Epic Ted Cruz Bill Will Let Property Owners Sue Riot-Supporting Cities

The media has pivoted back to reporting on coronavirus 24/7, but you’ve probably noticed that riots and looting are still happening. My local bank branch was reduced to rubble last week in my city – and it wasn’t even mentioned in the news. Since the riots are likely to continue unchecked until at least after the election, how do we put a stop to them when police are ordered to stand down? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come up with a possible solution that places liability for property damages on the real villains: Democrats!

Under the legal concept of “qualified immunity,” you cannot sue a government official like a judge, a police officer, a teacher, a mayor or a city council if they do something negligent that harms you. This is a very real problem when you have mayors telling the police to not perform their most basic function, which is to stop criminals in the act of carrying out crimes.

This has been an endless pattern in America since before Donald Trump was even elected. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and garden variety Democrats have been assaulting Trump supporters, burning businesses to the ground in the name of social justice, breaking windows, burning cars, looting and causing mayhem across the country. Try to attend an Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos speech if you doubt this.

And in every single case, the Democrats in charge of the cities where this mayhem happens have ordered the police to “stand down.” Just sit back, don’t do your job and watch as Democrats punch veterans in wheelchairs, pelt women in MAGA hats in the face with eggs and set things on fire.

If your business happens to be burned to the ground as the police are being ordered to not do their jobs, well, that’s just too bad. Your business insurance will hopefully pay for the physical damages to your property, but the very real emotional harm of watching your small business destroyed as the police you paid for do nothing is just something that you’re going to have to deal with on your own.

Well… that’s BS and everyone knows it. There shouldn’t be a special dispensation for judges, mayors and other government employees to be immune from liability lawsuits. If they fail to do their duty in the first place and you are harmed as a result of that negligence, you should be able to sue them for damages.

You’re probably already heard about the Trump administration denying funds to Minnesota over the debacle in Minneapolis. After the Democrat Mayor of that city told police to stand down, the George Floyd riots did hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. The Trump administration denied Minnesota $16 million in funds to rebuild. They let their city burn to the ground, so taxpayers in the rest of the country shouldn’t be forced to pay for the rebuilding effort. It was a preventable catastrophe, if only the Democrats in charge of Minneapolis would have let the police do their jobs.

Ted Cruz is now introducing legislation that will amplify this message. Cruz noted, “Minnesota Dems willfully allowed Minneapolis to burn and then blamed the police whom they demonized. Now, they want the federal government to pay the bill. I’m introducing legislation to make local government liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection.”

I am simply in awe of this. Ted Cruz knows how to properly use “whom” in a sentence. Oh, and because he’s figured out a way to thread the needle on qualified immunity so that most people will be able to support the concept.

Americans have been horrified to watch violent mobs destroying small businesses, while the cops are ordered to simply leave the rioters alone. The cops know that they will immediately be fired if they step in and do their jobs, so they can’t be blamed for this plague on our cities. The people in charge of those cities are the ones at fault, for not allowing the cops to do their jobs.

Ted Cruz’s new bill has zero chance of passing in the House of Representatives right now. But in the meantime, if it can be pushed through the Senate, we can do our part as voters to wrest control of the House away from Nancy Pelosi. And then, maybe business owners will finally be able to get some relief from the tyranny of Democrat mayors.

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