Never Trump Inc. Plots Arson to “Save” the GOP from Trump

Image c/o Lincoln Project PACs website

Oh, look, everyone! The Never Trump sissies have emerged from their shame closets just in time to tell the rest of us all about how True Conservatism™ really means sacrificing the Senate to the leadership of Chuck Schumer (D-NY). How utterly unpredictable! GOP super PACS with Republican-sounding names are now dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into Senate races, in order to defeat Republicans and hand the Senate majority over to the Democrats. They have no choice. Sometimes you have to destroy the whole village in order to save it, right?

One of the worst offenders among the sissy class of elite Republicans who are still mad about 2016 is the Lincoln Project. You know, the super PAC named after the first Republican President who freed the slaves?

Here’s what the Lincoln Project had to say about a candidate in the Senate race in Montana: “The Lincoln Project is proud to support Steve Bullock and usher in a new era of decent, fair, and honest leadership.”

Uh… Steve Bullock is the Democrat challenger to incumbent Republican Senator Steve Daines. Steve Daines, for those who don’t know, was an America First Member of Congress dating back to before Donald Trump descended the golden escalator in 2015, bringing salvation and prosperity with him. But because Daines is not a squealing, anti-Trump sissy like the little girls now running the Lincoln Project, he’s got to go.

The Lincoln Project is also targeting Joni Ernst, Mitch McConnell, Thom Tillis and Martha McSally for defeat in November. After taking donations from Republican donors and pretending to be a “Republican Party” entity, the Lincoln Project has now purchased six-figure ad buys against all of those Republican Senators. The Lincoln Project’s leadership envisions a 52-48 split with the Democrats in charge of the Senate next year.

And this is just the icing on the cake for these gimp-suited table-scrap Republicans who want their sinecures and TV appearances restored. Their real target, of course, is Donald Trump. And they’re being completely open and transparent about this.

Jennifer Horn, and advisor to the Lincoln Project, admits “The only way to make sure that Trumpism doesn’t continue to rule the Republican Party for years to come is to make sure that we not only defeat the president, but those people who have enabled them.”

Got it? We already knew that the political left plans to punish Trump supporters if they retake power. Now the Never Trump sissies are signaling that they will eagerly collaborate with that effort.

Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project adds, “Every one of them [Trump-supporting US Senators] should be voted out of office, with the exception of Mitt Romney.”

That’s True Conservatism™ in a nutshell for you, ladies and gentlemen. A “Republican” like Mitt Romney who was too weak to even stand up to Candy Crowley on CNN is the only acceptable “conservative” to them. You know, the kind of “principled” conservative that voted with the Democrats to kick Trump out of office based on Gerald Nadler’s mind-reading Ukrainian impeachment articles.

What is the Lincoln Project anyway? Who runs it? Where does its money come from?

Having run several legitimate conservative PACs in the past – and having bad encounters with a number of shady PACs – I can tell you that the answers to those questions are a bit tricky, after doing some digging into the Lincoln Project. We do know that back in April, the Lincoln Project was the one that ran all those ads on Fox News claiming that Trump’s failures had murdered 70,000 people with coronavirus. Real classy, Lincoln Project!

One of the people at the top of the Lincoln Project’s leadership structure is Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George. Enough said there. Another figure you might recognize is Never Trump sissy Rick Wilson, the disgusting little man who once asked Ann Coulter if Trump “paid her more” for a very specific sexual act that doesn’t need to be repeated here.

As for where the Lincoln Project’s money comes from, it’s really difficult to say. The PAC has structured itself with a number of subcontractors in order to hide where its money is really coming from. One donor we tracked down was Walmart heiress Christy Walton. But the rest of the Lincoln Project’s big donors are shielded behind a web of subcontracting companies.

One thing is for certain, though: Conservatives shouldn’t donate a single dime to the Lincoln Project, because they’re not spending the money on any conservatives.

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