Medical Community Declares You a Psychopath for Not Wanting COVID Microchip

Americans used to think that it would take the election of a Bernie Sanders or a Hillary Clinton type in order to usher in socialism in our great nation. Who would have guessed that your doctor might be the one to flip the switch and turn out the lights of freedom forever in the USA? In a truly shocking development, the medical community has decided on a label for anyone who does not want to cooperate with government “contact tracing” spies. If you don’t want to rat out your family members and friends and get them sent to a 14-day quarantine, you are now medically considered a “psychopath.”

Rockland County, New York is leading the charge into America’s brave new medical tyranny. After launching an aggressive contact tracing program and hiring a bunch of new workers, they’ve discovered that a surprising number of Americans don’t want to cooperate. Imagine that!

If a contact tracer actually contacts you, it means that you were in the vicinity of a confirmed COVID case, and you are going to be “asked” to quarantine yourself for 14 days. If you don’t comply, your state will “make” you comply. It’s strange that after all this time, the media has never once talked to a person who has been forced into a 14-day quarantine; the press is wildly incurious about the COVID containment centers (concentration camps) being set up in the states with the most aggressive contact tracing programs.

Due to the high rate of non-compliance, Rockland County is now issuing subpoenas to contact tracing scofflaws. And it gets worse. For every day that a person refuses to cooperate with a contact tracer, they are fined $2,000.

Keep in mind that no American in any state has ever had the opportunity to vote on any of this crap.

Big Tech is all-in on America’s new Medical Reich. At some point over the past three months, both Apple and Google quietly inserted a contact tracing app on everyone’s smartphone. If you didn’t know it was there already, you have to go into your phone’s settings to disable it if you don’t want the medical Fuhrers to track your every movement to see if you went to the grocery store or the beach while an infected person was there.

Professor Pavel Blagov is the director of the Personality Laboratory at Whitman College. Blagov has just published a study in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science. Professor Blagov says he’s been studying why some people don’t want to comply with the government tracking their every move 24/7 and forcing them into quarantine. He wonders what the heck is wrong with all of you Americans who don’t just… take a knee already?!

Blagov claims in his study that if you don’t comply with contact tracers, then you must suffer from what psychologists refer to as the “Dark Triad.” The Dark Triad consists of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

The Dark Triad, by the way, is a term that the psychological community uses to describe men with HIV who knowingly and maliciously spread the virus to dozens of other people. The key difference being that the HIV super-spreaders know that they are sick, whereas more than half of people who contract COVID never even get the sniffles or realize they’ve caught something.

Professor Blagov’s study sounds like psychological warfare against Americans, in and of itself. It’s designed to make you think, “Psychopaths are generally rare in society. If I don’t want to cooperate with contact tracers, I must therefore be in a tiny minority. Guess I’d just better go along with the rest of the herd, so no one thinks I’m a psychopath!”

The convenient thing about labeling patriotic Americans and/or conservatives as psychopaths is that you can suspend many of the rights they enjoy as citizens. Psychopaths can be arrested and quarantined (preferably in the last two weeks of October, so they won’t be able to vote for Trump). You can inject them with as many vaccines as you want to. When the contact tracers come knocking at your door, just remember – you didn’t vote for any of this.

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