Feds Seize 20,000 Fake IDs from China, Election Fraud is Here

China is the number one enemy of the United States. They are attacking, and most Americans are willfully ignorant. Just take a look at their latest attack in the battle against our freedom and elections.

This year, at O’Hare International Airport, federal officers have seized a ridiculous number of counterfeit driver’s licenses and other fake documents. When you read these numbers, remember that they are just from one airport and only this year.

So far, 1,513 separate shipments have been seized because they contain counterfeit documents. Within those shipments were 19,888 counterfeit documents, most of which were driver’s licenses. The vast majority of the shipments came from China and Hong Kong, but there were others from places including South Korea and Great Britain.

For a little perspective, Dallas-Ft Worth International Airport has seized 900 fake IDs in the same time period.

O’Hare is a much busier and more active port of entry, but it’s not the busiest. Just these two ports have busted more than 20,000 fake IDs come into the country, and those are just the ones that were caught!

If you consider how many ports we have, the sheer volume running through them and the tireless efforts of Democrats in states like New York and California to disrupt federal policing, you know that this problem is way bigger than 20,000 IDs.

Here’s the thing. 20,000 fake IDs is enough to perform some massive voter fraud. It could swing an election in most federal districts. Fewer than 20,000 people even voted in AOC’s district in 2018. Donald Trump won Michigan in 2016 by just 10,704 votes. The state was his closest victory over Hillary Clinton. Do you think 20,000 extra votes, thanks to counterfeit IDs, could make a difference in 2020? You bet it could.

Now let’s think about how big this problem really is. Even if the feds caught 100 percent of the fake IDs running through these ports (which is a pipe dream), that would mean there are millions that haven’t been caught. O’Hare isn’t even the busiest airport in the country. Atlanta and L.A. both see more traffic, which means they likely have had thousands more shipments of fake IDs make their way into the country.

It’s important to remember that this is not a minor threat. We are less than 90 days out from a major election. Fake IDs would allow thousands, perhaps millions, of illegal aliens to vote for the candidate that is promising them free healthcare and citizenship. It’s estimated there are between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens in this country. Trump only lost the popular vote to Hillary by 2.8 million votes. Think about that.

It’s also important to remember that these fake IDs are mainly coming from China. This isn’t a case of getting them from the communist regime because labor is cheaper over there. They’re coming from China because the CCP has a vested interest in undermining this election. No President in history has been tougher on China than President Trump. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has said we shouldn’t be afraid of China and that they aren’t “bag guys.” There is no force in this world that wants to see President Trump lose more than the CCP. They are flooding our country with fake IDs in an attempt to help that cause.

Here’s the biggest problem of all. It’s not just fake IDs. China is attacking us on every front, and they are using powerful, insidious methods to do it. They have taken over social media. They use it to radicalize and organize insurgents. Most of the rioting and violence you’ve seen this summer can be traced back to Chinese subversion. The counterfeit money George Floyd tried to pass off, which triggered the store to call the police on him, came from China. The number #2 most powerful nation on the planet wants to see their biggest enemy knocked off their pedestal and they’ve even chosen the champion of their cause. His name is Joe Biden, and it’s time we took this threat seriously.

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