Sen. Tom Cotton Sparks Civil War at NY Times with His Op-Ed Article

One of the things I’m proudest of in life that I can now talk about, thanks to the expiration of the non-disclosure agreements, is some of the champs that I helped send to Congress in my younger days when I was a dark horse political operative. One of those fellows is a Senator from Texas named Ted Cruz. (In my defense, I helped send him to the US Senate before I knew about that whole Kennedy thing with his father.)

Another guy I helped send to the House of Representatives back in 2012 is named Tom Cotton. And boy does he tick off the libs whenever he opens his mouth and utters some common sense!

He’s now Senator Cotton, having earned himself a promotion with the voters in Arkansas. I disagree with Sen. Cotton on several things. He’s a bit more warmongery than I prefer Senators to be. He’s more of a “boots on the ground in Syria” kind of guy, while I’m more of a “Meh… Syria already has plenty of boots on the ground without sending American boots over there” sort of person.

If you are a liberal, pay very close attention to this next part.

Tom Cotton and I disagree about some things, even though I think he’s generally solid, conservative, and pro-America on many other issues. But we disagree on some stuff. We have “different opinions.”

Despite those differing opinions, we don’t throw bricks at each other, burn each other’s homes or offices to the ground, attempt to murder each other or generally try to destroy each other’s lives. I would never try to silence Tom Cotton from expressing opinions that I disagree with him on, and the feeling is mutual. It seems like a minor thing, but this is the thin line that separates civilization from cannibalism.

And right now… liberals are on the side of cannibalism.

Sen. Cotton has been voicing the opinion that it’s time for US troops to head into blue, looting strongholds to back up the police and end these violent, civilization-ending riots. And these are civilization ending riots, for those who are too dim to think three steps ahead. In huge neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities right now, all of the grocery stores have been looted and burned. There’s nowhere to buy food right now. Guess where all those hungry people are going to go looking for food in a few days?

Hey, does anybody know if all of those zombie movies and TV shows are a metaphor for something? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, the New York Times editorial board, comprised of older 40- and 50-something liberals who don’t quite understand the monster they have created yet by coddling woke 20-year-olds, invited Senator Cotton to write an op-ed, explaining his case for troops on the streets. He wrote it, sent it in, it went through several edits and then the NY Times published it.

Sen. Cotton’s opinion that troops should be used to end the riots as quickly as possible sparked a civil war in the New York Times newsroom. All of the woke SJWs working there pitched a fit, because Tom Cotton has an opinion that goes against woke orthodoxy. That is simply not allowed. Didn’t the older liberals at the New York Times know that only one opinion is allowed in America right now? Haven’t they seen the videos of white liberal mayors, “police” chiefs and self-loathing soccer moms kissing the feet of Black Lives Matter leaders to atone for their sins?

One of the black 20-somethings at the New York Times, who is always writing hard-hitting pieces about her hair, tweeted, “Running this [Tom Cotton’s opinion] puts Black NYTimes staffers in danger.”

Uh huh.

By the end of the day, the New York Times finally renounced itself for running Sen. Tom Cotton’s opinion piece. They said it was a mistake to run Sen. Cotton’s opinion and that the piece did not meet their usual rigorous editorial standards that they apply to black reporters writing about how they are victims of racism because another child tried to touch their hair on the playground a decade ago.

Of course, that won’t appease the mob. Nothing ever appeases a mob. By apologizing, the editors have just signaled their guilt. Now the show trials can begin! Before this is all over, there won’t be any white liberals left to write anything at the New York Times. It’s their own fault for creating the woke SJW monster in the first place.

In the meantime, I’m starting to agree more and more with Sen. Cotton about the proper role for US troops right now.

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