CBS 60-Minutes Fake News Hack Lesley Stahl Gets a Dose of Her Own Medicine Trying to Ambush President Trump

President Trump has had it with the mainstream fake news hacks. In a interview for CBS’s “60 minutes,” veteran liberal apologist Lesley Stahl got a dose of her own medicine.

After about 45 minutes of hostile, opinionated, and loaded questions, the President left the interview. He figured he had given the ankle-biting piranhas at CBS as much as he could. He told Lesley and the crew that he believed they had enough material, knowing that the more he said, the more his responses would be edited and distorted.

Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff characterized Stahl’s performance as more an “opinion journalist,” not a “real reporter.” White House sources described Stahl’s interview as “extremely hostile.” She began with “get ready for some tough questions.”

Liberals reported that President Trump stormed out of the interview. In actuality, he left after giving Stahl as much time as he had. As a president of the largest economy in the world and while running a presidential campaign the President’s time is extremely limited. He must pick and choose what he gives his time too and after he realized Stahl wasn’t going to be fair, he left. He also scrapped a planned “walk and talk” with the President and Vice President Pence.

Actually, Lesley and the CBS crowd were scooped by President Trump. His tweeted on Wednesday, “I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview…PRIOR TO AIRTIME…so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about.”

He then followed up that tweet by releasing 38 minutes of the interview on his Facebook page. You can watch it in its entirety here.

We only need to follow the President’s advice and “compare this electoral intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden.”

Take the previous opposing week’s townhall appearances of both candidates, for example, where the President had to endure the screechy Savannah Guthrie while Joe Biden was floated softball questions by former Bill Clinton hatchet man, George Stephanopoulos.

Savannah constantly interrupted, gritted her teeth and argued with the President. She took up one-third of the preliminary debate time to discuss her pet peeves and discuss what she didn’t like about the President. She even tried to help some of the questioners.

To the President’s credit, he kept his temper and beat Savannah like a drum. Savannah’s contentiousness, constant arguing may have been a response to the heat NBC took for accommodating a President they hate with the white-hot heat of a million suns.

Joe Biden, on the other network, was practically served cocoa and cookies by Democrat operative Stephanopoulos. George was gentle, polite, and asked leading questions that saved more than a few of Joe’s brain cells—and, significantly, the question of whether he was “the Big Guy” mentioned in Hunter’s emails and whether or not he took money from China, Ukraine or any foreign government in exchange for political favors was never brought up.

Lesley also took a major hit when she was called out for not wearing a mask at the White House. Stahl showed up in a photo without a mask immediately after the interview. Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt observed, “This is moments after she criticized me for not wearing a mask while working at my desk. Rules for thee but not for me, Lesley?”

So, once again, the President remains a cunning and effective foe to a hapless and transparently biased press. CBS news hacks had their heads handed to them by a plain-spoken master of negotiation and controlling the discussion.

What the folks at NBC and CNN don’t want to discuss is the Hunter Biden poisoned emails that could blow his dad’s candidacy out of the water or the fact that Hunter’s emails prove President Trump’s impeachment was a total sham.  In the short term, we can expect friendly press hacks to keep the Biden zombie candidacy afloat.

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20 Responses

  1. It’s the same old schiff from the Lie-beral DEMONocrats…The Beat Goes On.

  2. As a certified firearms instructor, military range officer, & competitive shooter all the firearms instruction courses bar non agree that if one has to return fire to protect ones self & loved ones, or personal property the target must ALWAYS be CENTER OF MASS. Biden is just a demented fool & should not be giving erroneous advice.

  3. Leslie Stahl was not wanting a professional interview with President Trump. She just wanted a Junior High bullying session on TV asking such childish questions and making a mockery NOT only of the President but rebuked every listener watching as she acted as a 14 year old rebel mocking the adults in the room. Leslie Stahl showed her incompetence and NO longer is qualified to be on 60 minutes as she is fired from CBS.

  4. Trump is ALWAYS two steps ahead of anyone in the media. Telling the truth is always best and the media has yet to learn it.

    1. Leslie is just another Dummycrat that thinks she knows all but knows nothing. She should never work on any show. She disrespected the president on national television.

  5. She looks like and sounds like the gay Pelosi walking dead

  6. I am glad he walked out .those are not interviews, instead picking arguments with no respect.,THEY want him to look bad. HE IS TO SMART FOR LAST 2 MOSTLY THAT ANIMAL 9N NBC.SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF

  7. tRump can only handle softball questions from the faux media pundits at fake Fox News. He’s just a cry baby that can’t handle a real question

  8. Noah is perfect description for noah nothing. Lack of brain cells on this humanoid.

  9. Trump can handle soft and hard ball questions from anybody unlike the demented Biden who has to have a teleprompter or ear bud to get thru interviews. Biden may win the election because Democrats will vote for a Democrat regardless of the character or mental capacity and if so you Democrats deserve what you get, but the rest of us do not. Biden is a lying crook that helped his family enrich themselves. He pulled the “quid pro quo” and bragged about it and nothing was done.

  10. CHINA JOE BIDEN should be in jail for high treason. His entire family are bunch of SICK POSs! That the communist propaganda machine (the main stream media) is NOT asking about the information on those laptops is a sure CLUE that “Operation Mockingbird” is still working night and day for the DEEP STATE!
    Adam Schiff, standing there, telling Americans that Hunter Biden’s laptop is a fake just goes to show how much work POTUS has still to do to DRAIN THAT SWAMP!
    And FYI, regarding the TRAITOR ADAM SCHIFF? Ukraine officials have identified the “investment” companies Franklin Templeton and BlackRock Investments as the MONEY LAUNDERING COMPANIES FOR CHINA JOE! Guess who’s invested in Franklin Templeton and BlackRock Investments? That’s right, Adam Schiff is making lots of money from Franklin Templeton and BlackRock Investments! IT’S ON HIS F’ING TAX RETURNS! Share that piece of info to anyone calling POTUS a liar!

  11. Trump should have waited until it aired and then put out his recordings so we could have seen how unfairly they edited it. I stopped watching 60 minutes years ago when they did a hit job on a story I knew the truth about.

  12. They should not call that Sixty minutes news any more they should call it evening news from the
    nursing home. It is time for Leslie Stahl to hang it up they should try to find some young reporters
    do not keep them till they are 90 years old.

  13. WE can only hope when Trump gets elected again (and he will) that he goes after these crooks with everything at his disposal. These people years ago would be eligible for the electric chair for treason. Might have a few news media
    A-Holes along for the ride. Back in the good old days when you committed these crimes you were given your just reward. There is no doubt our Adam Sh-t would be right in line. Wow that would help to clean the swamp. It would not be complete but it would be a hell of a good start.

  14. This proves how vicious and demented the demoncrat biased media can be. The American People, the real Patriots of our country, know the difference between truth and lies. The demoncrats foundation is built on lies and is crumbling – even in the Blue State – California. BEWARE OF THEIR THREATS OF VIOLENCE WHEN THE CROOK THE PUT UP AS THEIR STANDARD BEARER LOSES. We thought the Klintons were lying crooks and thieves…..well it looks like the Biden family falls into the same cesspool. The only way President Trump will lose this election is by demoncrat fraud. As for the “has been” Leslie Stahl…..she never was a reporter just a reader following orders…..does anyone watch CBS anymore?

  15. The naked truth is out…but only the ones that know the truth will vote for MEGA the rest is already so far gone and brainwashed that they will go on with their lies and believe their own lies to boot. This country has been on the slide to Communism now called socialist-democrats or liberalist. They give them selves names just to look good and promises the sun en the moon but when you ask a simple question as and how are you going to pay for it all, they get that look on their face as : “Don’t you know…? It is the taxpayer of course !!!.
    And real journalism is dead in America. The news now-a-days is like reading a gossip magazine. In other words worthless, empty with no meaning behind it. It is dead like Hollywood and the music industry is dying bit by bit. What a sorry country we became.

  16. Infiltrate the media and smear your opposition has ALWAY BEEN and ALWAYS will be a very large part of the COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST and NAZI playbooks.

  17. Unless he was setting a trap for CBS, I still don’t know why he consorts with MSM.

  18. It is a shame that many Americans cannot think for themselves and realize what is happening in this election. Trump is a business man as the world knew this when he was elected and has tried to make America great for all of us but the dummycrats only want some ones head to suffer because he has opened the eyes for most of us. The dummycrats want to do nothing and let the government had them a living so anyone who follows this agenda is great to them. They want to pack the election with votes that have never worked for a living and draw money from the government continuously and they have to have some one who will give it to them. Sleepy Joy fills this for them. Maybe the people with work ethics and responsibility will get out and vote to keep this country great. VOTE FOR TRUMP TO SAVE THE AMERICAN VALUES MOST OF US CHERISH. THANKS

  19. What amazes me is how Ms. Stahl actually thought her interrogation of a sitting President would in any way be a good one: She seemed genuinely ignorant of any of President Trump’s talking
    points and just kept contradicting his answers and then asked the same questions over and over again. Dear Leslie; sorry, dear, you are now officially ready to retire. Not only were you incredibly rude, you were unprepared. Just another lazy but antagonistic has been reporter. Your name is legion. You join Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and (hopefully) Chris Wallace in the pantheon of those who should be put out to pasture along with the other left wing braying donkeys.

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