged old cow, who should never been allowed to be speaker of the house. She has made this the laughing stock of the USA! Get rid of her and her Squad and drain the damn swamp. It is getting bigger and deeper by the hour!

  5. Pelosi is not in hot water. She is the mouth piece of the far left. She only says what she is told to say except when she accidently slips up and says what she is thinking.

  6. The Democrats think Pelosi determines who gets the majority? The only way is by rigging the voter fraud machine she and some others are owners of which by the way did have the same glitches in 4-5 states different areas of the country. Did the plan to rig the election get those machines to malfunction? There are other ways but the use of those machines may have contributed to this promised landslide along with outright vote ballot fraud as they have done. They want unity now that they are in office. Republicans should not give in to their shenanigans. So much corruption in all the areas of government and most of them are affiliated with Democrat party loyalty. Mitt Romney should put a lid on it. We don’t want Trump to concede the election until everything proves no fraud. We want to know electoral college vote numbers on both parties not just biden’s.

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