Defund Police Movement Has Already Sparked an Epidemic of Violence Across America’s Big Cities

The anti-police movement in this country has caused a massive spike in violence from the first day of activity. We’ve watched the rioting, looting and vandalizing on TV every night since late May. And things don’t seem to be stopping, it’s actually getting worse. Spineless politicians around the country are caving to the insane demands to defund and disband the police. They think that Twitter represents the will of the people.

Because of this political insanity, we’re already getting a taste of what things look like when we don’t have police. Here’s a hint: it’s not good. Reduced policing in cities across the country has already proven devastating. Atlanta hasn’t seen this much arson since the march of Sherman. D.C. resembles a war zone. Worse yet, these cities are barely worth mentioning compared to what you’re about to read.

Let’s start with Chicago. We’ve all known that it’s a violent city. It has single-handedly proven that gun control doesn’t work. But, when you kneecap the police in such a violent place, you get truly horrific results. Over the past weekend, Chicago saw 104 people shot and 14 killed.

Read those numbers again. That’s a level of violence that is hard to put in perspective. If every weekend continued on that pace for the rest of the year, Chicago would take the crown as the most violent city in the world. Yes, that includes places like Jaurez and Tijuana. It even includes places like Aleppo, Syria.

Moving on to New York, they also had a bloody weekend. It wasn’t as bad as Chicago, but it was the worst level of violence New York has seen in decades. In one day this weekend, there were 24 shootings. That’s a shooting per hour.

Let’s put that in perspective. In all of 2019, New York City saw 772 shootings. What we just saw this weekend would match that number in about a month. It is now virtually impossible for 2020 to be less bloody than 2019 for the Big Apple.

And, don’t worry; there’s plenty of room for things to get much, much worse.

The last city we’ll look at today is the friendly neighborhood of CHAZ, also known as the CHOP. Whatever you call it, the Seattle occupied zone is going about how you would expect. In three days, they had three fatal murders. That might not sound like a lot, but you have to remember that the zone is only a five block radius with a population of about 10,000 (coming from just a handful of apartment buildings).

If you account for population size, CHAZ has already become the sixth-deadliest city in the country. If the current rate continues for the rest of the year, CHAZ will be the deadliest city, per capita, by a long shot. In fact, it’s on track to be five times deadlier than the second-worst city in the country.

This is what happens when you get rid of law and order. By all means, the vast majority of Americans are peace-loving, decent people. The problem is that a small percentage of 300 million people is still enough to wreak havoc and murder at a rate never before seen. When there is no law and order, the worst people thrive and remind us all why anarchy is so terrible.

Defund the police? Only if you want mass death, and that’s exactly what the left seems to want.

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