Totalitarian Democrat Governor’s Request to Extend Lockdown Orders Struck Down by Michigan’s Supreme Court

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer put herself at the center of a storm by politicizing pandemic lockdowns and embracing left-wing protests that became super-spreader events. Despite the efforts of the coronavirus task force and Trump Administration to slow the infection rate across the country, Michigan continues to see spikes in new cases.

No doubt contributing to the spread and spike in cases is the riots and protests that have happened continually throughout the state. Gov. Whitmer signaling her dissent with the science, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of others at one of the protests.

The fact the state recently surpassed the 150,000 infection mark is a testament to her failed leadership and penchant for targeting conservatives and small businesses. But commonsense has prevailed among everyday people, and Republican lawmakers soundly beat her in the courts.

“Another big win at the Supreme Court today! The law is the law, and partisan politics can’t change that. The people will finally have their voices heard in this process. The House is in again tomorrow, and I hope the Governor is ready to cooperate,” Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield reportedly tweeted.

Lee Chatfield is the Speaker of the House in the state of Michigan. He tweeted this in response to the Michigan Supreme Court ruling against Governor Whitmer’s request to “extend” her “emergency powers.” Powers, that Chatfield and the citizens of Michigan say she has abused by going on a radical power grab.

After issuing yet another string of radical lockdown orders, via her Emergency Powers of Governor Acts, the Michigan Supreme Court struck down her unconstitutional measure in a 4-3 vote. This was the second time the state’s legislature brought a civil lawsuit against Gov. Whitmer for acting like a totalitarian dictator.

The radical governor’s latest order attempted to bypass sensible social distancing protocols and shutter the economy until after the election. She pushed to mandate masks outdoors while limiting the number of people in stores to such a low level that businesses would go bankrupt. Despite her unwillingness to work with the state legislature on a bipartisan pandemic response, she continues to press her liberal friends in the fake news media to push a patently false compassion narrative.

“I’m concerned about unemployment, and I’m concerned about ensuring our local municipalities and school boards have the ability to meet remotely,” Gov. Whitmer reportedly said.

Contrary to the positive tone provided by the fake news media, there has been no action to help struggling businesses and the tanked economy by the Governor in Michigan.

Proof that the people of Michigan are fed up with Gov. Whitmer’s radical lockdown measures was when sheriff departments refused to carry out her unconstitutional lockdown orders on business owners. One defiant 77-year-old Michigan barber refused to shutter his shop after being wrongly denied unemployment. She sent state troopers to issue a shutdown order on the senior citizen barber. And when he prevailed in court, Gov. Whitmer illegally stripped him of his license to do business.

“These executive orders are not a suggestion, they’re not optional, they’re not helpful hints,” Gov. Whitmer said after exceeding her lawful authority.

She found out that once the rulings of left-wing politicians pretending to be judges are appealed, the law prevails. Gov. Whitmer suffered a humiliating defeat by the small business owner that took her and her administration to the mat. The recent ruling only adds weight to the fact she has acted like a third-world dictator rather than a leader of the people.

Since taking office, the first-time governor has sowed division and chaos. Her winning campaign promise was to “fix the damn roads.” She failed to tell voters her plan was to add a 49-cent gas tax to every gallon. Whitmer is a one-and-done governor.

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14 Responses

  1. Good!….it looks like there’s some sanity remaining in the Michigan Supreme Court. Now, get rid of that Nazi !

    1. Democrats are not who they used to be ,all they want is to have power for there own agenda.And every other sentence comes out of there mouth are pretty much a lie or a stretch of the real truth.Nazi Pelosi is one of the biggest power hungry person in politics today and Joe Biden and his family as well as the Obama’s are crooked as can be its all coming out all they have done yet the people who are gonna vote for him must feel its ok to be a corrupt person to lead our country I can not understand the thinking of these people either they are so rich they don’t need the money or they are corrupt themselves .That person we have to call never gonna be re-elected for all the stupid ideas she had that helped tank Michigan’s economy finally we have part of the government on our side.

  2. Power is addictive. worse than any drug on the planet. once obtained we see the true character of the person. in politics the power attracts the people without talent to produce and contribute to the community within their own talent. they pretend to “represent the word of the people but often its only their words and twisted definitions of what the people want that drives them. They believe that socialism the answer. and for some it is.until the money runs out.then the true power steps into offer their “HELP’ the banks offer credit, the entrapment that holds the truepower and enslaves most.. now when the “elected powers need money the hand that holds the dollar becomes a force to be reckoned with. their demands must be met or the funds dry up and the ones elected must comply with their wishes. wishes that don’t follow the will or to the benefit of the people. so just why the “lockdown”. I se it as a way to force people into a cashless society. where every dollar can be taxed at its appropriate level. that is every dollar but the ones that give out the credit. our government is funding things it has no business funding. providing incomes for the inept like Biden’s son. while not direct, support provided is divided up and part of the money finds its way into the pocket of people that provide services not easily defined as income. but back to michigan. should we look closely we will find that many actions provided by this governor benefited only the top one percent. the power behind the power. when the state fails it is these people that shoulder the blame. when removed the next puppett steps up to fill the hearts of all the minions with hope and blame all their opponents for the problems that exist.The virus is now front and center. so I offer a question. why don’t we see many deaths in the homeless communities? OK two! how can a president get the virus within an environment that is scrubbed and tested more than any? look to history! what spread the legionnaires disease? the air handling systems. wasn’t it a virus? we don’t have inoculations for it do we. sorry for going off topic but our governor is but a small problem that has destroyed many dreams of people that have devoted their lives into their business. removing our rights is not the answer. it is causing more deaths than the virus.———–Grampa

  3. Always said we need a CONSTITUTION LAWS to remove governor or any POLITICAN who overstepping the laws of the lands! It doesn’t matter which party is doing it. They need to be removed and forfeit their PENSION. No governor or any POLITICAN Should be able to break the laws of the lands for personal use! When it in a RE-ELECTION SEASON. They where vote in by the people to do a JOB! NOT ONE THAT CRITICAL THE COUNTRY OR STATE!

  4. It is sad and unfortunate that Governor Whitmore defied her constituents and ruled like a Queen instead of a duly elected official who was elected by We the people! This is America! This is not China ,Russia or Other Communist run countries!
    Governor Whitmore needs to resign!!
    Get out and Vote!
    Pray and Vote!
    Pray and Vote to SAVE AMERICA!
    SAVE Our Constitution!!
    Vote to re-elect President Trump and Vice President Pence!!

  5. Don’t count on it. Too many sheep in Michigan. Fear rule their lives. They would give up their freedoms for b.s.. Most people in Michigan who voted for this disgraceful stain did it for one reason she a woman. Stupidity has no bounds in Michigan.

  6. Well I say take her out of the office and by force if necessary , and install the next in line and put restraining orders on her to stay home and JSTFU, and make sure she understands she is FINISHED, Yep a GOOD OL FASHION MUTINY .

  7. Is this going to stop this TYRANNICAL SWAMP CRITTER from keeping people locked down, I myself think they should arrest her and put her in a straitjacket in a mental institution for the rest of her psychotically pathetic, worthless, useless, miserable, demented life!! She is a danger to all AMERICANS and should be removed from office as her TDS HATRED has fried her tiny little pea brain so she can no longer make rational decisions about the futures of our FAMILIES, FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND NEIGHBORS she has lost her mind having so much power over us!!!

  8. Poor little Gretchen “Witless.” Truly, a sad excuse of a Governor from a beautiful state with great people. Unfortunately, the reason she won was the previous Republican Governor was wishy washy and ineffective. He has endorsed Biden! Also, all the potheads voted because the legalization of marijuana was on the ballot when she was elected. She is a hypocrite of enormous proportions and guilty of arbitrary dictates that make no sense, like denying the sale of seeds. She is a silly and dense woman with too much power. Lord Acton warned about creatures like her-“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

  9. gov Whitless is so Tyrannical, she deserves to be sent to china, I mean they want biden too. Lets work on getting that no governor in Michigan-The Great State(without her) should have that much power over us. Why do we have any one in America to have that much power over We The People. Vote for John James and re-elect President Trump.

    1. Sally… you are very accurate in your deductions of the “Witless” one. Also, I agree completely on voting for JOHN JAMES and removing the “do nothing” Peters. Peters won’t even attend meetings, so of course this tells me he’s in office strictly for the paycheck. This Country has far too many witless people in office that never should have been out there in the first place. Also, the career politicians must go.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how many ignorant people in our great Country have the unmitigated audacity to vote for anyone that they have not done any research on and blindly put them in an office of power. The very same people are the ones yelling and crying the loudest on the results of their choice. Then turn around and make the same mistake again and again. Sadly, nothing can be done to protect us from these morons, the same morons that you can try to talk sense into, but, to no avail, as they know they are so much smarter then the rest of us. Until the idiots are removed, history will keep repeating itself.

  11. That photo must be touched up. I saw no tiara on her head.

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