George Floyd’s “Second Autopsy” Was Just Another Lie

Famed medical examiner Michael Baden, who examined Jeffrey Epstein and George Floyd, used to have his own celebrity autopsy show on HBO. Surely, he would not lie to the American people about something. Would he?

Journalist Paul Craig Roberts reports that after an exhaustive search for Baden’s autopsy, it does not appear to exist. You can easily find George Floyd’s official autopsy by the Minnesota Medical Examiner. Here it is. But as for Baden’s autopsy, the only thing that exists is a typed sheet of notes that does not list any of things that you would see in an actual autopsy.

Baden claims to have found in his autopsy of George Floyd that there were signs of asphyxiation due to neck and back pressure applied by the police. “There is no other health issue that could cause or contribute to the death.”

This is a remarkable finding, since the existing autopsy found that George Floyd had been suffering from years-long, severe arteriosclerotic heart disease and had a clinical history of hypertension and/or high blood pressure. Terrible chronic heart disease seems to be a health issue that “could cause or contribute to death.”

The existing autopsy also reported that Floyd had heavy amounts of caffeine, THC and cotinine (from nicotine) in his system. Even medical non-experts know that people with chronic heart disease shouldn’t be smoking weed and cigarettes while drinking lots of coffee. In fact, that can literally kill a person with severe arteriosclerotic heart disease. Someone should tell Michael Baden!

But on top of weed, cigarettes and coffee, George Floyd’s toxicology report shows that he had 11 milligrams of fentanyl in his system, 5.6 milligrams of Norfentanyl and 19 milligrams of methamphetamine. For reference, just 2 milligrams of fentanyl are a fatal dose for an average-sized healthy person. George Floyd had ingested 8 times the lethal amount of fentanyl and Norfentanyl, plus a bunch of meth – while suffering from chronic artery disease.

Not only that, but the official M.E. did a sickle cell test on George Floyd, a test that is always performed on African Americans suspects who die in police custody. It provides a wealth of information, which I’ll go ahead and paraphrase for you: George Floyd was dying before the police ever placed him on the ground.

As for the asphyxiation claim, Baden states that the officers putting department-approved pressure on George Floyd’s back and neck restricted the flow of blood to his brain. Baden stated, “Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true.”

Okay, that’s it. I can’t even…

There’s a very real possibility that Michael Baden has never even read a high school biology textbook. In order for vocal cords to function, air has to pass over them. If a person is talking, they are literally breathing. Ask any mixed martial artist or high school wrestler. If the blood flow to the brain is restricted, the “lights out, you’re unconscious” effect is immediate, and death is extremely quick after that. The sport of Judo, which uses carotid artery chokeholds as a form of subduing an attacker, has never recorded a single death from the use of chokeholds since 1882 – not even by accident. And George Floyd was not even in a chokehold. George Floyd was awake and complaining that he couldn’t breathe for eight or nine minutes, which is totally inconsistent with chokehold deaths.

There’s also a host of scientific research to support the fact that applying a knee to the back of a suspect’s neck, as shown in the George Floyd video, does not kill people. The angle of the pressure prevents a suspect from choking to death and in no way restricts blood flow to the brain. Go ahead and check yourself: You don’t have arteries in the back of your neck. The angle prevents choking, and the amount of pressure is not sufficient to restrict blood flow.

Scientific findings, which are cited in the Minneapolis Police Department’s white paper on use of force to restrain superhuman overdose suspects, note that the average amount of pressure exerted by an average-sized officer is about 105 psi to the back of the neck. Which is about the same amount of pressure you would experience while giving a piggy-back ride to an 8-year-old child, and which in no way restricts blood flow or oxygen intake when used properly.

Baden’s notes hilariously proclaim that George Floyd’s toxicology report was completely irrelevant in determining George Floyd’s cause of death. According to Baden’s expertise, the fact that a middle-aged man with a history of hypertension and clogged arteries took a massive dose of fentanyl (again – 8 times the fatal amount), methamphetamine, weed, coffee and cigarettes, had nothing to do with the guy’s death. The knee on the neck was the only thing that possibly could have killed George Floyd, according to Baden.

If Michael Baden really performed an autopsy on George Floyd, he needs to put up or shut up. It looks like he simply gave an “expert medical opinion” on Floyd after watching the same video that the rest of us saw.

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