Why Should Joe Biden Get a Pass for Insulting the Troops?

A video has surfaced of Joe Biden calling US soldiers a variety of insulting names in 2017. This is not a rumor based on “anonymous sources.” There’s video. Joe Biden made nasty comments about active duty soldiers overseas, to their faces, in a room full of people. Yet the media sniffs that this is “not a story” or “not newsworthy.” Sorry, mainstream media. The rest of us don’t seem feel like we should play it that way. Why should Joe Biden get a pass on this?

Biden was giving a speech when he stated, “I appointed Johnson [an officer who was on stage with Biden] to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards. (Feeble applause.) Come on, man. Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man.”

Joe Biden referred to the troops as “stupid bastards,” a “dull bunch” and “slow” – as in mentally challenged. That’s not very politically correct, Joe. Biden’s campaign says the comment was made in jest.

It seems like it was only yesterday when the mainstream media spent two full weeks of the campaign season fluffing up a fake news story from The Atlantic about President Trump dissing the troops. No stone was left unturned on that one.

Four “anonymous sources” claimed that Trump didn’t want to get his hair wet at a military ceremony overseas, and while complaining and whining, Trump called America’s fallen war dead “losers” and “suckers.” It was a story that was utterly unbelievable from top to bottom.

The president who held his umbrella over a black US Marine on guard duty during a rainstorm hates the troops? Yeah, tell us another one, media.

The press spent weeks standing by and propping up this fake news story about President Trump. There were certain problems with the story, however. There was no video of Trump saying any such thing. Plus, Donald Trump – who doesn’t really have much of a filter on his mouth as you may have noticed – has never said anything even vaguely similar about the troops in any setting, ever, in the past 40-some years that he’s been in the public eye.

In addition to that, every single person who was with President Trump at the time refuted the story, including former Press Secretary Sanders and a US Ambassador. They all said it was a lie. Even the fired and disgraced warmonger John Bolton, who has every reason to lie about Trump in order to sell more copies of his anti-Trump book that just came out, said the story was a complete and total lie. No video. Not witnesses. No credibility at all.

Was President Trump given the benefit of the doubt at any time, despite the media producing no evidence that the story was true?

Then why should we give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt that he was joking when he called the troops “stupid bastards?”

CNN rushed to The Atlantic’s defense. They held up the president’s quote when he stated that he understands ISIS “better than the generals” do as proof that Trump “always” says vulgar things about the troops. Ignore the fact that the generals – who are political appointees – are not what any normal person thinks of when they say, “the troops.”

ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, NPR and the rest of the media fell in line as well, all claiming that Trump is “constantly” saying things that denigrate the troops and therefore, The Atlantic’s tale of Trump’s hair, rainstorms and ugly comments MUST BE TRUE. Despite the total lack of evidence, lack of video and lack of witnesses, Trump was never given the benefit of the doubt.

Therefore, we shouldn’t give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like there are anonymous sources claiming from the shadows that this happened. It’s on video. Joe Biden called the troops “stupid bastards,” a “dull bunch” and “slow.” We don’t accept that it was said in jest or it was a joke. Joe Biden hates the troops and holds them in contempt. These are your rules, by the way, fake news media.

If Donald Trump doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, we’re not going to give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt. Joe Biden hates the troops.

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43 Responses

  1. remember when obama had a marine hold an umbrella for him at the white house??????? misuse of power???????

    1. I would have loved to shut that umbrella then put it in Obamas butt and reopened it! That creep deserves to be sent from America! He’s nothing but a hateful NEVER a AMERICAN, Muslim POS!

        1. FAKE NEWS trying to cover up all the Hateful thinking of Biden. FAKE NEWS doesn’t show anything that is BAD for Democrats

    2. Biden & Obama hates our military. They never cared if they had enough money to live off of they never tried to help them in anyway if anything Obama completely ran them into the ground where they didn’t even have the right equipment or any kind of even ammunition anything to use yeah they hate our military that’s why they started their own the BLM and and Antifa. Thank God for President Trump he’s built our military up and stands with them and tries to help them in every way he can!

      1. They were traitors to our country.And now it’s happening again.

    3. For sure the worst President in US history was Obama an Biden the worst VP. The ticket that is running now for the DOC iIs worse. If the Demonic Demoncrats win in 2020, it will be the death of this Nation. There are so many ignorant evil people who vote on the left but they will not win unless they cheat, which they are doing. The power is in the vote, vote in person.

  2. No of course he shouldn’t” get a pass”‘ for calling the people that defend our (once) great nation foul names.It’s clearly on a video for everyone to SEE and HEAR.. Not based on slanderous, unfounded claims made against our now sitting president,President Trump, for supposedly saying something similar. But it seems EVERYTHING the Democrats say and do, that is unAmerican, hateful and an insult against it’s citizens, ALWAYS get a free pass and is either downplayed or ignored !! And that is why I said once great nation. EVERYTHING that EVERYONE who called our country home, that took pride in and loved ,is being destroyed right before our very eyes! And it’s ALL because of the demon party and it’s dirty politics !!!

  3. And this is who you want for President. If you vote for Sleepy Joe you might as well
    Kiss your Freedom Goodbye you Idiots.

  4. Of, course Biden shouldn’t at all be given a “pass”! Bottom line is he disrespected the troops, and that’s just plain ignorance, and disrespect! What is wrong with “Ole Joe” anyway? Which each passing day more, and more Americans are seriously questioning why Biden is even running for the Presidency? As, it both clear as mud, and more than apparent that he’s simply not the man for the job!

  5. I’m sorry, Biden isn’t a very nice person. He is very disrespectful to many people. We don’t need a president like him to destroy America

    1. He could be given a furlough to a dementia ward. A hall monitor could give him a pass at a school, but he shouldn’t be loose among the children without adult supervision. Commander in chief should not be in his future.

  6. Biden does not deserve to be our president, in my opinion.

  7. Of course not as he points a finger he has 3 pointing back at him. He has told so many lies prior to his loosing it to memory supposedly. OR is that an act too?) for our sympathy. It’s the so many other things throughout his 40 some years that is so bad

  8. If you vote for Joe Biden, we will have to
    Forget our country as we know it…
    Harris will actually become the President because Biden has dementia and will not be present enough to run this country…
    And another thing China will take over our jobs, because Hunter Biden will be on corporate payroll from China and Biden will
    Probably have money in his pocket from
    Giving away our jobs and China will be very happy….
    You will see the jobs President Trump brought back and jobs are plenty now…:and
    We will have many more as long as Trump
    Is in the White House…
    Biden will sell us out and our country will look like a third world country…because we will be socialist…
    Everything we accomplished up til now will be gone….
    The government will have your money and they will give you what you need…
    We will fail and we will be in a depression the likes you have never seen…
    Take notice people look at what you have now…don’t let them take our freedom…
    Vote as if your lives depended on it!
    And it does!

  9. Here is why Joe will get a pass. There are a few reasons. 1st? He’s a Democrat. They can insult, call names commit rape, he’ll even murder someone on television and get away with it. 2nd. The one’s that back Biden are the real stupid bastards. Seriously. nd 3rd? Because we have a Republican party made out of cowards, gutless wonders, and men with feet of clay. That is why.

    1. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY ! The Republicans are not angels and we have too many who are paid-off and will look the other way. Remember RINOs? I don’t know if we have enough good Republicans to counteract all the corruption going on. It’s like the prevailing attitude is, ‘Get as much money (and perks) out of being a politician, and then get out.’ Remember the Golden Rule: Whover’s Got The Gold, Makes The Rules!

      When is Barr and Durham going to do something substantial? I don’t know if it’s because they don’t want to wash up on a beach, or they’re indirectly taking Soros money. Maybe both !

  10. We already had the worst President but, Hidin ”Biden would be the one to take America as we know it away from us. Obama put in his effort to make it easier for Biden! Bothe should be ushered out of this country. Many more Demonrats too!

  11. No gets a pass for insulting the US troops, but DJT actually couldn’t be bothered with honoring them or their service. JB made them laugh in calling out a commander during a speech at the facility. BAD comparison, but that is what you always do.

  12. We need to pray for our nation every moment of the day and night. I had gotten a booklet some time ago and I picked it up this morning and read the first section. It was so scary, The name is “Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return” The first sign is what is happening today. That was as far as I could read because of the tears. If you would like a copy, they are free. The address to request is
    The Living Church of God
    PO Box 3810
    Charlotte, NC 28227-8010
    Phone number 1-704-844-1970

  13. Biden is a loser and has been a pup for the democrat party. They are still use him to get who they want in the white house. They don’t care who they have to destroy to get what they want. They want solecism at all cost. They want to destroy America.

  14. Not no but absolutely NO. His attitude toward my military brothers and sisters is a disgrace and as with Obama he would be the second to being the absolute most terrible Commander In Chief in our history. Military you have a chance to rectify this situation at the polls on November 3, 2020!

  15. If the media was fair, which they are not, they would not have run the story claiming that our Wonderful President called our departed Heroes loosers. They would have played the clip where Biden called the troops dumb bastards

  16. Why? Because the Democrat Party and their paid for Mainstream Media are ‘just that hateful’. They don’t believe in ‘fair play’. Evil is as evil does.


  17. No! Hold him accountable just as he holds Trump accountable for something someone said he said and no corroboration to it, whereas Biden said it on Video just as plain as he told a Black Man he wasn’t Black if he didn’t vote for Biden. NO! Hold Bidon accountable as a Bigot, Racist, and Functionally Illiterate FOOL


  19. Republicans have gotten backbone as of late. They know we back them up. Republicans can see that we do favor capitalism, that we want to own businesses or work for a company. People did not understand what the Democrat party was doing to the people by enabling them. Don’t have work, yet get money. What is now understood is they were beholden to the party. The problem is that the Democrat party hasn’t grown, they’ve stagnated and think people will continue with that same frame of mind. Too many old goats in congress that are comfortable doing nothing for their constituents. Time for them to go. Americans want progress, they want to provide for their families, buy homes, have medical insurance etc,. They want their children to get educated to fill positions affecting their future and their children’s future generations. They too will have to compete and higher education along with morals learned at home will give them the where with all to do it. A biblical understanding will go all the way for understanding of the times and our responsibility to our fellow patriots and the rest of humanity. GOD BLESS US ALL WITH WISDOM, DISCERNMENT AND UNDERSTANDING OF THESE TIMES.

  20. “Why should he be given a pass for insulting the troops?” BECAUSE HE’S A DEMONOCRAT ! How about all the other things he has done??? He’s untouchable because the mainstream media is DEMONocrat too. They are all part of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate.

  21. it is sad for a former vice president in a crooked regime would even defame the US soldiers of america and think he can get away with it by disgussing his statement under a joke when our military serving in harms way is not a joke. go join iran

  22. I must say this again, even though it’s not a reply to anybody; but it’s a reminder: the Lie-beral DEMONocrats are the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E ! They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH !

    The Lie-beral DEMONocrat chant is : “We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption,” etc., etc. They only have 2 skills : Slinging bullshit and raising taxes.

  23. Biden is a 47 yea career criminal that has stolen millions in U.S. taxpayer dollars, while spewing hate against our nation, acting as vice President supporting the opinion that nothing is ‘exceptional’ about the U.S.A.! Yes, Biden has absolutely no respect for the men and women that serve in the U.S. military! I have no respect for Biden, that in his own words, is willing to ‘prostitute himself’!

  24. as usual total bullshit . The video shows that it was all said in jest . The troops were laughing along with the gag. If you had video proving this bullshit story you would have linked it to your fake story

  25. I’m with Noah. It was clearly Biden just tying to sound like one of the guys. I have no love,, nor a vote, for the former VP, but c’mon; it was a joke.

  26. Every thing Joe biden says is in jest, He is the JOKER! JUST LIKE THE JOKER IN THESE LATEST BATMAN MOVIES! FROM THE

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