Rumors of President Trump’s Demise Are Premature

James Carville, a.k.a. “Serpent Head,” is like his good friend Joe Biden, a superannuated Democrat hack of the old school. Like the volatile polls he commissions, his outlook and hyperbole are shortsighted and windy. Carville declared recently that there is “no chance” President Trump wins re-election in November. He told fake-news reporter Brian Williams, “I think there is a better chance Donald Trump does not run for re-election, than he is re-elected.”

James Carville and company are, once again, looking at the upcoming election through a myopic telescope, with information gained in their own delusional echo chambers. They believe voters (of the normal persuasion) will judge the President’s performance on the media’s latest distortion and out-of-context, albeit politically incorrect, utterance.

Yes, those polls show Bunker Joe Biden leading. What the pollsters are actually hearing is an urgent request from voters to fix the mess the Chinese virus and the Democrat rioters have caused. President Trump is no doubt paying attention. He has carried exceptionally heavy burdens and overcome an unrelenting onslaught from Democrats, the deep state, and the press. No other President has had to juggle so many crises at once and has done so well.

And in this year where everything is about the election, they are at it once again. Carville’s minions are gleefully following the polls, believing that social media is representative of what normal people think. They are rejoicing in the echo chambers of CNN pundits and nightly news hit pieces on the President.

Liberals are very sensitive and tuned into emotions. That’s what makes them liberals. The emotions they are tuned into now are angst, uncertainty, and fear about the future. For now, those polls reflect all that emotion. Come November, when reason overcomes emotion the tide could swamp the Democrats. Voters will realize that the logical choice will be between a President with a solid record, and Joe Biden, a washed-up “never was” who will only be a zombie-like placeholder for his socialist successor.

Voters will also factor in the following:

* President Trump confronted the lingering economic malaise of the Obama years and presided over an unprecedented comeback in American jobs as well as prosperity for Hispanic and African American workers.

* The Trump years saw Europeans paying more of their fair share for their own security. Also, when Iran acted up, President Trump slapped them down without triggering a major war, which the mullahs certainly knew would destroy their country and their power.

So, next November when President Trump once again proves that the Serpent Head speaks with a forked tongue, normal voters will have two choices:

1. Do they want to support Democrats, who want to destroy American prosperity and defund the police rather than lose power?

2. Or would they rather have a law-and-order President like Trump who is quelling the non-stop rioting and looting, and who is leading an unprecedented economic recovery through the worst pandemic to hit this nation in 100 years?

Finally, there’s an elephant in the room that Carville knows all about, but won’t mention: There is the danger of a hostile takeover of old-guard Democrat party rulers by the far leftists in their party. Several far lefties won Democrat primaries last week and its certainly looking like they’ll push mainstream Democrats farther to the left, away from normal Americans.

As those crazy followers of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduce their own infectious “defund the police, open the borders, give illegals free medical care” poison into the Democrat platform, they will provide another stark contrast and a clear attack point that will prove what President Trump has been saying all along: Democrats are “far-left radicals,” who need to be confined to their enclaves in places like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.

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