Hiding the Decline: Gaffe-o-Matic Joe Biden is a Hot Mess

Ten years ago, the establishment suffered a crippling embarrassment when internal emails were leaked from one of the world’s leading climate institutes. Respected scientists had been “hiding the decline” in global temperatures for years, while claiming that we were all about to die from global warming. Today the establishment is caught between a rock and a hard place as they try to hide a very different sort of decline: The mental decline of the Democrat Party’s nominee for President of the United States. It’s not going well for them.

The Democrats have to get Joe Biden out in front of people, because his campaign is failing badly. He’s campaigning in states that Hillary Clinton won back in 2016. That’s never a good sign. But the more that they trot Joe Biden out in front of the cameras, the worse the situation gets.

The Democrat Party’s cheerleading squad, otherwise known as “the media,” wants to pretend that the increasingly frequent gaffes that Biden is sputtering on the campaign trail are just examples of “Joe being Joe.” That’s not true. If Joe Biden were 20 years younger and was running around saying the things he is saying today, you would think he’s a crazy person.

At a staged campaign “event” on Monday, which involved no actual Biden supporters and a group of local journalists spread out in shame circles, Biden excitedly told the gathering, “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate!”

We’re three weeks out from the election, and the man who supposedly vanquished more than 30 opponents in the totally-not-rigged Democrat primaries isn’t sure what office he’s running for. That’s the third time this year, by the way, that Biden has forgotten what office his handlers have him running for.

Later during the speech, Biden told the gathered reporters to “Go to,” which is a website that does not exist. Well, as of this writing the website doesn’t exist. Perhaps the Trump campaign – which is an actual campaign for President of the United States – will purchase that website address and put up some videos of Biden’s increasingly bewildering gaffes.

As he was rushing to his plane earlier in the week, Biden stopped to offer some advice to Democrats in the US Senate. Biden was asked whether Democrats should consider Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s faith in the confirmation hearings this week. To his credit, Biden advised the Senate Democrats not to do so, based on his own personal experience.

“Her faith should not be considered,” said Biden. “You may remember I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon – the governor.”

You know. That Mormon guy, what’s-his-name?

A few days ago, at another event that featured no actual Biden supporters and a group of reporters, Biden bizarrely stated, “Everywhere I’ve been hearing all around the country: You’re trying your breast. But it never feels like enough.”

Feel free to insert your own joke about Joe Biden creeping on little kids after that one.

As mentioned previously, Biden rested in his basement for 40% of the month of September. He just can’t keep up with the grueling pace of a presidential campaign at his age, so he spent 13 days trying to recover his strength enough to get out there some more. Even those appearances were slow-motion train wrecks.

Biden completely botched the Pledge of Allegiance at a September event. It wasn’t even close. He recited the entire pledge as, “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, under God. For real!”

In another speech, he said that 200 million Americans (almost two-thirds of our population) would die from coronavirus before he finished speaking. He also said that he is “constantly tested” for cognitive decline, before stating that he’s never been tested for cognitive decline.

Joe Biden is forcing the media to break its old habit of hanging on every word that a Democrat nominee says. They can’t cover his events as breathlessly as they did with Hillary Clinton, because the Alzheimer’s is making Joe Biden such a wild card. No one knows what he’s going to say or do next.

Most of us, by now, have gotten over the shock of the Democrats actually running this guy for president. It’s all so cynical. The second debate with Donald Trump was canceled, and we probably shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking that the third debate will happen. They just can’t afford to put Biden in front of a microphone again, unscripted and for 90 minutes. Even with a biased moderator there to help him, it’s just too risky. Joe Biden is a hot mess.

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36 Responses


  2. As a Veteran and a Patriot of America, I could never vote for Joe Biden and Harris, Though I feel bad that his on family and wife are letting him make a fool of himself because of his Illness, Biden’s and the Democratic agenda is so one sided and Communist, with no truth ever coming from their Party, The Democrats Concern is for More Power, personal wealth, and self preservation, Not America or its citizens. Please wake up American voters, before your living behind a Democratic Iron Curtain, like they did in East Berlin. And it happened so quickly. They had already taken everyone’s weapons so there was no way to fight back. BEWARE of people who want to disarm you.

    1. Larry as a veteran and a true American what you said is 100% the truth

    2. You have rightly described what is happening….it should be headline news, but we could only hope….Thank you for sharing your thoughts, because if/when it comes down, noone can say we weren’t warned….just tremendously lazy and foolish…..

    3. I will add to Larry Martin’s comment. I was stationed in Germany when it was split into two countries. I also got to travel to the East German border and to Berlin. All throughout the American, British, and French sectors, people were FREE to travel wherever they wished, and FREE to enjoy themselves. Folks, I don’t give a damn about what your arsehat professor or Bolshevik Bernie or Beertender AOC tried to tell you — YOU DO NOT WANT that type of system in this country. The poor people who lived in the Russian sector were monitored 24/7 and lived in ABJECT POVERTY!! NOTHING comes for free. And that means education tuition (for all the snowflake generation who think they want socialism here, but have no real idea how it really works!!!

  3. And on the other side we have an insane deranged lunatic . Who is inciting his white supremacy conspiracy theory moronic follower’s to to commit violence .

    1. If you’d bother to research and learn facts, you’d learn that antifa and BLM, the ones committing the violence support the Democrats. You’d also find that three of the guys identified so far, in the kidnapping plot of Gov. Whitmer were anti-Republican and hate President Trump. You should stop spreading lies.

    2. Despite the fact that he is on video denouncing extremists of all persuasions 20 times and also the fact that those doing the rioting, murdering, looting and burning are leftist organizations, uninformed people like yourself still trumpet the false narrative. Sad, really sad.

      1. It’s difficult to imagine that so many people, Democrats, can be as ignorant about Trump’s presidency as they are. It really is a marvel how powerful the MSM, and the Social Media giants can be in influencing the opinions of others.

    3. Do you mean like those Dims in Portland, Seattle, Detroit etc. Yep, you DIMS gave U.S. the “Summer of LOVE””. There is an old adage which reads: ” You REAP what YOU SOW”

    4. Oh Noah….that statement was made with such ignorance. You are spouting off what you want to believe, want to see, and it is glaringly obvious that you are allowing yourself to be led about the nose …think for yourself! Listen! Who are you listening to???? Research! The thing you most likely detest about President Trump is his narcissism…that’s fair…but WHERE is the white supremacy? He is not a closed book…what He intends, he does…what he does not intend, he does not….you cannot say that honestly about the Left. Enough said….You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink…

  4. Still in awe as to why they haven’t all been charged with elder abuse. Power surpasses everything apparently. So sad.

  5. No doubt it is embarrassing to his family for all the gaffes that Poppa Joe makes.

    But that will all be worth it when he gets into office and they can peddle his influence.

    Just ask Hunter.

    1. Besides what has come out on Hunter’s laptop. Read this new article out now referring to Hunter’s financial ties to China;
      Big tech is definitely censoring any bad publicity of the Biden Crime Family. Hope you can read this.

  6. All I can say is this. A vote for Biden is a vote for the Deep State. A vote for Trump is a vote to save America from destruction!

    1. Totally correct! America’s DEEP STATE and their phony’s who defend them MASS MEDIA are our worst enemies!

      One thing is for sure, We need a good house cleaning. Heads need to ROLL

  7. Excellent post on the travesty of this Biden/Harris candidacy. I am voting for President Trump not because I approve of everything he says but because he is the best President for our country right now. I am so proud of his many accomplishments.Can you imagine how much good he could do with a Congress that worked with him to improve our country. This Democratic House of Representatives has done nothing in 2 years but attack President Trump. Vote to change that Nov 3rd

  8. It is sad that the Democrats are using mindless Joe for their evil ideas and ways. Is there nothing we can do about the fact Joe and his son where doing illegal junk while Joe as a V.P? Will the media / news centers not come to their senses?

  9. And yet we have nitwits voting for that demented idiot! Already the think they’ve stolen Pa with their Fing cheating! We cannot allow that moron to get into our WH no matter what!

    1. Totally correct! America’s DEEP STATE and their phony’s who defend them MASS MEDIA are our worst enemies!

      One thing is for sure, We need a good house cleaning. Heads need to ROLL

  10. This reply is to Noah Names rant. I’m guessing you are not a qualified psychologist to make such an insane statement. You sound like a whinny puppy looking to suck off the teats of our country.

  11. When someone vote’s for Biden/Harris, they won’t be getting Joe Biden as President. He is just a figure head, in reality Karmala Harris will be our actual President. You don’t actually think that the Democratic Party will allow Sleepy Joe Biden to actually be our President. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that Karmala Harris is worthy to be our President. She is racist, and wants this country to be a socialist country at best, at worse a communist country! Either one is wrong for America. That’s why my husband, a registered Democrat is voting for President Trump! My husband says that the Democrats have gone too far and that he’s scared to death as to how this country will become if Biden/Harris were to win. We are both going to vote for our Beloved President, Donald J. Trump & Vice President Mike Pence! I’m praying that once this election is over and Trump/Pence are working for the American people, that the Democrats will begin working with our President on getting our country back on track to becoming the greatest country on earth. I know that Trump/Pence will do it again. If Biden/Harris were to win, I’d be praying that it comes to light that the Democrats stuffed the ballot boxes!! They’ve already tried their dirty work here in Pennsylvania by throwing out ballots from our military service men. Those ballots were for Trump/Pence and only Trump/Pence. So I won’t believe anything that comes out of Pennsylvania, unless the vote’s are for Trump/Pence. I live in Pennsylvania, I wish I could say that this state wouldn’t be party to the Democratic dirty tricks, but that would be a lie. Pennsylvania is known for it’s dirty tricks, especially in Philadelphia. That’s why Trump said that mail in ballots would make it so easy for the Democrats to stuff the ballot boxes. It’s a shame that my city & state is known for stuffing the ballot boxes. When my husband and I go to our local polling place, we will totally enjoy voting for Trump/Pence!! It’s the only way we can be sure that our vote gets counted. If you’re healthy enough, please go to your local polling place and vote!! I don’t care who you vote for, just go to your local polling place and vote!!! Mail in ballots are for people who can’t go to their local polling place to vote! It’s not for lazy people, so please go vote in person at your local polling place, remember to wear your face mask and while standing in line, keep a distance of 6ft. It will be a great day when we all go out and vote. Please pray for our country, our President & Vice President. Pray that whoever win’s the election, that the losing Party will behave like grownups and accept who the voter’s have chosen! If by chance it’s proven that one Party had stuffed the ballot boxes, that it’s found out quickly and then it will be corrected. I’m praying for Trump/Pence.

    2020 belongs to the best man Trump/Pence!

  12. Everyone has probably heard about the illegal acts committed by Hunter Biden. These acts are being confirmed by the individuals in those emails. This is just one act by the Biden Crime Family. Here’s one not connected to Hunter’s laptop:
    Just another criminal act by ONE of America’s crime families!

  13. These MORONS do NOT understand that their vote is NOT for biden. No, it’s for HARRIS and her backers THJE DEEP STATE and china!

    Bussed Around and DUMBED DOWN fools and products of an educational system bend on self destruction!

  14. Kind of hard to hide the foolish gibberish from a person who’s been that way for 47 years. The only thing that changed is that he’s worse now than ever. Everyone with more than 3 brain cells knows that Biden will be thrown out after the victory celebration and the senate slut will be president. That’s the real purpose behind cement face Pelosi’s 25th amendment. But dummycrats live in a fantasy world and will be severely disappointed and in shock by the morning of Nov.4. If any of them faints, leave them on the ground and walk all over the idiot like they’re a rug.

  15. Have been wondering how Lil Joes’ boy Hunter could be broke when he has gotten millions $$$$$$$$$$ from every country old Joe set foot in……. Now we know. Old Joe alias BIG DADDY ALIOS POP… too 50% off the top. Then Tucker had to divide the rest among the Biden Crime family members. Old Joe did not JUST become crooked when he became VP. He has gotten away with his corruption, involvements to destroying his “enemies”.. Bork, Judge Thomas, etc–watching run his filthy hands all over innocent young women being around him just because they or their spouses have received some honor. And I am sorry that he or anyone would lose family members…. BUT I AM APPALLED THAT THIS CREEP HAS USED THIS TRAGEDY FOR POLITICAL POINTS.

  16. Those idiots are running Drunkle Joe because, somewhere in the deep, dark corners of their collective brains, they think the name will get him elected. Then they can knock him off (one way or another) and the extreme left gets moved in and we all know who that is!

  17. People should realize that if Biden and the SOCIALIST dems take over ,,,, our freedom and rights as we know them , will gradually be GONE . A SOCIALIST government will start to CONTROL your everyday lives of what you can and can’t do . If you think MAKING you wear a mask is a power grab ,,,, A SOCIALISTIC government will end up governing what you can do at your own home . Our veterans fought and died for OUR country so we can have the freedom that we have , they did NOT fight and DIE for the people in OUR country to be CONTROLED by SOCIALISM !!! VOTE ,,,, Trump , Republican Senate and Republican House !

  18. Let’s just pray and have faith in God that our President will get re-elected without A civil war from the mobs, Antifa which the demonrats support. Hope there will be a smooth transition. Trump/Pence 2020

    1. Totally agree with you, we’ve seen enough violence and division in this country. Trump/Pence 2020

  19. why is Biden crying foul about the evidence discovered by the N.Y.Post regarding his son’s background? After all, Hunter was having brushes with the law regarding drug use from 1988 that we know about, but some activities have been expunged.
    How did Hunter get a direct commission in the Navy though be exceeded the max. age limit but he was booted out for not keeping his nose clean by using drugs.
    Keeping family our of jail seems to have been commonplace because while in office
    daughter Ashley (pot possession,throwing bottles in a bar brawl) niece Carolyn (DIU, spending $100.000 on a stolen credit card, striking a police officer, and brother Frank (DUI, shoplifting) but none served time in the slammer.
    Joe still manages to get away with lying about his college record, and his support for segregationists and racist fellow senators during his service in office
    Little doubt exists that Nancy Pelousi’s attempts to remove the 2/3 majority needed to remove a sitting president from office. The massive downside if Biden were elected and removed, Kamala Harris would assume office, a fate worse that death for our nation. Vote them out

  20. Besides voting for Biden simply being a vote for Kamala, the Democrat party is the party that claims they cannot run the U.S.A., with our current Constitution, our current SCOTUS make up, our current law enforcement, our current laws, or our current energy, or our current morals of half the U.S. citizens. Other than all that, the Dems really know how to lead this nation!

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