Hypocrite: Pelosi Gets Her Hair Done at a COVID-Shuttered Salon

If there is anything that encapsulates the disconnect between the globalist elites and everyday Americans in 2020 than the new Pelosi hair video, please let us know what it is. This might be one of the most significant things to happen in the 2020 election. Get this: Nancy Pelosi went and got her hair done at a salon in San Francisco that is not allowed to be open due to California’s COVID-19 rules. Yeah. The business is closed by Democrat mandates and you can’t get your hair done there, but it’s open for Pelosi.

It’s hard to believe, but after nearly six months, hair salons and other similar “non-essential” businesses are still shut down in California. The owners of those businesses and their employees have not been allowed to make a living for six months. The Party of Science Democrats assure that it’s just too dangerous, because of coronavirus.

We also continue to see hypocritical tyrants – always Democrats – breaking the same coronavirus rules that they force everyone else to follow.

The mayor of New York City – Pothead Bill de Blasio – and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wander around without masks on, taking a knee for Black Lives Matter. A Pennsylvania mayor who banned indoor dining was photographed “dining in” – in Maryland.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-Obviously) banned traveling to your second home, and then traveled to her own second home for a weekend getaway when she was being vetted for the Biden VP slot.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot banned people from getting haircuts – and then got her own hair styled. Lightfoot also banned BLM protests near her own house and deployed police to enforce that rule.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been calling the looting and burning riots in his city “peaceful protests” all summer. Now he’s moving to a new, undisclosed location after the peaceful protesters set his condo building on fire. Peacefully.

All of those Democrats have a good excuse, though: They’re all thinking of running for president in 2024.

But what’s Pelosi’s excuse?

Oh, right. Pelosi says she didn’t know that she was doing anything wrong. She didn’t notice as she was being escorted by armed guards to the salon that all of the other businesses in that neighborhood are shut down. She had no idea she couldn’t get her hair done in San Francisco!

How is Pelosi supposed to know what the rules are in her home district in San Francisco? She spends all of her time at her palatial vineyard mansion in Napa Valley! (Enjoying gourmet ice cream from her matching $20,000 luxury freezers.)

In all seriousness, how could Nancy Pelosi have known the rules?? It’s not like her nephew is the Governor of California or something!

Oh… wait… actually, her nephew is the Governor of California.

The enraged salon owner who hasn’t been allowed to earn a living all this time sent the security video from her business to Fox News. She wanted America to see the standard of living that Pelosi is enjoying right now. (One of the salon’s contractors snuck Pelosi in for a “wash and blowout,” despite it being illegal for Pelosi to get a haircut.)

Not to worry, the mainstream media is hot on the case covering for Pelosi. They did, however, have to divert some journalistic resources away from investigating 6-year-old Jacob Trump’s Lego conspiracy. The media’s hot take on Pelosi’s illegal haircut:

“Say, is it illegal in California to record Nancy Pelosi on a security camera without her consent?”

This, of course, is almost as hypocritical an excuse as Pelosi’s haircut itself. The Democrat-loving media is suggesting that the salon owner broke the law by sending a security video that paints Nancy Pelosi in a bad light. Yes, that’s the real crime. Can’t criticize the powerful! Meanwhile, let’s go call a 17-year-old kid in Kenosha a “domestic terrorist” for defending himself against Antifa.

Nancy Pelosi is now demanding the salon apologize to her for “setting her up.” As if its their fault and not hers she broke the law. Even though she’s a lawmaker and her job is to literally write and pass laws.

Here’s the best thing to note about Nancy Pelosi’s little visit to the salon: She’s not wearing a mask in the security video.

The same day that Pelosi snuck off to get her hair done – the very same day – she gave a press conference in which she accused President Trump of “slapping science in the face” because many of the attendees at the RNC last week were not wearing a mask. And Pelosi herself was not wearing a mask when she went for a “blowout” at a shuttered salon. You and your hair stylist would be fined in San Francisco right now, by the way, if you pulled the same stunt.

One rule for the Democrat tyrants and a different rule for everyone else. Welcome to 2020.

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10 Responses

  1. Pelosi- Once again an elitist being paid by Americans telling Americans “you will do as I say not as I do”. What a joke and a disgusting one at that.

  2. Who in the heck does she think she is? In other words she must be better than all the people in the U.S.A. I don’t think so. She is nothing but a heathen who thinks she can tell all the lies about Mr. Trump and expect us to believe all her moronic rambles. By now the demonrats should wake up and see how they are being misled by a demented, crazy female who needs to put her “special “ self in a mental hospital where she belongs. And leave the Americans people alone. She’s not fooling us anymore. If she would commit herself then maybe those cronies who followed her will realize what a fool she has made of them.

  3. Pelousy is a well known pathological liar. Believe nothing that comes from her…oral or written.

  4. For years they have a preached ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially a lawmaker

  5. What’s that often said axiom? Oh yes, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Nancy was instrumental in creating these rules, and now she want’s us to believe she either didn’t know, or forgot, or best of all, that it doesn’t apply to her. That says an awful lot about her as a lawmaker. And breathtakingly, wants to be apologized to for her transgression.

  6. Are u kidding? She may not realize but she is actually helping Trump by making Dems look stupid. Who can believe a two- faced idiot like her? She’s giving the finger to all Americans for holding up the next payout so she can fund stupid unnecessary programs by the radicals. She will forever be known as the crookedest speaker ever and should set back women’s rights by 50 years. Hating her will bring Trump votes. I expect a classless gun battle whenTrump kicks ass on 11/3. If he doesn’t win, it will have been illegally fixed. And stretch out the eventual winner, then the war will begin. Glad we have the gun laws as we have the guns to use- will be good to weed out the anarchists forever.

  7. Isn’t Newsom and or the mayor of San Francisco relatives of hers, nephews or cousins ?

  8. Turns out that this is a big nothing burger. Your boy tRump calling Military members captured and killed in action a bunch of losers is the bigger story

  9. Time to SIGN UP ROBERT MUELLER FOR SALON-GATE!!!! Pelosi…. you’re pathetic. It’s why I contacted the House Ethics Committee about your
    antics during the State of the Union address and why I’m contacting them again about your breaking the law in California.

  10. Pelosi is the most disgusting, lying, corrupt hypocrite that has ever been the speaker of the house…she is horrible. She and the other democrats have turned california into a stinking, viral, sewage plant. She should be arrested for being a traitor to her state and country.

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