GOP Adopts Courageous “Let’s Lose It All” Strategy for November

Leave it to the Republican Party to once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If Mitch McConnell doesn’t get his act together in the US Senate very soon, he’ll be switching offices with Chuck Schumer of New York next January. Republicans in control of the Senate Armed Services Committee voted last week in favor of an amendment from Pocahontas Warren that would force the Pentagon to rename a list of military bases that were named for Confederate military figures. As a result, the GOP is now poised to lose four seats in November, placing the Senate back under Democrat control. Even if Trump wins a second term in office, he could potentially be facing both a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.

Warren’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act is being played up as just another bill to rename some old stuff. And of course, the “stuff” in this case is not an elementary school bearing the name of Thomas Jefferson (although that’s coming next), but military bases that were named for Civil War military leaders. If you offered most Americans a million bucks if they could tell you who Fort Bragg, Fort Benning or other military installations are named after, they couldn’t even hazard a guess. No one knows who Bragg or Benning are to this day. But they do know the hallowed history of those bases. Those are the same locations that trained the soldiers who won World War II.

If politicians want to rename some old buildings or forts, that’s one thing. But the motivation behind Warren’s amendment is what is so repugnant. Warren said of her amendment on Twitter:

“It’s long past time to end the tribute to white supremacy on our military installations.”


The military is about white supremacy? If a soldier is trained at Fort Benning, does that automatically turn them into a white supremacist? I had a cup of coffee at a Starbucks once. Does that mean I’m retarded now?

And Warren’s bill is not just about “renaming” some military installations. As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted when reporting on the Warren amendment, it calls for desecrating the graves of Civil War participants from both the North and South. As part of the healing process after the Civil War, statues were erected to commemorate those war heroes from both sides. Some of the statues and other monuments are at Arlington National Cemetery.

Elizabeth Warren’s amendment calls for tearing all of those monuments down in order to appease the Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs. It’s always Year Zero for the revolutionaries. The past must be entirely erased.

The Armed Services Committee conducted a voice vote to pass the Pocahontas grave desecration amendment. This is a cowardly act that allows lawmakers to vote and “pass” legislation without actually having to record how they voted. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is one of the only GOP Senators who spoke out against the measure and he says he voted “No.” It looks like the rest of them have sided with Black Lives Matter against President Trump.

Trump has stated that he is appalled by this move to rename America’s storied military bases, not to mention the idea of tearing down the monuments, statues and headstones of these long-deceased war veterans. Trump has threatened to veto the NDAA if it includes that abomination. Knowing that, 13 Republicans on the committee voted in favor of Warren’s amendment anyway.  Even if he wises up and decides to side with President Trump on this issue, Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the votes to remove Warren’s amendment from the NDAA.

Off the top of your head, when was the last time that a Democrat-controlled Senate adopted an amendment proposed by a Republican? That never happens. But when Republicans control the Senate, Americans are continuously forced to watch as the GOP surrenders on every issue the Democrats bring up, no matter how insulting, divisive or “woke” the amendment is. I had hoped that Republicans would have learned this by now, after having it done to them for so many years. Sadly, they haven’t learned a thing. And it’s going to cost them control of the Senate in November.

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