Will Republicans Blow an Historic Opportunity to Remake Education?

Millions of American parents are suddenly adjusting their fall schedules on the fly as public-school districts across the country announce that they’re not reopening. The teachers’ unions say the danger is just too high. (“What do you think we are – Costco checkout stand workers?!”) They’re playing politics with the future of millions of American children. This is your big moment, elected Republicans! Are you smart enough to spot a large, angry demographic that greatly outnumbers the teacher’s unions that you’re so afraid of?

Attorney General Bill Barr scored massive points with a lot of parents during a recent Sean Hannity interview, when he said, “If you want to talk about systemic racism, look no further than the public schools and the teacher unions.”


69% of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District can’t read at grade level. Before you laugh and point at Los Angeles, 67% of public-school students in the entire country cannot read at grade level. Reading scores on standardized tests went down in 31 states last year.

History is no longer taught in most American public schools. That subject morphed into “social studies” a couple of decades ago, and today it has morphed into something that they call “Civics” – but which isn’t actually civics. According to a study by the Heritage Foundation, the vast majority of civics classes in American public schools no longer teach about the US Constitution, the three branches of government, the basic functions of the American government, how a bill becomes a law, or any of those quaint notions. Instead, students are taught how to stage public protests for far-left, progressive causes.

This is why the hordes of young rioters that you see on the news every day can’t tell the difference between a statue of an elk in Portland, OR and a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan in Austin, TX.

“Is it a statue? Must be that slave-owner, George Washington!”

Students are not allowed to object to these “civics” classes on how to safely tear down a Frederick Douglass statue without bashing in your own head. If they do object, they’re punished and given a bad grade in “civics,” which threatens their academic future. Parents know this threat hangs over their child’s head, so many parents choose not to speak out against this fraudulent system.

But by now, the gloves should be off. There’s no child-care available this fall. Couples are having a painful conversation right now: Whose job has the better salary and benefits, so that one of us can stay home and educate our child(ren)?

And even as millions of American couples are now sacrificing one of their two household salaries, so their child won’t end up being a doofus on welfare, the public schools are demanding billions of dollars for a service that they are not delivering.

Elected Republicans: Please wake up to this. RIGHT NOW!

Parents who homeschool their children or send them to private schools have been boiling mad about this subject for years. We are taxed through the nose to prop up the public schools, despite the fact that we do not utilize those services. Now a lot of everyday parents who were sending their kids to public schools are in the same boat. We’re being asked to pay for a service that the teachers’ unions don’t want to provide – because an election just like we’ve had every four years throughout the country’s history is happening this fall.

Public schools are raking in an average of about $12,000 per pupil, per year, to “educate” them on social justice, statue wrecking and communism. Despite spending more money per-student than any other nation on earth, American students ranked 25th in the world in reading and math. Estonia, one of the poorest countries in northern Europe and which has a smaller GDP than Rhode Island, is able to educate its children better than the American teacher unions.

We can’t even build a pedestrian bridge in this country without it falling down and killing people, thanks to the public schools.

Are you listening, GOP? This is your big moment. There’s a gigantic group of Americans who are furious with the public-school system right now. This is your big chance to make school choice an issue, and to tie education dollars to students rather than to the system that is destroying our country. We won’t have a better opportunity for this type of America First change that will do lasting, systemic good for America.

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