Enthusiasm Gap Widens between Trump and Biden, Could Help Trump Win on Election Day

There’s a freight train of excitement barreling down on America right now – and its conductor’s name is Joe Biden! Well… maybe it’s not that exciting. There seems to be an enthusiasm gap that the Democrats are suffering from this year. They’re resigned to the fact that they’re going to lose. Their bench was so shallow that they never had any hope of a candidate unseating Trump (actually, there was one that had a chance, but they couldn’t talk her into getting her lazy rear-end off the couch).

Now that they have officially settled for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the best they can hope for is to sow chaos on Election Day, to undermine the validity of Trump’s victory. Here are three questions you should be thinking about if you are the least bit concerned that Donald Trump will lose in November.

Question One: What’s Joe Biden’s plan?

Or, in fairness, what’s Kamala Harris’s plan? If you watched Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democrat convention last week, or paid attention to his campaign all year, you don’t have an answer to that question! Entire chunks of his convention acceptance speech were lifted directly from his 2008 convention speech, when Biden accepted the vice-presidential nomination. Yeah – he plagiarized himself.

I know what Donald Trump’s plan is. It’s one of genius simplicity. It was so simple that it could be summarized in just four words back in 2016: Make America Great Again. In 2020, he’s chopped it down to three.

And we know what Trump’s plan to Keep America Great involves: Jobs, economic growth, an end to endless wars, standing up to Communist China, rebuilding our tattered military, cutting off the immigration spigot, fair trade agreements that don’t shaft the middle class, and defending the Christian heritage of our nation.

The Biden campaign is such an Amateur Hour Parade of Mediocrity that they don’t even have a campaign slogan that anyone can remember or articulate – and it’s AUGUST!

Question Two: Who were people talking about during the Dems’ “convention?”

We know the answer to this question because everything that happens online is counted, tabulated, scored, parsed, analyzed and hootenannied until we have too much data to even think about. Here are the social media mentions that happened during the DNC convention, as tabulated by NewsWhip (in other words, this is the stuff people were talking about during the convention):

  • Michelle Obama: 7.6 million
  • Barack Obama: 1.5 million
  • Joe Biden: 1.4 million
  • Donald Trump: 1.4 million
  • Brayden Harrington: 834,000
  • Bill Clinton: 808,000
  • John Kasich: 468,000
  • Cindy McCain: 434,000
  • Bernie Sanders: 383,000
  • Kamala Harris: 89,000

There are two striking things about this data. The first is that Michelle Obama is, by far, the most influential public figure in America when it comes to conveying the left’s message. I find her divisive and unintelligent. But liberals adore her for some reason.

Michelle Obama is five times more interesting and exciting to Democrat voters than Joe Biden is. She should have been their candidate for this year. Thankfully, Michelle Obama is an incredibly lazy privileged person. She’d rather recline on the couch in her coastal Martha’s Vineyard mansion and complain about how white privilege is holding her back.

The second really striking thing about the data is Kamala Harris’s numbers. Brayden Harrington, the little boy who claims that Joe Biden helped him overcome his stuttering, received ten times as many social media mentions as Harris. Kamala Harris could literally be the President of the United States on Day Two of a Joe Biden administration, but Democrats are utterly unenthused about her.

The enthusiasm gap always makes a huge difference in presidential elections. No honest person is excited about Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. A lot of Democrats are going to do the same thing on Election Day that many of us conservatives did back in 2008 and 2012: They’re going to stay home because they don’t like the official party nominee.

Question Three: Who benefited most from the DNC Convention?

Throughout our relatively young tradition of televised nominating conventions, the party nominee has always received a bump in their poll numbers. We even have a name for it: The “post-convention bump.”

That didn’t happen in 2020. After four days of watching the Democrats call for reparations for slavery, defunding the police, and lecturing us about how much they hate our “racist” country, Joe Biden’s numbers went down – and Donald Trump’s went up! This has never happened before. The AOC wing of the Democrat Party is so insane that it’s only benefiting Trump as we get closer to the election.

Keep your chins up, everyone! 2020 has been an insane year. Do you realize that Donald Trump was impeached this year? And it was such a weak impeachment that the Democrats never mentioned it a single time during their convention! All of the advantage is on Trump’s side as the RNC convention kicks off this week. We still have a lot of work to do for the next two months to bring President Trump across the finish line – but our enemies are acting like they’ve already lost. Time to pounce!

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