Lunatic Governor Fights State Supreme Court, Threatens Trump’s Life

First off, congratulations to the people of Michigan. The state’s Supreme Court just ruled that Governor Gretchen Whitmer is violating the Michigan Constitution by extending her lockdown orders. Whitmer appeared on Meet the Press with noted partisan liar Chuck Todd the other day to complain about it. Oh, and she may have actually tried to incite an assassination attempt against President Donald Trump.

We’ve been talking an awful lot about Governor Whitmer this year. She very nearly became Joe Biden’s woman running mate in the presidential election, but she was very narrowly edged out by Kamala Harris. Whitmer has also been in the spotlight because of her truly insane coronavirus lockdowns.

While all of the blue state governors were trying to out-do each other, Whitmer went looney-tunes with her emergency powers. She banned people from buying gardening seeds and paint. She forbade people from driving upstate to their second homes to get away from the virus. And then, of course, she was caught driving up to her second home with her husband a few days later.

Whitmer has made it a point to blame all of her personal failures in Michigan on Donald Trump. Every single time that an elderly person died in a nursing home in Michigan after Whitmer ordered nursing homes to accept sick coronavirus patients (like the Governors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California also did), it was “Donald Trump’s fault!” Trump has blood on his hands over mishandling the coronavirus in Michigan, according to Whitmer.

During her appearance on Meet the Press, Whitmer claimed that the Supreme Court ruling against her emergency powers was “partisan.” Chuck Todd, not being very bright, nodded along at this declaration.

A majority of Michigan Supreme Court justices ruled that Whitmer was violating the state’s Constitution. But the dissenters on the court also agreed that Whitmer was violating the state’s Constitution; they just felt that her powers were neat and should have been kept in place.

Chuck Todd then cued up a softball for Whitmer by claiming that this ruling was “unprecedented,” because the majority did not cite “any case history” in coming to its decision. Why, it was like the court just made up its ruling out of thin air!

Governor Whitmer and Chuck Todd were in total agreement on this point. There was no relevant case history cited in a state Supreme Court ruling to take away Gretchen Whitmer’s dictator powers. Naturally, this was another complete and total lie that Todd and Whitmer must have came up with before appearing on camera together.

The majority opinion explaining why Gretchen Whitmer does not get to be a totalitarian dictator over the citizens of Michigan is 50 pages long. In those 50 pages, there are 60 previous court cases cited in the footnotes as reasoning for their decision. That’s 1.2 citations per page for those keeping track at home.

The only shocking thing about the ruling is that it was not a unanimous decision, since every single member on the court agreed that Whitmer’s extension of the coronavirus lockdowns is unconstitutional.

The thing that was truly shocking about the interview was the decoration on Whitmer’s desk during the interview. It was visible during several segments of her softball session with Chuck Todd, on the left-hand side of the screen. It looked like a decorative candle for a birthday cake, in white lettering with a blue outline around it. The decoration was several numbers assembled in this order:


The number 86 placed on top of the number 45.

To “86” something is a slang term meaning to get rid of it, specifically by burying it. The Urban Dictionary defines “86ing” someone as a euphemism for killing them. And 45, of course, refers to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Her friends at the next cocktail party will probably giggle over it. Can you imagine how any Republican in office would be treated by the media and the authorities if they put up a little sign behind them that suggested Joe Biden should come to some harm? It’s not funny – and the Secret Service should be paying Whitmer a visit over this.

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40 Responses

  1. I bet Michigan wishes the Kidnapping would have happened. Picture it. Investigators finding her face down way out in a field in upper Michigan’s back woods. It is what a he deserves.

    1. Yeah but it would be better if all the communist democrat governors would disappear at the same time then we could open the country up and start fixing all the damage the communist democrats have done in some cases over 50 years worth. I don’t understand how people can still vote democrat after all the damage the continuous lies the corruption and higher and higher taxes education in the toilet.


  2. Now facts in evidence when Trump told the people of Michigan to take their State back and within a few days there was a group of armed persons in front of the State House and then later on the FBI busted a group planning to kidnap and put the Governor on trial. The Trump on other occasions has refused to condemn the White Supremist or other militia groups who show their rectum on many occasions.

    1. LOL…Robert, Trump has condemned white Supremist. Stop with your DemonRAT talking points. They make you dumber then you already are.

      1. Gerald, I’m not sure it’s possible ghat anyone who posted what Robert posted could look any dumber.

        1. Poor delusional Robert ! He’s too friggin stupid to even see how much of a Libturd he is
          He needs to remove his head out of his behind then he’d see more than his stinking DemoRats hemmoroids

    2. You are definitely def dumb and stupid! Trump has never ever REFUSED TO CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY EVER.
      Another lying communist democrat moron who gets talking points from the likes of CNN AKA CHINESE COMMUNIST NEWS AND MSDNC. Funny how they are always accusing republicans of whatever it is they themselves are doing. Senile old fool Biden always accusing republicans of lying and being racist when it’s the lying racist old senile communist clown himself.



      VOTE TRUMP and MAGA 2020 !!!

        1. I know how Michigan people feel because we have a governor just as bad , maybe worse, in California! Hoping for recall but in the meantime he keeps destroying…Hopefully the silent majority RED will become the powerful voice that votes these people out! MAGA 2020

        2. Talk and lies is all these DEMOCRAT got! If she wants to threaten our president we shall take her out! Bodyguard can’t be everywhere!!! And a sniper rifle is good over a mile away! People need to WAKE UP FROM THESE LIES DEMOCRAT KEEP TELLING ON FALSE ADS AND TV. JUST LOOK BACK THE LAST FIFTY YEARS YOU WILL SEE NOTHING WAS DONE FOR AMERICANS CITIZEN!

    3. Completely false reply, Robert. I live in Michigan. The “armed super bad guys” that the Left and Whitmer keep pointing to were part of 3 peaceful protests early on in the Plandemic. Those were held because she wouldnt open barber shops (and fined one) while she appeared on camera every other day with her botox and her hair done up.
      Another was adter she told us all we couldnt go up north or go boating but then was seen at her cabin up north and her husband trying to use his wife’s position to get their boat in the water. Mixed in there was 1 BLM/Antifa protest where people actually broke windows and spray painted buildings. But the news kept showing armed white men in the Capital and calling the BLM thing “peaceful”.

      Trump was in Michigan this past Saturday and that is when he said “Take your state back”. Nothing has happened since. If you arent from,here and have an open ear and eye to the situation, dont go spreading your bs rumors and blaming Trump

    4. Trump condemned the White Supremist many times… you are truly mistaken! Your a Democrat at heart or otherwise known as a Communist lead person who would denigh Freedom to Americans. Your position apparently will not be compromised under Communistic Rule!

      1. My comment was for Robert and was placed in the wrong reply. Computer error. It should have been under this comment:

        Now facts in evidence when Trump told the people of Michigan to take their State back and within a few days there was a group of armed persons in front of the State House and then later on the FBI busted a group planning to kidnap and put the Governor on trial. The Trump on other occasions has refused to condemn the White Supremist or other militia groups who show their rectum on many occasions.

        With my reply:

        Trump condemned the White Supremist many times… you are truly mistaken! Your a Democrat at heart or otherwise known as a Communist lead person who would denigh Freedom to Americans. Your position apparently will not be compromised under Communistic Rule!

    5. Robert! YOU ARE A LAIR!! Any one with two (2) brain cells left in there drug burned out head, knows President Trump has condemned all MILITANT groups regardless of color that invited crime! White, Black, Brown or any other color you may dream up!
      You sick Democrats assumes any one that supports President Trump is a White Supremacist regardless of their color!
      Oh, and the D. O. J. that busted the group, was the same people the Dummy Governor did want in Mich., to bad she did not get her way on that point! President Trump, saved her ass AGAIN!
      TRUMP / PENCE 2020 – 2024 AND BEYOND!!

    1. Unfortunately, there are pockets of idiots here in Michigan who REALLY love what this foolish murderer has done. We are trying to revoke her powers by a massive petition which started this Supreme Court ruling. Next we are going to try to get enough signatures to remove her. Problem is, the person who would fill in is unable to balance his own checkbook and our Secretary of State is also unlawful.

      1. Bov: California has already got a petition to recall Gov. Newsom, to all Californians, go to “recall Newsom”, and all the information will pop up! Tell your friends and family, SIGN IT TODAY !!
        This Idiot is related to Pelosi, and the Stupidity cells, are firmly planted in their D.N.A.!

  3. This lady should be arrested for liking as a human. The Democratic party needs to be cleaned up and persons such as she is should be the first to go. Our constitution doesn’t have a clause for doing whatever you want in treatment of people. In summation this crazy bitch needs to be arrested and put away for a long time.

  4. Trys to dictate over Michigan bussiness to purposely stop the economy as a political stunt is bad enough’s, Threating trumps life will their BLM and antifa .she needs stripped from office and investigated.

    1. Alan: The good news is, her and the asshole Democrat Politicians are going to Get President Trump, RE-ELECTED 2020 -2024 AND BEYOND!

  5. Kidnapped or have the s**t beat out of her . The people should demand the state Supreme Court remove her at once . She’s nothing but a lawless dictator . She’s no more above the law than any other citizen . Blackface Northam in Virginia was part of the kidnapping plot also . Shame it didn’t work.

  6. And it has been proven that the group that was goingibg to kidnap her was led by anti-Trump guys. But the biased media and this pig will not apologize or publicize that

  7. The Soros plant bitch so no wonder she thinks she is a dictator. I hope President Trump wins this election and puts all of these whatevers out of their miseries, like Gitmo. Then they can all turn on each other there and leave us alone.

  8. She probably is the one to set up the kidnapping so she could blame President Trump. Than she turned them in so they could get caught and will let them go later.

  9. Has anyone noticed how democratic states are all along the cost on both sides, and states that have government facilities like Colorado? Now with all the stuff Democrats are pulling with riots and killings. How judges, lawyers, DA, AG are punishing people for standing up for their rights. Even now government officials are in on it as well. Democrats have stated that they will cause a war in the US if Trump wins re-election. With their lies and cover ups of corruption they think we are all stupid and are scared of them. Their greatest downfall was inflicting the virus on us and keeping us at home. People started paying attention to all the news and finding out that Democrats have been lying to us for a long time. It’s time to put people in power that work for us like Trump. Democrats always say no one is above the law so why have they broken the laws to serve their purpose. When people like whitmer is allowed to openly tell others to kill our President and no one does anything about it, this should tell you they will do anything to keep us from knowing who all and what all corruption is in our government. It’s time Democrats learn they can’t control us Americans even when they try to scare us. They have double standards on everything. Using race card was their mistake also. Like I said we are not stupid like they think we are.

  10. Gretchen, what an ugly name…so fitting! Can’t wait till you lose your next election or better yet don’t run again.

  11. All Dumbocrap cities and states do not know how to treat their citizens. These Dumbo rulers are corrupt, evil and dumb. They only listen to good for nothing idiots like Pelosi and Schumer. The areas that have been ruined by thugs and protestors, probably paid by Dumbocraps, should not receive any funds until they grow up and elect constructive leaders.. Widmer in Michigan needs to go. She is totally corrupt and incapable of being a governor. Do not respect or like this evil idiot.

  12. Why is it that Whitmer can can ignore rulings of Michigan Supreme Court. Whitmer must think America is a socialist state and the law does not pertain to her. Whitmer is a typical Democrat – do as I say and not what I do! Why is it that Democrats can disobey the laws and not pay the price. The pile of corrupt Democrats is pilings up. Why can’t Democrats stand up and say they were wrong – I did it! Democrats continue to lie and lie. The lying and back stabbing started decades ago but until the last decade has it reached a point where you can’t hide it anymore. You have a partisan congress. You have lying top congressional members (so many I can’t keep track anymore). You have a secret organization against the present administration. You have dark money funding the Democrat party. You have dark money funding politicians. You have politicians dealing with foreign countries that are not our allies for personal gain. Now you have Biden who says he’s going to raise your taxes. Biden says he’s going to take away your guns. The Democrats are already controlling the news and social media. The Democrats want to take away from the rich and give to the poor. If that happens the rich will leave and then the government will; have to turn to the working people. How many times have you heard we are not going to raise your taxes and they do anyway! The Democrats want TOTAL CONTROL. The Democrats want to take away your freedom. If the elite class are SO unhappy with the way America is today why don’t they leave and go somewhere else. The reason is the money is so easy to get right here in America. Just look at the families that are involved in the Ukraine dealings – Creepy Biden and associates – turncoat Romney – Soros – Clintons – Nasty Nancy. How many Democrats got rich with Chinese and Russian dealings? The reason the Democrats are upset is the money train has been interrupted. WE (the people) need to bring integrity back to politics – NOW!

  13. Robert if you where not there. SHUT UP! Reading a lies by a reporter who hate AMERICA like you. Why don’t you buy a plane ticket and get out of America? There are SOCIALISM CONTROL COUNTRY you can go live in! Why don’t you show us WHAT GOOD THE DEMOCRAT PARTY DONE IN THE LAST FIFTY YEARS FOR ALL AMERICANS CITIZEN? I BET YOU CAN’T!

    I understand you were WHELPED from a SWINE (pig) that was IMPREGNATED by a DOG (canine),
    I don’t understand why you believe that’s President Trump’s fault, it was all Lassie’s doing.

  15. People say Trump is the Bad guy. Let these Liberals go live in A communist Country see if that’s a better life

  16. Very simple..
    She is violating Michigan laws according to their Supreme Court. Also threatening the President (her 86 45),she should be in prison. Threatening the President treason.

  17. That why the democratic’s mascott is a jackass. All democrats are assholes. Are U better off now or 4 years ago? Thanks Donald.

  18. Our Gov Walz in MN has his head up his ass also… So we have billboards all over MN with pics of Walz with hs head up his ass.
    We have the number of signatures needed to recall the governor in MN , the petition has to be sent to the MN Supreme Court. It was TAKEN there 2 months ago. NO action.
    All MN Supreme Court judges have been appointed by Democrats., including the pathetic Mark Dayton. So there will be NO action.

  19. Chucky Todd is, second to Wolf Blitzer, the dumbest mother fu**er to ever walk this earth.

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