You’ll Never Guess What George Floyd Did When He Was Arrested Last Year

After reading this, you’re going to start to wonder what else the accused woman beater, former Vice Chair of the Democrat Party and current Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison is hiding from the public. We have new information to report in the George Floyd case in Minneapolis. We don’t have this info because the media suddenly did its job to try to help the country quell the ongoing riots. We only know it because it was entered as evidence in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who would understandably prefer not to spend the rest of his life in prison over George Floyd.

Keith Ellison and the garbage media have been slow-walking any information about Chauvin’s trial, because otherwise everyone might realize that the entire summer of Black Lives Matter riots have been an utterly pointless election-year stunt. How many small businesses do you suppose were destroyed between George Floyd’s death over Memorial Day weekend, and the day when someone in the Minnesota AG’s office finally leaked the police bodycam videos in frustration with Ellison in August?

We’ve written extensively about the George Floyd case and the fact that his death was most likely his own fault. Floyd took a dose of Fentanyl and other drugs that was about three times the fatal limit for a normal person. He was screaming that he couldn’t breathe while the police were not touching him at all. He was exhibiting all of the symptoms of a case of excitable delirium, a medical condition which hard drug addicts enter into as their heart is in the process of failing.

Keith Ellison waited weeks before even releasing the toxicology report that showed that George Floyd had a huge amount of drugs in his system. Wouldn’t it have been nice for the country to know that on the first of June?

Now Derek Chauvin’s trial has entered the evidentiary phase, and Chauvin’s attorneys have entered a fascinating item as evidence: A police incident report from when George Floyd was arrested in May of 2019, almost a year before his death to the date.

It’s pretty fascinating and it’s a quick read if you want to check it out yourself HERE.

On May 6, 2019, George Floyd was in the process of selling a large amount of narcotics. When the cops approached him, guess what George Floyd did?

He shoved the drugs in his mouth and swallowed them. Police say that during that encounter with George Floyd, he used “diversionary tactics” like crying and acting irrationally. For an example of what this probably looked like, go back and watch the police bodycam footage of George Floyd’s encounter with police earlier this summer.

Floyd was then transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was treated by the hospital for “accidental drug ingestion.” Accidental, except for of course, the part where he swallowed the drugs intentionally. But whatever.

As he was being treated, Floyd informed the doctors saving his life in that incident that he “snorts oxycodone daily.” He told them that he had bad hypertension but wasn’t taking anything for it. George Floyd also cried a lot and told doctors he was upset because he’d been using opiates every day for the past 18 months, and now the cops were accusing him of selling drugs for some reason.

That 2019 incident sounds remarkably similar to George Floyd’s behavior in 2020, doesn’t it? We don’t know this for certain, but it sounds like he may have swallowed his drugs back on Memorial Day weekend this year when the cops came to talk to him. But instead of getting him to the hospital in time to save his life – as they did in the very similar incident in 2019 – it killed him this time. The ambulance didn’t get there in time for George Floyd this year. The second time was not a charm.

We already knew about the armed robbery that George Floyd went to prison over in the early 2000s, when he disguised himself as a utility worker and held a gun to his pregnant victim’s womb. George Floyd was a serious drug addict and he was also Trouble with a capital ‘T.’ The guy was a career criminal. Guys who “snort oxycodone daily” aren’t exactly known for holding down steady jobs, so they deal drugs, rob and steal to pay for their habit.

We’ve had nearly 600 riots in American cities this summer, supposedly over George Floyd. Liberals gave the guy three funerals. And yet our wildly incurious media continues to help Minnesota Attorney General and Antifa supporter Keith Ellison cover up the facts of this case. We’d better be prepared for more riots, because the way that Derek Chauvin’s case is going so far, the judge is likely to throw the murder charge out completely.

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41 Responses

  1. The information regarding Floyd’s criminal history and the Chauvin body-cam video evidence are not new. They have been out there for months now and both the Media and CROOKED MUSLIM Kieth Ellison and his Democrat (Dhimmicrat) cronies knew all about it. Yet they all ignored it and cheered on the destructive deadly riots.

    ARREST ELLISON. He failed his SWORN duty as the State AG. Oh, but wait, he’s a MUSLIM practicing Taqqiya so he doesn’t have to obey American laws. Way to go, Democrats, you all demonstrate clearly just how CRIMINAL and TREASONOUS you all are.

    Spread that video and this clear cut evidence far and wide. I have

  2. He LIVED a CRIMINAL and he DIED a CRIMINAL . . . He is not the PATRON SAINT in the fight against so called “racism” (which there IS none – this is a communist ploy to divide the U.S.). The Police are INNOCENT of ALL charges and the LOOTERS and RIOTERS need to be either LOCKED UP or SHOT. George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose – TOTALLY his fault. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Ellison should be held accountable. He is a Muslim that hates the United States.
      He hates Trump.
      Withholding evidence is a crime. Indict his ass.


  4. Officer Chauvin should never been charged with Floyd’s death to begin with. They had this evidence and it should have been completely reviewed when this happened. It was done to appease a bunch of thugs and rioters and to stir up uprising to affect the elections. This kind of crap must stop. It does nothing to help race relations.
    Charges should be filed against Ellison for failure to uphold the duties of his office. Hopefully charges will soon be dropped against officer Chauvin and I hope he files a substantial lawsuit against this so called AG and a seperate lawsuit against the state.

  5. Horse Hockey! His previous record should have NOTHING to do with what happened in this incident. LEO’s use that kind of excuse all the time to try to justify their excessive use of force.

    Until “qualified immunity” is eliminated, the LE community will continue to violate their OATH at every turn. They will continue to use excessive force when it is unnecessary as well as not be held accountable for their actions.

    I am not about defunding the police, but I am 100% in favor of police reform and eliminating the LE communities obsession with Military type weapons.

    We need the LEO community to get back to being “Peace Officers”. rather than the offensive organizations, they have become.

    1. What about Ellison, does he get a free walk on breaking the laws Floyd did???????? These guys are criminals and should be held accountable. Who police’s the AG and people in charge of this BIG mess they have started by suppressing the TRUTH?? Go after the real criminals the ones that started this Damn thing?? Get the criminals out of office!!!!!!!!

      1. George Floyd was a career criminal so we
        need to stop patronizing this guy.He had a criminal record as long as your arm.
        You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    2. The police did not use excessive force with Floyd. Did you see the entire video? They weren’t even mean to him. They were just trying to arrest him and he kept resisting. This was not police brutality.

    3. You’re right. Your post is Horse Hockey. Did you bother to watch the video? Did you bother to acquaint yourself with the toxicology report? Just another Democrat upholding the right of barbaric animals to riot, loot, burn, rape and murder upon the command of their Communist Party Bosses. Wake up. Before it’s too late.

      Floyd killed himself, PERIOD, while resisting arrest during the process of being arrested for yet another FELONY.

      Here’s an idea: if you ever need police assistance, don’t call 9-1-1. Call BLM instead. They’ll be right over with a carload of Molotov cocktails and bricks.

    4. Wrong! What George Floyd did the last time is the problem! He was overdosed! That’s NOT the police’s fault! The hold is legal and doesn’t cause strangulation. That’s a Liberal LIE! The druggie was overdosed! read the article! He was a dumb, violent, vicious POS!

    5. mjb – floyd’s previous record has everything to do with what happened in this incident. If a pos like that held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach in a robbery, took massive amounts of drugs just because he was going to get caught for selling, Most Law abiding CITIZENS would want floyd off the street. he is ultimately responsible for the direction his life went in – not the innocent people he hurt and had total disregard for!!! The idiots who covered up any of the information just helped to start the riots!!! I think that YOU need to put yourself in the place of some of floyd’s victims!!! Let’s be honest mjb – YOU would then be on the LEO communities side!!!

    if our kids had any respect for authority( they defy their parents, if they have any; defy teachers, coaches; defy God; defy their elders; totally defy and taunt/spit on the cops. Until we reestablish some discipline in our communities, they will continue to destroy this country for their communist masters—-soros, antifa, blm, the democrat party & the chinese communist party. THE ANSWER!!!!! vote out every democrat on every ballot !! and PRAY. PRAY, PRAY !!!!!!!!!!

  7. mjb you are the problem, and have no clue about the solution. until you ride into the hood with a uniform & badge on and are totally disrespected by the drug dealears, pimps. thieves and gang leaders, (they are the heros and idols of our kids) don’t blame the cops !!!! ! !

  8. Conspiracy theory!
    From the start there has been some strange things here!
    Now that a previous incident of the same thing consider the possibilities?
    Was 2019 a mock training issue?
    Was the officer the same one as 2019?
    Reports indicate the officer knew Floyd! True or false?
    Was George Floyd set up?
    Was he really passing a counterfeit $20
    or setting up a call for the police to be called?
    Why did he wait around after the failed passing of counterfeit bill?
    Most people would leave quickly! Yes he was n drugs and may not
    Have been thinking clearly?
    If Floyd was set up this time ( where did the fake bill come from? Maybe
    Even drugs? Needed to look similar to the 2019 incident) then maybe
    He was duped and the whole issue was to create an isdue, i.e. George
    dies? The riots commence!
    We need more info on things and critical questions about the parties nvolved, including political affiliation and relationship between the parties!

  9. I’ve been saying since day 1 it is not possible that police killed George Floyd by putting his knee on the back of his neck I don’t care if he held him down 8 hours it can not obstruct any airway passage nor could it compress and major blood vessels to cut off oxygen too his brain. The is only muscle and a spinal cord in the rear of the neck. The spinal cord was not damaged. Drug overdose and self inflicted cardiac arrest NOT GUILTY PERIOD

  10. None of this rioting is about \George Floyd. He’s just the excuse. What it’s really about is making black crime legal since blacks can’t help but be criminals and don’t want there to be any payback for it. They think that if they want your stuff, they should be bale to just waltz into your house and take it and it should be legal became they’re black.

  11. this George Floyd nonsense was a drug related death , used as a device to get puppet joe elected, all involved should be arrested and charged, any more riots lock and load

  12. Floyd is nothing but an ingrown , inbread , nigerian drug user !!! Why doesn’t BLACK TRASH MATTERS just tell these tree swinging waterheads to QUIT FIGHTING WITH THE POLICE !!! Maybe then , alot of these situations wouldn’t turn out bad for these idiots !!

  13. Floyd, was a stone cold criminal who in fact took his own life by using FETANYL.
    The Police Officers involved should be promoted with a substantial increase in pay.



    So it shall be said, so it shall be done FORTHWITH.

  14. Providing what is in this article is true!
    Ignorance is bliss and, when combined with uninformed biases, can be FATAL.

  15. Doesn’t all the cover-up, lies and deceits to keep truth from everyone make people wonder why all this is taking place? Don’t people realize that there are so many who want to destroy our Country? Why are so many knowing the facts, so complicit to all the lies? This Country of ours will be destroyed from within because of the total disregard of God’s Laws which are the foundation of all the great laws of our Country. Our Constitution is such a beautiful document, but it takes a moral God-fearing people to keep it so. I beg all people to wake up by looking at ourselves; are we individually, by our own disobedience to our Creator, part of the problem?

  16. I have read this from two other sources. Black Lives Matter,, George Soros, and the Democrat Party Leaders, (Not the true Democrat working People) wanted the riots, the violence, nation wide, the Democrat Leaders of te Party, the RINOS, BLM members, Antifa, Members, are Fascist just kike the NAZI were. That includes te Blue States. The working people, the College students, and people in general have been deluded by the lies which they believe. The press is in on it also. That is why I watch Foreign news.

  17. When sterling was shot and killed in baton rouge, the same lie was.put out there about it being done because he was black. But the truth came out that he pulled a gun on a citizen in the parking lot and had cocaine in his system when he fought back as police were trying to get his weapon. The reason we didnt have riots down here is that the citizens recognize that nothing good comes from destroying ur community. Also when they held.thier protest nothing bad happened, it was truly peacful. When word got out that al Sharpton and the gangs of BLM and black Panthers were coming down to start up the up riot machine, word from the citizens got back to them not to come down because it’s not just the police who will shoot you but the citizens will too. It’s time for the citizens of those cities and states to stand up and arm themselves and carry out the 2nd ammendment. We r the first line of defense and our own protectors. Police cannot do it for us. That is why you don’t see this mess in the south and midwest. Just the liberal Democrat controlled cities and states. And Trump will win big!

  18. Why don’t people do what the police ask them to do? are they hard of hearing or just stupid? 99% of people that get shot, don’t co-operate with the police.Its their own fault that they get killed. Don’t care what color their skin is. They all bleed red.

  19. NOTHING YOU ALL say and write matters: The Media {sans FOX} has sainted him, and That Is That!

    1. Careful…Fox has “two faces”…their left leaning complement outnumbers those on the “right”…

  20. The withholding of evidence is a typical trick of the democrat party, they are all anti-American and have to be removed from OUR country, or simply killed !!! The biggest problem in the Untied States today is the Knee Grow race !!! Just open your eyes and look, where is the crime, in Knee Grow neighborhoods, until WE get the Knee Grow attitude out of OUR country, we will have more and more Riots and looting, THAT’S ALL THESE ANIMALS KNOW !!!! ANTI-AMERICANS AND KNEE GROWS MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM OUR SOCIETY, PERIOD !!! PLEASE, VOTE REPUBLICAN AND PUT A STOP TO ALL THIS BLACK NONSENSE !!!!

  21. That is correct! They disrespect the police, and then they want to fight the police. People who are intelligent don’t disrespect the cops, do as they are told and go to jail if they need to! Black or not, you must respect the cops,and if you chose to do drugs, pass bogus checks, then you must suffer the consequences.
    He took so much Fentanyl he was going to die with or without the cops. The cops did nothing wrong, and it is a shame that these men will be remembered as murderers!
    George Floyd was a very bad dude. Black Lives Matter,, George Soros, and the Democrat Party Leaders, wanted the riots, the violence, nation wide, the Democrat Leaders of the Party, the RINOS , BLM members, Antifa, Members, are Fascist just kike the NAZI were. That includes the Blue States. The working people, the College students, and people in general have been deluged by the lies which they believe. The media is in on it also.
    They wanted this to happen, so that the people would be voting for the corrupt, lying senile Joe and Communist Harris, and Trump would be out.
    This is not going to happen. Trump is going to win, legally not vote by mail like these Democrats want us to fall for their cheating ” elections”
    H knows that the people are looking at him to defend us from the Socialism/communism of the SWAMP!

  22. Knew it was bs ,floyd was talking,complaining her cant breath playing a game as a victim, crying like a baby .u cant do all that if the officer was cutting off his airway..he swallowed the drugs he had to keep from them finding them and he was already on cloud nine..that’s all the BLM needed to play the race card..Democrats took advantage of the situation having their fake new use racism against trump to get the black blm turned it on the Democrats and to act as fools because they can .

  23. Sounds like the cat used up his lives, didn’t he?

  24. Too many people want to use police brutality as a means of continuing to live a criminal life. The democratic liberal left needs the votes from these people to have a chance to become a part of the political arena. How can sane people expect these people not to promote black lives matter and the rest of the agenda of the anti-American anarchists. The whole situation this country has gotten into allowing this liberal tearing down of our country’s values through its support of puppets like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Shumer and most of the media is disgusting. The one saving grace I have being is that I am 76 years old. I will not be around to have to watch as they inevitably take over and destroy because the conservative thinking element of our country does not have the guts to demand that the courts get rid of the criminals who display no desire to obey the law.

  25. Why patronize blm and all rioting blacks at all? What if the George Floyd incident hadn’t happened? Would blacks and antifa stil had riot? What excuse would they have made to riot, because it seems the riots were planned to disturb the election. Rioting blacks scream and blame but ignore that the “innocent” victims they cry about are not innocent at all. They all have something to hide, a criminal past, so when arrest is attempted they resist, fight and run, and what is police supposed to do, stand there and let them hurt them or watch them run? NARCISSISTIC IDIOTS, THAT’S WHAT RIOTING BLACKS AND ANTIFA ARE..


  26. The real criminals are the Democrats
    Seasoned treasonous scum
    They all Will be indicted and found guilty for 99% of all crimes in America for the past 12 years starting with Osama Obama Americans biggest nigger

  27. Floyd had a criminal and drug history and was overloaded with Fentanyl. While Chauvin should’ve let him up and with assistance from the other officers on site tried to get him in the car, Floyd was far more responsible for his death than Chauvin and the DA should be the one on trial..

  28. The death of Floyd shows just how stupid people (white and black) are to use this career criminal deaths to get new shoes and tvs or what ever else they could steal. Under the pretense of the death of this POS. The demoncRATs, soros
    people, blm, and antife are really turning people into savages. This is all BS with blms and racism> The so called president obSame started all of this race division when he said if he had a son he would look like trayvon. He should have told the blacks that they needed to behave and quit acting like animals just because they had a black president did not mean they could do whatever they wanted. He did not put a stop to it because Muslims and others want to destroy America. Don’t let them and put the criminals in jail.

  29. The B.L.M. is a Racist Domestic Terrorist group now and always has been! Backed by Obama / Biden, and the entire Democrat party! VOTE OUT OR RECALL EVERY DAMN ONE OF THE TRAITORS, FROM YOUR CITY, COUNTY, SCHOOL BOARDS, STATE,

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