Dr Fauci Says Lockdowns and Restrictions Will Continue Even After Covid Vaccine

Anyone who bought the lie that as soon as we have a vaccine for coronavirus we can “get back to normal,” needs to wake up and smell the propaganda. Dr. Anthony Fauci just stomped out any kind of hope that lockdowns and movement restrictions are a thing of the past. Dr. Fauci insists that the arrival of a vaccine late this year/early next year won’t be the magic pill everyone’s hoping it will be.

It’s all about how long it would take a safe and effective vaccine to reach mass distribution to a point where new infection rates can drop to zero or near zero. Said Fauci, “If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021 and maybe even towards the end of 2021.”

Dr. Fauci’s definition of “normality” could, however, be a tad unrealistic; i.e., an infection-free environment where no one catches a virus. That environment never existed. The U.S. 2019-2020 influenza season, for example, caused about 34,000 deaths and 490,600 hospitalizations.

Before we get into how the power-hungry liberals love the idea of extending the crisis into a neo-New Deal government dependency era, let’s put the coronavirus into perspective:

–The coronavirus, contrary to those who would prefer to spread panic rather than facts, is nowhere near as deadly as the 1918-1919 Spanish flu. During that pandemic, about 500 million people, or about one-third of the world’s population was infected. About 50 million died, with around 675,000 occurring in the United States. The virus was so deadly because it victimized the young by compromising their strong immune systems.

–The coronavirus, while serious, has infected and killed but a fraction of those numbers worldwide (29.2 million cases, 929,606 fatalities, and 28,862,012 totally recovered as of this writing).

–Likewise, although younger people are at risk, the fatality rate among younger people with stronger immunity, according to the CDC, is only 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent for the approximately 1 in 7 people between the ages of 20 and 44 who are admitted to the hospital.

Nevertheless, for Governors who have enjoyed their newfound powers of locking down their constituents, Dr. Fauci was just what the doctor ordered. It was time to move the goalposts. Not so fast, they said. There have been cases of reinfection, and it could take a long time to convince people to get vaccinated.

Trump-hating state governors of Virginia, California, and Oregon, are planning to mandate extended quarantines and keeping their states shut down until people take a knee and obey. The Virginia Health Commissioner, for example, said he “plans to mandate” the yet-to-be-released COVID-19 vaccine for everyone in his state.

Good luck with that, Doc. We still have freedom of choice in America. Many people would rather wait to see what unexpected side effects might occur. There are also those, who for religious or personal reasons, don’t believe in vaccinations.

So, if Joe Biden staggers into the presidency, expect the deep state to rejoice and promote a federal attempt to mandate the vaccine. They would like nothing better than to shut down our country and hold everyone hostage months after the actual vaccine is out.

The truth is that all those promises that once the vaccine is available we’ll be free of COVID-19 restrictions were just place-holding lies. Liberals want the lockdown to continue as long as possible to hold onto their new enhanced powers.

Voters would be wise to realize just how Democrats want to keep the coronavirus panic alive. A vote to reelect President Trump will kill that panic and return us to normal.

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9 Responses

  1. Wow, who can believe anything this guy Fauci, says? He told President Trump, no need to stop China, from coming here, the same for banning Europe, and masks will NOT HELP, IN FACT IT COULD BE WORSE! THIS GUY IS A NUT AND NEEDS TO BE RETIRED! He has been WINED AND DINED BY THE FREAKS ON THE LEFT, and has become a sheeple DEMO-RAT! He will be among the very first to get the Vaccine!
    Commonsense tells the average person with 1/2 a brain, you must still be cautious, even after the Vaccine! It may not work for every one , and some will refuse to take it, BECAUSE OF NUTS THE DEMO-RAT GOVERNORS , MAYORS, the fake NEWS MEDIA, SCHUMER AND DUMB ASS PELOSI AND THE BIGGEST IDIOT BIDEN!! !!

  2. This Covid-19 virus scare is a big hoax, and the sheeple are buying into it. This is all about the new world order. Climate change didn’t work, so this virus conveniently came along. I’m always amazed how easy it is to get the sheeple to follow. Just look at NAZI Germany in the 1930’s where Germans bought into Hitler’s BS, or today, with the virus hoax . Damn, people are stupid.

  3. Puh-leeze. Plea already voiced to un to charge Gates with crimes against humanity for the atrocities in Africa resulting from his so-called vaccines. Gates and dr Falsie both investors in developing vaccine that will eventually be released.

  4. The virus hoax, West Coast fires, & anything else DEMs can come up with is all b/c they have No platform, No useful plans , No legit Candidate to win this Election, so all they have is riots & lock downs & being tyrants to control the people. They are evil people who have lost all control & have nothing left but money to buy votes & anarchy to destroy this country b/c they can’t have their way! They are insane & out of control . The Dem Party needs to be shut down b/c it has no legitimacy…they actually Hate the Constitution, & refuse to operate under it. Let’s hope the rest of America wakes up this reality! Trump & his Alliance actually has God & the Universe behind him for the survival of this planet & humanity!
    The Globalists/Dems plan is to kill off 80% of humanity for Their benefit !
    It is actually written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones! Look it up! This reality that everyone needs to understand !

  5. I am beginning to think that this is a real HOAX that the Democrats have unleashed on all of us and that China was the instigator to cripple our economy !
    I would not put anything past those corrupt, lying, mental midgets!

  6. In my opinion, this Fauci is a communist just like the rest of these corrupt DEMOC-RATS !

  7. I am so inclined to believe what you say Diana! I truly believe that Fauci is a mental case and has no idea what the is saying…..and the DemocRATS have been behind this HOAX right from the beginning.
    They want to turn this country into a communist regime, and as I have said before, Vote for Trump and Republicans, because our lives depend on it.
    Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Binden and Harris, Adam Schitt-FACE , Nadler and the rest of these corrupt people are going to be the end of this democracy.
    Obama and Soros are behind all of this, and China is at the center of it all!
    I am still wearing my mask, but I feel that The Democrats are capable of unleashing this sort of virus on the USA, and the Democrats have known this right from the onset of it all.
    You can blame Trump, but the real culprits are the Democrats!

  8. If herd immunity is what we are seeking with this virus, then the best choice is to open up the country and allow the virus itself to run its course. Viruses of the past did not have our technology to contend with, but it appears that our technology has serve only to extend the life of the virus by delaying herd immunity. Any vaccine will seek to achieve herd immunity via inoculation, which may mean possible deaths due to unpredictable side-effects. Herd immunity can be achieved by simply allowing the country (and the world) to return to normal living but with a single caveat: protect the elderly and those who would be deemed most vulnerable to the virus. Such protections would not involve mandated lock-downs or masks, but simple common sense, which, it seems, is a rare commodity among politicians these days.

  9. All of these mandates are unconstitutional (14th Amendment). Fauci and Birx are employed by the U.N and the W.H.O. We need to arrest all of these communists and Globalists once and for all or all of this nonsense will continue until they get their way then it will be worse.

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