Is Joe Biden on Dope?

C’mon, man! Listen, you know the thing! No malarkey! Is Joe Biden hopped up on dope or what? That’s the very real, very important question from President Donald Trump, as we are about two weeks out from the first alleged presidential debate between him and Sleepy Joe of the 2020 election. Will Joe be jacked up on some kind of pharmaceutical jungle juice to help him survive 90 minutes of un-teleprompter-assisted speaking?

Joe Biden is a mess. Like many people, I felt sort of bad for picking on the guy for several months earlier this year. It feels kind of like elder abuse when you make fun of his never-ending streak for blurting out racist and sometimes truly bizarre missives about record players and “prescription jugs.” But I’m over feeling that way.

If anyone around Joe Biden actually loved him, he would be wiling away the days playing with his grandkids and feeding ducks in a pond with a nurse hovering nearby, just in case. But no one loved the guy enough to pull him aside and stop this nonsense. It’s the most cynical thing I’ve ever seen.

The head honchos at Google and Facebook decided Joe Biden stood the best chance of winning. Julian Castro’s taxpayer-funded abortions for transgender men and Elizabeth Warren’s reparations for Pakistani bricklayers weren’t resonating with the voters. Pete Buttigieg kissing that dude on the campaign trail was “weirding out” undecided voters. Bernie Sanders longing to throw his political opponents in gulags – literally – for political reeducation was creeping out the suburbs.

Big Tech’s algorithms predicted that out of all of the weirdos from the Democrats’ shallow bench in 2020, Joe Biden stood the best chance of beating Donald Trump. (The same algorithms that had Hillary up by 12 to 20 points in 2016.) The Democrat Party and Joe Biden’s handlers took that information and ran with it, and here we are. Assuming that he lives until November 3rd, Joe Biden is the nominee. Who says the Democrats are not a party of faith?

The Biden cognitive train wreck is getting worse by the day. From referring to God as “you know, the thing” to suggesting that a black news anchor is a junkie, Biden’s decline has been obvious to just about everyone.

A video of Biden’s interview with late night tv host James Corden went viral over the weekend, for all the wrong reasons. Biden holds up “one of his favorite photographs” for Cordon to observe. It’s a photo of Joe with his two sons – Beau and Burisma – standing with their father. Biden says that he keeps the black-and-white photo in his bedroom. Cordon gushes over the family photo.

But when Biden holds the portrait up, you can clearly see Biden’s scripted notes reflected in the glass. It’s not a teleprompter, but it is clearly a computer screen showing Biden’s Large Print notes for the interview.

This was not a serious interview with a “serious” news person asking Biden hard-hitting questions. James Corden is one of the not-funny woke “comedian” TV hosts that Biden is most comfortable around these days.

During his fake phone call with Kamala Harris to announce to her that she was his vice-presidential nominee, Biden clearly has Large Print typed notes on the desk in front of him. And he’s holding his iPhone upside down (meaning one of his handlers had to dial the number and then handed the phone to him).

President Trump says that he could tell Joe Biden was clearly jacked up on some type of cognitive enhancement drug back during the March debates against Bernie Sanders, and possibly more recently. There’s a very real chance that this is true. The unscripted Joe Biden is clearly a train wreck.

Here’s a very real possibility: When you watch Joe Biden and he appears lucid and seems to make sense for three or four sentences in a row, watch how much he is blinking. Photosensitivity is an obvious tell that he is on some type of dope.

Back in the 1950s, doctors used to prescribe amphetamines for elderly patients with dementia (before it was banned as a controlled substance). “Speed” could give an elderly person a burst of enhanced cognitive abilities for a while – but one of the major side effects was constant blinking and sensitivity to bright lights.

We don’t know for certain whether Joe Biden is hopped up on some kind of dope, but President Trump is asking for the candidates to be drug tested before the debates.

Look at it like this: If the people around Joe Biden are so cynical that they wouldn’t have him step aside in the 2020 presidential election, would it surprise you to learn that they’re juicing him up before public appearances? A drug test probably won’t be necessary, however, because Biden will most likely give an excuse to pull out of the debates within the next ten days or so.

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28 Responses

  1. Anyone that would actually consider dementia-joe , or “heels-up headboard harris” (that is only an “anchor baby” and NOT even eligible to run this country) , are either BRAIN-DEAD, or so filled with the poison democommunist “kool-aid” they cannot think straight. If you love being and “royal subjects”, taxed to death, regulated beyond belief, controlled, used, abused, or “eliminated” if you don’t kowtow to the “new world order” COMMUNISTS……OH YES, cast your vote for a DEMOCOMMUNIST “ticket”. I for one, cannot believe that people are so full of hate, gullible, brainwashed , indoctrinated, or BLINDED by the hate the “lame stream” propaganda media constantly keeps pushing, they would actually consider voting out the ONLY POTUS in DECADES that loves America, our FLAG, and her people.. Open your eyes America, or prepare to be CONTROLLED “subjects”, your freedoms GONE, and your hard-earned money, “distributed” to people that didn’t earn it, if voters are stupid enough to give the democommunists the control and power they LUST for.

  2. If you don’t vote for President Trump this Time you can kiss your freedom goodbye!
    And if there is corruption in the voting , we will demand the truth…if the left thinks they are scarring the republicans then you had
    Better be ready for war because we are ready for you if you start breaking and burning and stealing, and tearing down our livelihoods…we are sick of your lawless demonic crimes and you will pay!!!

  3. They are using crazy Joe to get in, but their plan is once he is there true socialism will show its head when Joe is no longer there from his sickness .I believe Hillary is inside that picture .
    Lord help America.

  4. joe is a dope and does take it, verified by his/ her reactions

  5. The dumb-a- communists are using the Pavlovian technique of reconditioning the minds of the voters through the lame-stream media that is biasly corrupted towards a socialistic mentality! They are to stupid to understand they are trying to promote a failed system of existence that has never worked in the past and never will in the future! They are helping commit cultural suicide for one of the greatest cultures of all time! Wake up voters and try to understand the implications of what will happen if we let it happen! Vote Trump,with all his faults, if you don’t want to live in a third world existence?

    1. David, I agree with 99.9% of your post. Except, for “ALL OF HIS FAULTS”. That is part of the brain washing by the Socialist, Marxist, Racist, Media, B.L.M. AND ANTIFA! The ONLY FAULT I SEE FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP IS HE LOVES AMERICA TO A FAULT! I personally feel that is a damn GOOD FAULT! THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! TRUMP 2020 -2024 AND BEYOND! ALSO VOTE OUT ALL DEMO-RATS, IN CONGRESS YOUR CITY, COUNTY, STATE, AND MOST IMPORTANT YOUR SCHOOL BOARDS!

  6. Everyone would be a lot smarter if they listened to Tucker Carlson every night and News Max. Carlson’s show is spot on. Trump should replace Mike Pence with Carlson as VEEP.

    1. Carlson is okay, BUT NO THANKS! He is to unstable, from my view point. For the time being, he is in the right place at the right time. He maybe, more qualified than Camel Harris, and maybe Biden, but not up to Trump Standards.

  7. If by some quirky sci fie Rod Serling ‘Twilight Zone’ tragedy occurs and vegging Joe Biden became president with Kamala Harris as VP Biden’s days are numbered. Either he dies by natural or unnatural causes or is ‘removed’ for health reasons and Harris becomes president with long-time Harris lover Willie Brown as her Veep. Harris was accused to her face in the debates as having ‘slept her way to the top without so much as a blink from Harris who continued blathering. Kamala Harris is married to a successful lawyer but that hasn’t slowed her down a bit. Evidently Willie has a lot more going for himself other than a bad case of Ugly!

  8. These posts are real. This is going to be a chance to get rid of the Democrats and their communist agenda! All of them are so full of hatred they are blinded and so are their supporters.
    Just because Trump said this or that, they are enraged. They claim that thousands have died because of the Coronavirus. These people would have died anyway, because no one really knew how bad or how serious. Even the CDC was not aware of the seriousness. Also, we also know that many who died did not die of Coronavirus, but the hospitals claimed that this was so they receive bigger pay -outs if it was Covid. People are blaming Trump for something that was not entirely known for sure. And the press is doing their usual biased informed garbage.
    Soros, Obama, Clinton 1 and 2, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the sick, hatred fueled Democrats are behind all of the BLM, and all of the riots, and burning, and defunding the police so that they can have a clear shot at the rest of us!
    Biden will not be in charge, even if he wins the presidency, Obama and Harris will be ruining this country just like he di in the 8 years he was in the Oval Office.
    The man is a racist, liar and deranged!

    1. I love the name headboard Harris. These people are communist in every sense this will be the worst if these assholes get in. Your lifestyle will be horrible and watch to see that this virus does in 2 weeks if Biden wins

    2. “These people would have died anyway, because no one really knew how bad or how serious.”

      COVID is particularly aggressive on senior citizens – especially those with underlying conditions. That said, no one can know how many of these senior citizens would have died by now anyway – even if there were no COVID-19. Plus, how many 10’s of thousands of non-COVID senior citizens have died during this period just because their time was up? I’m a senior citizen and I think I can safely speak for most of us that no one wants to die, but the truth is we all got to cross that bridge at some point. We can blame it on God or Adam and Eve or some other nefarious denizen, but it certainly isn’t President Trump’s fault. Seniors excluded (maybe), continuing the COVID hysteria seems to be a scam being perpetrated by the democrats as a political lever.

  9. Ol’ Smokin Joe, is STILL up to BLOWIN’ SMOKE,,,THIS TIME he is attempting to not only fool the foreign countries for a job for his “boy”, but ALL OF AMERICA!!! Neither he, nor KAMMMMMMILA are qualified for the offices they are trying to HEIST from America, and what most americans don’t realize,,,,FACT #1, IF, by SOME FREAKY chance, they won the election,,,Ole SMOKIN’ JOE would be declared “UNABLE TO CONTINUE” as President,,,,,and THEN, we would be SSSTTTTUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK with,,,GUESS WHO!!!!!!,,,,the even LESS COMPETENT KAMMMMMMILA!!!

  10. If they really let him out to do a debate, he will be wired with a receiver and every answer will be spoken into his invisible ear bud and he will only have to repeat what his handlers tell him. If it was really impromptu, he would fail monumentally.

    1. LOL, Tom, The best part is, he will be “WIRED”, LOL, with an ear bud. He will DIFFIDENTLY SCREW THAT UP TOO! In fact that might be the best thing for this IDIOT! EXPOSED RIGHT THERE AND THEN in FULL view of the DEMONIC IDIOTS, THAT FOLLOW THIS FOOL! TRUMP 2020-2024 AND BEYOND!!

    1. Robert L. , you got that right. Too bad more of them don’t realise what their party is and has been since the 1930’s. It has been escalating it’s left-ward move since obama with no change in sight.

  11. He should be checked out to make sure if he is oil is not on drugs. We don’t want a drug addict for president.

  12. I still don’t understand where is the Laws here on this Country. Also I just can’t believe that this two Criminal have been allow to run as A President Of USA such Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barackcaca H. Obasama are walking cynical Free,
    Biden is a criminal sexual Predator, liar, deceiver, Corruptive, so Why? TheFBI gave to him the green light and the Committee allow him to run for President, besides everybody have had noticed that Biden Mental Status have been deteriorating from the last months, surprisedly he showed some better lucidity on his mental Status, how convenient and magic changes WOW! A 78 years old with Organic Brain Syndrome plus early Sing Of Alzheimer’s Syndrome And Mental Deterioration from mild to severe. Surprisedly Being Inside Of his basement poorly having interviews and many gaffes and Memories Lapsed . Then miraculously he got out from his Basement and his gaffes have been less notorious. That means Biden was Receiving kind of Medical Treatment in his Basement from a good period of time to get little better his Mental and memory spam. That’s CHEATING! How in the hell a man like him is going to run this Country, of course he will be release once the wins and Harris will become the President How very convenience for this Evil DemocRats Party To re-win the Power

  13. Every sane person knows Biden s bag of marrbles has a whole in it. Why can,t people see that he has early or more stage of DEMENTIA?go.??? It is so obvious !!!!! As a nurse I could see the signs a long time God help us if he gets in. KAMALLLA will be ruling with an riron fist and very much as a strtong RACIAST GOd help AMERICA..

  14. Remember the midterm elections in 2018? Just to remind you, the democrats were all about healthcare and reaching across the aisle to pass meaningful legislation. The result was the democrats gained the majority in the house of representatives. Now look at the two years since. First of all, the night of winning her election, Rashida Tlaib said, “We’re gonna impeach that m***** f*****!” And, if you look back, that is the only dems accomplished in those two years. All under the guise of healthcare and meaningful legislation. The same thing is going on with Joe Biden.

  15. I have faith that President Trump will win. He is the only president that has tried to fulfill all the promises he made. You can see how much he loves this country. If Biden-Harris gets in the White House we are screwed. If Biden can’t do a debate face to face with President Trump with out help from others feeding him the answers, then how in the world is he going to run the country?

  16. Vote all Republican that’s the only way to go. Lucifer has been turned loose with the Democrats. They should all be in prison what are they still doing walking around with the public. If that was any common person doing anything they have done we’d be in prison doing time and they’de throw the key away. Makes you wonder what’s going on with this country.

  17. He’s obviously on something and the more he is using it the less it works. He goes from not being able to string together a sentence to ranting and raving with made up nonsense about Trump and the virus. He acts just like someone hyped up on drugs waving his arms COME ON MAN! His eyes even change at times and he is definitely not the same guy from one appearance to the next. He’ll probably stroke out before the election if he keeps it up. He was already 2 hours late for one appearance and no one will say why. I think a Drug Test is a fair request as long as they both take one.

    If you are so DISABLED that you can only function while drugged it is UNACCEPTABLE. After all you do not want POTUS high on drugs if the nuclear decision needs to be made.


  18. President Trump needs to make sure that Biden does not have an earpiece in his ear so that no one is feeding him all the answers.

  19. President Trump needs to check Biden’s ear to make sure he doesn’t have an earpiece in his ear and being fed answers by someone.

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