Don’t Count Trump Out, It’s Still Not Over

Three days past election day, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada still hold the keys to the outcome of an election that pollsters said Joe Biden would win by a YUUUUUUUGE margin.

As of this writing, the state of Nevada can bring all the noise to a sudden stop. Nevada has the 6 votes that could make Joe Biden the next President of the United States. Biden is ahead by over 12,000 votes, with over 60,000 votes yet to be tabulated. Nevada’s final result won’t be revealed until later this afternoon, possibly this weekend.

However the final tally shakes out, there appears to be at least one silver lining. The Republicans are on track to hold onto their Senate majority. So, if the far left faction of Joe Biden’s party starts pushing for his higher taxes, packing the Supreme Court, a ban on oil and fracking, and ruining everyone’s retirement plans, he won’t have the lugubrious liberal Chuck Schumer to rubberstamp the vote for those bills.

Speaking of dopes, word from the mean-girl squad in the House is that no one is thrilled with Nancy Pelosi’s weak leadership. Democrats are already turning on her and blaming her for the losses the party sustained in the House. She promised them a blue wave and it never arrived. Some of those losses were to bright, young Republican women like Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, who will be in no mood to swoon at the feet of the superannuated House leadership.

And speaking of age, what are the chances that Joe Biden will even complete his first term? He could be the first President ever to be followed around by both the military guy with the nuclear codes as well as an emergency medical technician.

As cable news talking heads and pundits preen and prognosticate, President Trump’s prediction that the mail-in balloting would be a fiasco came true. He has presciently observed that the election would already be his if only the legal votes are counted. Illegal, late votes are currently being counted in Pennsylvania. Then there are those 10,000 votes for Biden from Nevada voters who don’t meet the residency requirements.

It has now become crystal clear why Democrats kept pressing President Trump on accepting the outcome of the election. Democrats knew how all the mailed in sham ballots could turn the tide. If the trend holds and Biden wins, President Trump’s team must make a case to the American people that this election was botched in Nevada, hijacked in Pennsylvania, and fraudulent in Michigan and Wisconsin.

President Trump clearly will not accept the outcome. Biden will probably have to begin his term of office without the satisfaction of a concession speech.

Meanwhile, the usual leftwing thugs and troublemakers are lurking in hopes for another excuse to riot and burn. They’re already doing it in Portland…because the city reelected its not far left enough progressive Mayor Ted Wheeler. He’s the one who let Antifa run amok burning down businesses in the city all summer. Like Colorado wildfires temporarily dampened by mountain snow, the looters and rioters are smoldering just below the surface. If President Trump stages the miracle comeback of the century, look for the crazies to slit their veins and run bleeding through the streets.

If Biden prevails with the help of an egregiously dishonest media and a discredited vote-by-mail process, his mandate just might last up until his first call to his minders where he complains, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”’

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6 Responses

  1. It may take a long time but in the quest for an honest election process that this country deserves ALL mail-in-ballots must be reviewed for post mark NLT Nov 3rd, ALL signatures checked from previous lists, updated lists of deaths checked, court ordered observers must be allowed to clearly monitor the counting procedures, delayed ballots from our military overseas must be located & counted, mysteriously found ballots with late or no post marks, no signatures, signatures of people not residing in the state where “their” ballots were “found” must be immediately discarded. We demand & deserve a fair, honest election process as outlined by our forefathers in the Constitution! With a fair election process the will of the people must control the government, the government cannot be allowed to control the people. Enough said.

  2. Throw out all votes except those of overseas military and do the election properly with people going to the polls to vote not mailing them it. There is no reason for the election to have been done the way it was nor was it set up for everyone to vote via mail. This is why they invented the corona virus–to rig the election via mail.

  3. I agree 100% with Dr. Sol Stolzenberg. Ballots from our troops overseas need to be counted ASAP., ETC….

  4. they need only take votes up to 5th only and than need to let democrat and republican people observe, thay are hiding whats going on and let every thing be in the open. Why won;t they? because they got something the are hiding

  5. Many people who vote are “feeble minded” persons. There should be a test given to determine whether a person has common sense and some civic and/or political acumen. That use to be the case back in the day, however, it was mainly used to eliminate African-Americans with limited education from the voting process. I cannot believe the lack of knowledge and reasoning people who claim to be voters exhibited in their votes for Biden/Harris ticket. It has to be from a place of utter ignorance. Biden stated on a public venue that “we have a corrupt form of determining how we will win the election”. Where the hell is the FBI and CIA? If they don’t catch this, we need to fire all of them. –They need to remember, they are servants of the people of the United States of America.

  6. The Proof of Voter manipulation by Voting machines are beginning to show up ….. These Machines have investors all Democrats, INCLUDING CLINTON, OBAMA, SILICON VALLEY AND MANY MORE NOTABLE NAMES, that have a vested INTEREST IN HOW THESE VOTES ARE TABULATED! These machines may have tilted the scale to force out other Democrats, in the primary voting to get the Candidate of the programmers choice to be the front runner for the Democrat party, the one person that can be manipulated, (Joe Biden), fits that bill.
    Every Voting Citizen should be demanding a total investigation regarding voter fraud, for all Candidates, regardless of party! Our government can not be aloud to have a COUP take away our voting RIGHTS! AND OUR FREEDOM TO ELECT OUR GOVERNMENT, WITH OUT FEAR AND DISTRUST OF CERTAIN TRAITORS IN AMERICA, REGARDLESS OF PARTY.
    Any Computer programmer knows it is very easy to switch VALUES,( i.e. ) switch “VALUE” on line 7 to line 2, and “VALUE” from line 2 to line 7. WHEN THERE IS NO “VALUE” ON LINE 2 AND THERE IS A “VALUE” ON LINE 7.
    This computer program was use in 47 States!!! This could effect your City, County, School Board, State and Federal ELECTION AND BE CONTROLLED BY A HAND FULL OF TRAITORS DECIDING WHO GETS ELECTED! AND CONTROLS OUR COUNTRY!

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