President Trump Visits Kenosha While Biden Hides in his Basement

“Please don’t come, Mr. President,” whined the governor of Wisconsin. “Our people need time to heal and focus on racial injustice and police brutality,” added a relative of Jacob Blake, the black man shot by police after going for a knife while resisting arrest.

The shooting inspired more riots, burning, and destruction, along with a new BLM t-shirt displaying 7 holes on its back. It got so bad in the small community of 100,000 people that the Democrat governor was forced to accept help from the national guard, at the urging of President Trump.

After seeing the images of burned down businesses, violent riots and looted storefronts, President Trump decided that a visit was in order. He needed to see the destruction and talk to the people himself, rather than listening to the media’s narrative.

Trump Tours the Damage in Kenosha, Wisconsin

During the visit, the President tried to meet with Jacob Blake’s mother and father. He had previously phoned Blake’s mother to offer his condolences, but she had missed the call.  She told CNN’s Don Lemon, “And then also, for president Trump, I’m sorry I missed your call!… I’m not mad at you at all. I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country.”  

Apparently worried that any commiseration with the leader of the free world would somehow jeopardize the family’s upcoming lawsuit and settlement, Blake family lawyers insisted they be allowed to listen in. Whereupon President Trump decided the family wasn’t serious and was more into playing politics. He instead decided to commiserate over the events of the last two weeks with the Kenosha police instead.

Jacob Blake, who apparently has trouble processing police instructions like “stop resisting,” had, at the time of his confrontation with police, a warrant for his arrest. Court records show that on July 6, Blake was charged with sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse.

The bystander who recorded the shooting said he saw Blake fighting with 3 officers and heard them shout, “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!”  Blake put one officer in a headlock, didn’t go down after being tasered, he headed for his car with his three frantic and traumatized children inside and reached inside his car.

The officer who shot Blake made the decision not to allow Blake to escape and endanger his children and the public in a car chase.

One AP news report characterized President Trump’s visit as having stood “at the epicenter of the latest eruption over racial injustice” and coming down “squarely on the side of law enforcement, blaming ‘domestic terror’ for the violence in Kenosha.”

The AP report continued that the President made “no nod to the underlying cause of anger and protests—the shooting of yet another Black man by police.”

Don’t hold your breath, mainstream media. President Trump nods to no one. He will not do what Pelosi and Biden do and forgive, overlook, and justify law breaking—ever.

Is he making political hay by putting liberal and left-wing failures on display? Yes, he is. The Trump approach, however, is that he applies the truth that normal people can see with their own eyes. The political reality is that the truth has a cleansing effect with a group of crazies who are ruled by searing emotion.

Joe Biden revealed earlier this week what a coward he is by refusing to visit Kenosha. Biden doesn’t like anything that makes him leave the comfort of his basement and forces him to talk to reporters without help from a teleprompter.  

Biden’s refusal shows that one of these men is a real leader. The other should probably stay at home safe in his basement, where he doesn’t have to deal with real life, hard issues.

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  1. Thank God for the President Trump and Vice President Pence TEAM

  2. The Only Racial injustice and police brutality, is being done by the Democrats, B.L.M. AND ANTIFA! THEY are beating up Citizens and the Law enforcers of these Cities! Vote out all Democrats, they have become the Devil’s hand! ALL THE GOOD DEMOCRATS HAVE ALREADY SWITCHED PARTIES OR LEFT OFFICE! THE ONLY ONES REMAINING ARE THE SCUM UNDER THE SCUM!

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