“Policing is Rooted in Slave Patrols” & Other Things Stupid People Believe

Some of the lies from the political left are just too silly be countenanced these days. (“There’s a noose in my NASCAR garage!”) But as Adolph Hitler taught the Democrats, if you tell a really, really Big Lie, many people will start to believe it because they can’t fathom that someone could be as big of a liar as Adolph Hitler or, say, Nancy Pelosi. The thing that a person just said must be true because it’s so outlandish. One of the biggest of big lies that we’re hearing all over the place these days is that “Policing is rooted in slave patrols.” Could that be true?

The Duke University Black Coalition Against Policing is demanding that the campus police force be abolished. This is just the latest of a long list of other places calling for defunding the police because of “systemic racism.” This Black Coalition group sent a letter to the university’s administrators and alumni association, accompanied by more than 1,000 student signatures calling for no more campus police.

From the letter:

“Let us state this unequivocally: Originating in slave patrols, policing is inherently rooted in white supremacy and cannot be reformed.”

Let me state this unequivocally: Parents of Duke University students should ask for their money back!

People who hear this “policing originated in slave patrols” pablum for the first time are actually starting to believe it. That’s because the claim is A) pretty much brand new, and B) relies on the fact that history is no longer taught in the education system in America. Hearing that claim for the first time, a person could fall for it if they don’t really think it through: “We didn’t have police forces in American cities in the early 1800s, and now we do. Oh my gosh! Policing originated in slave patrols! It really is an oppressive example of systemic racism! The only reason for ‘police’ to exist is to chase down black people and beat them up!”

Since the mainstream media, the Democrat Party and Black Lives Matter are all telling us that policing originated in the Confederacy, I have a few observations.

Egyptian writings as far back as 2600 BC refer to an office known as “Commandant of the Police.” Perhaps BLM should travel to Egypt and attempt to dismantle the pyramids at Giza, since they were built by the Confederacy. In ancient Babylon, law enforcement was upheld by officers called puqudus. They were similar to what we think of as a modern sheriff, who had both urban and rural areas to patrol.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, Levites were tasked with guarding the king, carrying out court orders and overseeing public works projects. Every city had night watchmen as well. China’s system of “prefects” – another precursor to the modern sheriff – was developed in the 8th century BC.

The point is that law enforcement is as old as “civilization” itself. If having a police force is racist, then civilization itself is racist. The entire world did not look at the Confederacy in 1850 and suddenly think, “Wow! Those guys are doing everything right! It’s time for us to emulate them by establishing police forces of our own!”

The word “police” in English is derived from the same ancient Greek word that “politics” comes from: Polis. It’s a word that means “of the city” or “of the people,” loosely. Latin adopted the word later as Politia, meaning “citizenship, administration, civil polity.” From Latin the word was adopted into 14th-century Middle French as Police, meaning “public order, administration, government.”

Policing did not originate in slave patrols. It originated as a necessary component of civilization itself. If a group of people is going to have any form of government, it needs police to enforce the laws of that government and to bonk criminals in the head with a stick. Period.

Calling for police to be abolished by claiming that “policing originated in slave patrols” is in fact a vicious lie designed to take down America as we know it. The domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter are pretending that we can have our cake and eat it too. If we abolish the police on their behalf, the new system of government that replaces America will still have a police force. But you’re not going to like it compared to what we have now.

Oh, and if you encourage a college student to read this article, they will suddenly have more knowledge of history than an entire four-year course of study at Duke University provides. You’re welcome!

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