Anti-Trump FBI Agent in Russia Origins Probe on the Hot Seat

Peter Strzok, the disgraced FBI agent who colluded with fellow Deep State operatives to spy on the Trump Campaign and undermine the White House appears to be in the crosshairs of Russia Origins investigators.

You probably remember Strzok as the biased FBI agent who carried on a salacious affair with co-worker Lisa Page, and repeatedly texted her assurances that the FBI would “stop” Pres. Trump from taking office. And if he did win the election, they had an “insurance policy” to reverse the will of voters. Try as he may to implement a bloodless coup with the likes of former FBI leaders James Comey and Andrew McCabe, they were beaten back in much the same fashion Hillary was in the 2016 election.

But the unethical and illegal practices used to spy on the Republican candidate for president continue to be probed. Leading the investigation into the Russian Collusion hoax, U.S. Attorney John Durham recently secured his first guilty plea. An FBI lawyer was convicted of altering materials to mislead a FISA judge to allow continued spying on Trump Campaign officials. Reports indicate others will fall soon, and Durham appears to have Strzok in his crosshairs.

After the White House received an update on the investigation into FBI abuses, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows believes the walls are closing in the Strzok and his comrades.

“A number of the players, the Peter Strzoks, the Andy McCabes, the James Comeys — and even others in the administration previously — are in real trouble because of their willingness to participate in an unlawful act,” Meadows reportedly said. “And I use the word unlawful at best, it broke all kinds of protocols and at worst people should go to jail as I mentioned previously.”

Strzok has been following his former boss James Comey’s lead by writing a muck-raking tell-all book that is not necessarily supported by facts. The establishment media has been open arms to promoting Strzok, despite the fact he deliberately undermined the country’s democracy by trying to interfere in our elections. In his book, Strzok positions himself as the arbiter of truth and indicates he knows more about foreign policy and leading the country than the duly-elected president.

“In all of his interview, I can tell you this: It’s not backed up by the facts. It’s not backed up by documents that I’ve seen. And ultimately his house of cards will come falling down,” Meadows reportedly said.

Peppering interviews with words such as “compromised,” the former G-man echoes the phony narratives Democrats and the fake news media pushed for years. Parroting it over and over doesn’t make it true. Strzok also states that he wasn’t initially inclined to unlawfully investigate the president but was motivated by “his ongoing attacks on our investigation.”

That statement itself doesn’t pass the smell test. That’s because it was Strzok who failed to follow FBI protocol when interviewing Hillary about her illegal server. And it was Strzok who pushed himself into the Mueller investigation and had to be removed for bias.

Everyday Americans know now that the Russia witch hunt was prompted by an unsubstantiated political dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign. Officials in the Obama-Biden DOJ and FBI knew that fact and routinely concealed it from the FISA court. Strzok was in on the hit.

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33 Responses

  1. It is “funny” that “justice” often in error is slammed against us nobodies while these characters get a free ride even for TREASON!

  2. We’ve got close to 5 years of document trails at this juncture and only 1 conviction?
    Clearly the prosecution is dragging its feet to get past Nov 3rd,

    1. And that my friends is the swamp. Killery will get a pass. Obama’s wingman will get a pass. And there are too many to mention here. They all are guilty of some crime. Some greater than others, but nevertheless guilty. And yet, NO jail time. If the Dems get in, it’s curtains for our system of Justice.

      1. Times like these make me wish for Justice, Old West Style. Because that is the only way us peons will ever see the real criminals prosecuted.

    1. tRump, Barr and the rest of the Repukes are scared shitless knowing that if they lose control ! That their whole outlaw corrupt regime cesspool is doomed


  3. Yet Pelosi is still shrieking about Russian Collusion while the GOP(LOL) sits back saying nothing in a loud way. All the while the Media(LOL) continues an endless barrage of lies and our system of education teaches kids to hate and overthrow the Constitution. Is anybody truly on “our side” any more?

    Oh, but, didn’t you know? The Russians own the hair salon that gave Pelosi the wash and set job that nobody else in her home district is allowed to get. Yep, it was Collusion to discredit her.

    So where is the Media on that?

  4. The administration is not dragging its feet Mr. The administration is interviewing the people they believe Are easiest to flip on their fellow criminals. “ Clearly” John C. Listed above is a scum sucking Liberal. “ Clearly!”

  5. Just think of the conditions in the USA had Strzok and the FBI coconspirators were successful in derailing the Presidential election, or had been able to successfully pull a coup on President Trump. No, really, think about that, what if they would have been successful, then what?

    The the FBI would rule the USA and it’s people, and never again would any President be elected without the approval of those running the FBI, and everyone in the government would again be as afraid of the FBI as they were when J. Edgar Hoover was the Director, the queer with all the dirt on all the long serving politicians.

    Still the tail is wagging the dog, as the “Deep State” long serving politicalized federal employees, heading the federal government agencies and departments, has obstructed and resisted everything this sitting President is trying to do, which his policies and agendas have proven highly successful for the American people, but they go against the policies and agendas of the Democrats who politicized the federal government employees, who then fight this President’s actions and decisions.

    If John Durham doesn’t indict and prosecute many of those who have taken illegal actions to prevent this President from doing the job that the people elected him to do, then those conspirators in the “Deep State” will have won, and all those illegal actions taken against President Trump will; happen over and over again in the future by the federal government employees who believe they are the ones who should choose who runs our government, not the American people.

    But even if John Durham is successful in doing what he should, his job, all those who broke the law in an attempt to stop the man that the people elected to be their President, will have been punished, and a precedent set for future attempts that will have consequences for any illegalities, without the “Deep State” highly politicized federal government employees that head all the federal agencies and departments are removed, then not much will change in the obstruction and resistance any President will face that doesn’t capitulate to his own employees’ demands of their favored politicalized decisions.

  6. If the GOP Congress not going to STAND UP AGAINST THESE PEOPLE! Then step down and out of our CONGRESS! We don’t need COWARD who took an OATH TO UPHOLD THE LAWS OF THE LAND! These FBI agents shall be executed by FIRING SQUAD! They work aganist the laws they were supposed to be PROTECT AND SERVING! Even against the President that was in office( Trump)! The head of the FBI shall be first executed by FIRING SQUAD. He knew his DUTY! But REFUSED TO FOLLOW it! It no different if he was a TERRORIST or part of a terrorist group. We can say that these law maker either DO THEIR JOBS OR GET OUT OF THE AMERICANS WAY! These people need to know what their jobs is! And it NOT WIRKING AGANIST THE COUNTRY OR PRESIDENT! SO if they can’t follow the rule then executed them! To show the other we don’t accept TRAITOR IN THE FBI! No matter who is the head of the FBI!

    1. Excellent response and proper methods to restore our AMERICAN Form of Government. Without question Comey and his co-conspirators should be held accountable for their treasonous acts. They should be the “tip of the sword of justice” that takes a wide swath across the nation. If these, and many acts of allowing crimes, and appeasing the criminals, continues we will become worse that the countries we point fingers at for their corrupt governments.
      The many senior military officers who speak out Or in any way lead out against our elected president should be dealt with according to the law.
      Thank you for supporting the land that we love.

  7. well i do hope this will end soon. i am aware to redo a situation takes patience and time. i am sure durham will do just that and if anyone goes to jail peter needs to do it. i remember his eyes and face during the hearing on tv and i honestly thought the man was a bit crazy or smoking, drinking or injecting something illegal. he was a terror to look at. i was waiting for him to start spewing saliva from his mouth…….my question how do these people get their jobs…………and also be allowed to stay in the positions for a while. maybe one person will not want to wear orange and will spill their beans for more truths to uncovered.

  8. Wyatt,
    Do you mean the Republican Congress that is lead by Democrat Nancy Pelosi?

  9. The F B I has drugged it’s feet too long , it’s shouldn’t have taken 4 years to get to the truth .

  10. Congress is a sham! Pisslosi is a traitor to America just like the majority of demonrats.

  11. I’ve read several books written by political analysts regarding the actual corruption that took place. I’m waiting with bated breath for all these corrupt politicians to tumble down like dominoes. They need to be prosecuted so that we can clean the slate of DC corruption and have America once again “the home of the brave and the free” indivisible under the only one and true God. God will truly judge these corrupt politicians who think they can overtake His role and ruin our beautiful country. They will ultimately be condemned.

  12. The patriots are coming to serve justice to the treasonous slime in this world
    The lefts days are numbered
    The tech media
    The media
    The lefts politicians or rats as they are
    They are lying at such a rate nothing they say is believed
    They know treason demands the death penalty
    That’s why their killing and burning cities they have nothing to loose
    Their crimes are beyond the death penalty already
    The notion of defunding police
    Anyone that thinks that proves themselves insane by that notion alone
    The most evil thing in America today are democrats
    A blind man can see that
    Everything they do or say is a lie of moronic proportions
    Their 2 year olds hating everyone and everything
    America has a real problem our conscience
    It must be put aside for awhile
    The left is insanity by definition and their actions
    Killing the leftest’s is the only solution
    All of them
    We must put our conscience aside for our children
    For if we do not eliminate all the left our children will forever be in danger

  13. It’ll take another act of God to re elect the POTUS but this time with a twist I did not see when I predicted Trump’s first election. This time several very famous preachers are predicting a powerful spiritual awakening for returning to God. I’m well known in my area for my preachments in my comments to the press. I’m reviled for saying God sent the pandemic and for pointing to Revelation 17:17 as reasons that people of all stripes are acting the way they do.. I’m also known for saying one or more things will occur when Trump is re elected. Either he will be assassinated, removed from office and imprisoned and/ or be executed or a ‘real’ civil war will break out. In any case more than half of America will die quickly perhaps because Trump overthrows the government, execute the traitors and all those who attacked him for no good reason. Perhaps a bit of all the above but I do not believe he will be re elected without rancor. Socialcrats have no god! He was booted out of the party during the Obama era. They will not acknowledge him in any way. All Socialcrats, all anarchists, all Muslims and many Republicans don’t believe in God and have no affinity with the truth and are only in politics to enrich themselves as are all Dims. I believe all rioters and those who support them are past redemption and will go to Hell. In summary, I eagerly await the return of Jesus so I’ll not need to do the killings that’ll surely be my fate when the civil war starts.I realize most so-called preachers and Christians are ignorant and wearing blinders and don’t want to get involved and politicians are feigning ignorance. Only Trump has been faithful to his calling and certainly should easily be re elected.. Praise the Lord!

  14. I don’t have a problem with the time it’s taking to get to the truth. If you take notice, when Durham or Barr do bring the hammer down on someone they have all of i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. In other words they collect all of the facts before they show their hand. I trust them, and if we can keep OUR President in office for four more years we will see a lot of people go down, maybe even some politicians. That’s why the Demoncraps are doing everything they can to get rid of him. President Trump need our prayers and our VOTE.

  15. Just do the right thing ! Vote Trump come November ! This will allow our POTUS to fulfill his promise of “ Draining the SWAMP “. He’s been great at keeping promises let’s support our president !!!

  16. I want someone to go to prison for lying and treason against a sitting president. I want Obummer to go to jail for a long time.

  17. The delay in bringing Justice, is a real Shame! The clock is running out and when the Democrats take the Presidency,
    the Senate and the House Of Representatives, they will pass a new law that the investigation of all these Traitors be terminated, no reason or lawful evidence, for passing such a law will be allowed or permitted!
    Soon after that railroad of NON justice is passed, Biden will be unable to perform as President, and the Loser Harris will be
    President, she will APPOINT a new V. P. and Harris, will last less then 2 weeks and the new V. P., a full blooded Marxist will be
    Americas FIRST DICTATOR. The Communists have been slowly taking over America for 60 Years, and fanning the fires of hate Black against White, Spanish against White, Asian against White, and the best part White against White.

  18. GEORGE ORWELL “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  19. Might need to read the book “Term Limits”! Made them Permanent! This could be coming to (YOU)!

  20. Sic ’em and while you’re at it get started on the the current commiecrat party.

  21. The most dangerous man in this country is actually Trump’s Russian handler. Trump has his nose so far into Putin that he’s breathing Moscow air. We can be sure it’s Trump that’s been smooching on Putin’s backside. We can get his lip prints from the hickeys. If Trump isn’t a Russian agent, he’s certainly too stupid to deal with them.

    His private little phone calls with Putin. He believes Putin more than he believes our tried and true intelligent services mostly because he chooses to. The information obviously isn’t any better. He’s given our intelligence information to our greatest enemy. Legally he can do it, but I and the others who don’t trust Putin and with 70 plus years of good reason. Who the hell do idiots think several thousand Russian nukes are pointed at.

    Do some of the stupid people think Trump’s love affair with a strong and manly Putin is getting us anything at all. It’s getting us into dangerous territory with an old time KGB comrade who sees every intersection as a combat with us.

    The actions of a pure crook will require accounting, one way or the other. People who write all the tripe about jailing and hanging or shooting Democrats. No talk of trials or evidence, just prosecute and persecute without recourse in show trials. Oh that’s right, that’s an old Russian custom.

    The number of Russian customs that Trump seems to like are all designed to keep him in power and suppress any dissent. Trump is an autocratic, paranoid, narcissistic, sociopath and too stupid to be smart.

    He has done nothing for the American people. He’s tryjng to let the country burn down by cutting the forest service year after year. He’s trying to sell off the beauty and majesty of our national park system to companies that have a long history of polluting the area and then moving off to leave the taxpayer to clean up the mess. His economic mess will only get worse as he continues to let the big banks and corporations suck the life out of the worker consumer.

    Trump is a not my job junior jerkoff that is doing nothing more than playing to the emotions of the brain-drained. The reason all those Democrats aren’t in jail is because they can’t find any evidence against them. Much of the so-called evidence against them is nothing more than hearsay.

  22. Our founding Fathers went through a lot of the same BS we are going through now. They tried to work with the government and through the government to get things right, fairness, justice, but like all governments you have psychopaths and dictators and plain scum that care less for justice or the Love of God and abiding by HIS laws. So long story short, I am looking forward to another 1776 so we can clean house with all the deranged scum and traitors to this great Country and its Constitution.

  23. And Larry Ripley, you are a typical punk with an IQ of a box of rocks liberal. You are also the problem with this country. I will wait, but give me some accomplishments that obama and Biden did in 8 years besides fast and furious, Benghazi, the Iran deal, spying on Christian organizations, do I need to go on, oh and the famous 1.9 percent growth in GDP is all we can expect from here on and those jobs aren’t coming back. You are a moron maybe even a traitor to this country in my opinion. Hope to see you when 1776 starts up again.

  24. My fear is that none of these obvious criminals, all the way from the most lowly to Obama , will not be punished in any manner. I don’t think there will even be a report written to at least tell the tale about what Obama’s corrupt administration did. The whole thing will just disappear from history and the left and their propaganda pawns can go back to claiming Trump did, indeed, collude with the Russians-some of the leftists are already saying it. In the future there may well never be another Republican President, but I have pity on any Republican who does break through and follow another Democrat, because, as night follows the day, you can count on a repeat of what happened here. No consequences, no reason to avoid doing it…right?

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