Fake News: Pollsters Tried to Scam Voters Again in 2020 Elections

The second biggest story to come out of Election Day, aside from who won the election is how the polls got it very, very wrong AGAIN. Pollsters claiming to be impartial lost any appearance of credibility as the difference between projections and votes were worlds apart, on the national and state levels.

Everyday Americans were proven right in their assumption that pollsters have thrown in with the fake news media in a sequel to the 2016 scam. Biased outlets and their pollster friends tried to game the system. But what they didn’t count on was conservatives dismissing their fake news and casting ballots in record numbers.

Although the race was too close to call on election night or even the day after, lessons have been learned about Democrat and Republican voting trends. Media coverage on outlets such as CNN — widely considered the leader in fake news — gleefully highlighted early national maps in blue. While show hosts repeatedly referred to polling data, there was a sense of impending doom. It seems Democrats would rather vote from their couches and rely on the U.S. Postal Service to get ballots in early. Members of the Red Wave stood in line as vote tallies later swung to President Donald Trump in states such as Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, among others.

“(P)ollsters now have a trend of being wrong about Florida,” David Harsanyi wrote in a National Review article. “On October 25 and 31 this year, the (Real Clear Politics) average had Biden at 49 percent… The high-quality trusted polls — Quinnipiac: Biden +5, Reuters/Ipsos: Biden +4, CNBC/Change: Biden +3.”

Not only did President Trump win Florida despite supposedly trailing in the polls, but he also increased his winning margin from 49.02 percent to an estimated 51.2 percent over the 2016 results.

Across the board, Real Clear Politics shamed themselves by continually publishing polls that survey more Democrats than Republicans and don’t take into effect the shy Trump supporter, the household that votes for Trump but refuses to tell anyone about it. As the country awaits the delayed vote count in Pennsylvania, one need only look at the grossly incorrect data to confirm suspicions the liberal media and pollsters are working together.

“At every turn, Biden twisted the knife into the back of Pennsylvania workers,” President Trump in the waning days before the election. “They keep saying it’s close (in Pennsylvania), but I don’t think it’s close.”

A CNBC poll — published by Real Clear Politics — had Biden confidently leading 50-46. The former Obama number two invested significant time and resources in Pennsylvania. Biden repeatedly tried to claim he was a native by saying he grew up in Scranton. Even though he’s lived in Delaware for at least the last twenty years. With 64 percent of the votes counted on election night, Pres. Trump enjoyed a lead of more than 12 points (55.7 to 43.1 percent) in the Keystone state. The president was also handily winning Scranton at one point! Further insulting the intelligence of Pennsylvanians, polls such as Monmouth gave Biden a 7-point advantage and Real Clear Politics left its average fixed at Biden +1.2 on the morning of November 4!

In recent weeks, pollsters and their colleagues in the establishment media prepared a fallback excuse in the event their information proved wrong, again. They started to float the narrative that “shy Trump supporters” were not responding to surveys and skewing results.

Basically, pollsters are blaming voters for their incompetence and liberal bias. That excuse doesn’t hold water. Serious pollster groups, like the truly impartial organizations such as Trafalgar Group called 2016 correctly and were again accurate in 2020. Trafalgar had President Trump winning battlegrounds Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida by 2 points. When all the votes were counted, Trump won Florida by 3.5 points, North Carolina by 1, and the rest of the states were decided by very slim margins. The pollsters were WAY off.

The presidency will ultimately end up in the courts due to widespread voting irregularities and incredibly close margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states. But Americans have been proven right to mistrust the fake news media and liberal pollsters. The data shows they’re in it together.

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25 Responses

  1. I stopped paying attention to most polls in 2016! I do trust Trafalgar Group though!

  2. It’s a shame the way the elections have turned out! I am under lockdown in India… I received my Absentee Ballot from Florida by 09/21/2020… I sent it back via the US Embassy as instructed. I could follow my ballot via a special website from Charlotte County, FL to see that my vote was cast!!! However, I was polled by several News Media via email over and over again!!! After the first poll I stopped and ignored the others!!! So just imagine my poll would be counted several times …. the pollsters would record it and report it as inflated poll numbers… it was unbelievable…. and the hounding for money was another factor!!! It was the worst election season I had witnessed in 52 years of voting as a legal naturalised citizen!!! The news media went all out to bring us to this point… and the crowning was done by the Social Media shutting down any PoliticalOpinions from any of their platforms and playing God, then the last straw was FOX News calling Arizona for Biden…. how dare the News Channels, who have peddled nothing but fake news since The State of The Union Address dare do this to the American people…. all our Constitutional Rights have been taken away from us…. thus the opinion of the world regarding USA is in the gutter!!!

    1. EVERYONE in America knew this was going to happen!! That’s all the Dems know how to do is cheat & create CHAOS!! And those polls have never been right!! Think about this…President Trump’s Approval Rating has been in the upper 40’s, and low 50’s since he has been in office, & that is by the Gallup & Rasmussen, those are the only two polling sites I believe!! Keep fighting President Trump, you won this election!!

  3. ☆”Treason” is this crime against the true “American Citizens of the United States” for the purpose of overthrowing the government with fraud and trickery by a Socialist bunch of evil “Demoncrats” who somehow control the “Decentcrats”, as well!!!☆….. THINK ABOUT IT AND ☆Stand up for the backbone of this “United States of America”, currently but being challenged, *Free Nation*☆ db

  4. Thank goodness all this is coming to an end! God Bless President Trump & thank you for your report!

    1. Such total crap … !!!! … Trump won and everyone knows it .. ! Its rigged, its fixed , its its a freaking mess , but president Trump will come out of it again as our President .. !

  5. I agree with Dave this whole thing stinks of fraud. It is time to punish all involved with the LAW’s in our Constitution. These tyrants and traitors should be punished to the full extent of the laws. The DOJ needs to remember that they swore an Oath to protect and uphold the LAW’s in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. And if the DOJ refuses to uphold that Oath they too should be looked at for corruption. We know it does have corrupt judges just like most corrupt politicians. We The People need to see that these tyrants get the punishment they deserve. Maybe we need to call in the military and make sure they all stand trial for their high crimes of treason against The United States Of America. This has been the worst year in my lifetime I can’t believe the people we have running things some do their job as other go on vacation and take breaks all the time and here they are getting away with election fraud. Now it that is not a high crime I don’t know what is.

    1. Al this early voting was just a trick planned by the Dems. They knew it would take days to count the votes giving them time to add some votes or throw them away or cheat by counting some several times. There was no reason why people couldn’t put on their mask and go vote. We had a lady 100 years old who went in person to vote. I’m in my 80’s and I went in person. If I can do it so should everyone else who is able! I do not trust this election.

  6. I will never accept the results or Joe Biden . These corrupt scumbags have went to far this time . We need to take our country back by force from these evil communist pieces of crap . Civil war is on the horizon and these evil people will reap what they have sewn . 4 years of hate and discontent from the left is about to come full circle. Joe needs treated the way they treated Donald Trump the last 4 years and see how they like it .

  7. This is the worst election I’ve ever been through the cheating lying the Fraud is way above the normal amount calling for Arizona when it was only 85% and I believe the president was even ahead shows exactly the fraud involved

  8. You need to go to to find out exactly how the communist party has done this! There is a link to an interview where CHINA JOE is bragging about how they could ‘fix’ the election. Links to ‘Dem’ pollsters putting up boards over the windows of the polling stations so no one can see what they are doing. Links to ‘Dem’ pollsters bringing totes, ice chests and boxes OSD into the polling stations AT 4 AM IN THE MORNING!
    Why are any of you surprsed? CHNIA JOE and co. are all TRAITORS! Did you think they would let Trump win it they thought they could get away with CHEATING???
    Go to the back channels if you want the TRUTH! That’s the only reason I’m typing this! To let you KNOW where to go to find out HOW the communists tried to steal America from the PEOPLE…YOU!
    Trump IS OUR NEW PRESIDENT…GO AND LOOK ON GAB! This ain’t over yet, not by a long shot! And once this FRAUD is completely exposed, Trump will finally be able to ARREST AND PROSECUTE THESE TRAITORS!
    When you get the info, SPREAD IT!

  9. I have an idea ! How about we throw away all the votes and start over . In person voting only ! No mail ins ! And the polling places are guarded by the military! And all votes brought to the White House to be counted by the military!! That would put a stop to this shit ! Now wouldn’t it !

  10. You know when they brag and put things in motion before November 3rd, we asked for voter IDs but were told no!!! Biden said how they set up voter fraud for Obama and told to believe in these pos 💩!!!!

  11. I hope the Republicans don’t roll over on this flagrant abuse of the electoral system like they have so many times in the past. The Dems stay united like they’re joined at the hip, but the Republicans split like a drop of water on a hot skillet. If we lose this election legitimately, that’s okay with me. I won’t like it but I’ll live with it. But if it’s a stolen election, I’ll never support anything put forth by the Harris-Biden administration.
    If Sleepy Creepy Joe becomes the president, I hope to God that he survives his full term. The thought of Horizontal Harris taking over nauseates me. He’s the lesser of 2 evils.

  12. This election fraud was FORETOLD! Months ago we were warned that ‘voter fraud’ was in play. Just BEFORE the election, several DNC/Communist ‘players’ were caught with ‘mail in’ ballots. Ilhan Omar’s team, the Dem candidate in Harris Country TX!

    On free platform is PROOF of that fraud. Links to videos of ‘operators’ bringing totes, ice chests and boxes of ‘new ballots’ INTO THE POLLING STATIONS AT 4AM!

    That’s why Trump was winning at midnight, but losing when you woke up! CHINA JOE BIDEN and his commie operatives FORGOT ONE THING!


    They thought they would win by cheating. Once this these ‘fake ballots’ are tossed out, Trump will be President #46!


  13. I knew that the Democratic party would play dirty, it is ashamed that American elections have resulted to this kind of spiteful misconduct, all the dirt they did to me , I do not put nothing past them at all , Nancy Pelosi’s spiteful misconduct, is an embarrassment to the USA & the American people so is Adam Schiff, & Jerry Nadler’s , Senator Dick Durbin, should have never gone along with corruption in the Democratic party he is a grown man, allowing Obama to get away with all he did, spiteful misconduct , is a shamed, I sure hope this Marie Newman doe snot tag along with corruption , it would be down ward points for her first term especially that she did not win by a large margin. many Democrats have given themselves a bad reputation with out nobody’s help .

    1. What a bunch of whiny cry babies . Everyone that wanted to vote had a chance to vote. It was your boy tRump that told his moronic followers not to vote by mail but does so himself . Anyone with half a brain knew that this election would be very close. While the polls showed that Biden had an edge with likely voters they also showed a significant number of undecided voters. If anyone didn’t vote because of the polls they have no one to blame but themselves. The reason that tRump will lose is because sane people are sick of his insane, deranged, lunatic behavior and his none stop lying bullshit. He continually worked to divided the nation rather than trying to unite it. One day people will look back and wonder how this guy was ever allowed anywhere near the Whitehouse

  14. I am appalled and embarrassed at our country for these Crooks pulling a scam like this unbelievable an American. I hope they will all be charged with fraud. Although they have gotten by with so much I hope to charge a sick this time

  15. I new that this will happened. They cannot removed President Trump from office with the Russia’s coup, so they tried to mess with the elections. And they tried to do anything to remove our President. They had tried, but failed. They believe they’re so smart and lied to the people as well the media, some of Hollywood, etc. But the people are not deceived any more. DEMS care for their gain not for the people who hired them. Remember they are in office because the people of America hired them, they suppost to be a servant of the American people not their gods. They can be easily removed or be sent to prison, and never occupied office againg. All this has happened because the FBI having prove to have them arrest it didn’t do it, because they are hidding the prove. But people knows already. I myself don’t trust the FBI. If Biden wins all the prove will go down the toilet. No wonder!!!no wonder!!! America are screw up. If the liders doesn’t do what is right, then what one expect of the people. They suppost to be an example and no push people around for their convenience. Everyone has right and everyone has a head, and everyone has their own mind. We need to respect each other’s choices. Respect doesn’t come for one side only but take the both sides.
    Don’t chuff your thinking and choices to another. That’s why I don’t even listed to the media anymore, because the new has become opinionated, and when becomes opinionated it is no news anymore. I don’t need anyone to fill my head with lies and my heart with hate. Pray that the Lord gives you wisdom, for He gives wisdom to those who ask Him, but do it for doing good.

  16. Oh, I forgot that Hillary was in the Electoral votes, to count votes. I daw the news in the interne were she said, “I going to the Eletoral vote, to release Trump.” She should be investigated. But I know that she have people that covers ( protect her).

  17. like a prior lady said Thank God this ending soon as the dens quit cheating and the Presidents lawyers get the mess straightened out

  18. The media are all communist owned treasonous scum and must loose their licenses for a very vial crime !!! Election tampering and treason
    Americans must go to the streets and do like and kind to democrats, let’s do to them what they have done to us with 3 exceptions
    Not kill their children as they did ours
    Not kill our amazing police as democrats did
    Not harm innocent victims and their businesses as democrats did
    Now democrats homes and businesses should be obliterated and any social services including their social security and voting rights destroyed

  19. For “evidence,” the warehoused ballots that mysteriously “appeared” in the wee hours in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania must be culled and on a one-by-one basis tracked to source. If there are false votes among these ballots (from non-existent residents, deceased residents, illegal residents, etc.) the perpetrators must be charged with election rigging and sentenced to a federal prison. Serious jail time will help disable the willingness of these traitors to continue in undermining the U.S. The Democrat Party, if the proof soundly demonstrates, must be brought down.

  20. I believe we all form a consensus that President Trump has WON this election. Something you all need to realize, I know many, many people in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania and that is definitely “Trump Country”. There is no way VP Biden could have won those states. On another note, I listen to a conservative radio host, Vince Coakley. Mr. Coakley played a recorded tape of Vice President Biden stating as follows: “We have a corrupt method we will be using to guarantee that “we”(I) win the election.” Google Vince Coakley and you can hear this tape for yourself. Where the hell is the FBI and CIA America? We have been “hoodwinked” again. Are we going to allow ourselves to be political violated again by these demoncrats? VP Biden is an older man, Kamela Harris is a young witch who wants to be the leader of this country. OMG, please help us!

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