President Trump’s Terrorism Designation is Only Step One

After a certain domestic terrorist group that has been coddled for far too long suddenly set a bunch of American cities on fire over the weekend, President Trump is finally pulling the trigger to designate this terrorist group as a domestic terrorist group.

About time! That won’t fully solve the problem, but it will be a big step in the process of restoring order, since Democrats seem content to let their own cities burn down out of fear of being called racist. Here’s why President Trump executive order really is just “step one.”

Using the FBI to combat this group will expose to everyone – and finally confirm – that this particular domestic terrorist group is a lot more organized and well-funded than the media would have us believe. (In a sign of the times, I am not using the name of this domestic terrorist group which we all know, because Big Tech will censor this information if I type the name of the domestic-terrorist-group-which-must-not-be-named.)

This terrorist designation authorizes the feds to treat this group like the mafia. It opens up a bunch of tools and potential crimes that the members, organizers and financiers are suddenly vulnerable to.

For example, it will now be illegal for one of these trustafarians in Philadelphia to send an organizing email to a compadre in Seattle – interstate criminal activity. And since that criminal activity is federal, both the sender and receiver of that email are now subject to the digital cavity searches that the FBI subjected guys like Gen. Mike Flynn and Roger Stone to. Federal RICO statutes will come into play and if any of this group’s financing or communications comes from overseas, then FISA warrants come into play.

Just imagine: The FBI will finally be using the tools that it used to spy on the Trump campaign to go after actual criminals! And if the FBI balks or tries to object or slow-walk this, then President Trump will finally have the political cover that he needs to pink-slip Director Wray.

And in case you missed it, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, a bunch of Hollywood celebrities and George Soros all just panic-vomited in the mansions when Trump announced this terrorist designation. Because guess what?

If you give financial aid to a terrorist group, YOU are suddenly designated a terrorist in federal law and a host of Patriot Act tools can suddenly be used against you. For starters, you’re on the No-Fly list automatically. It gets increasingly painful from there, however. The Treasury Department can seize all of your financial assets. Sleep well, George Soros!

Plus, oopsy! Article 3 of the US Constitution narrowly defines treason as “levying war” against the United States or “adhering to enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort.” The aforementioned Biden, Harris, Clinton, Hollywood celebrities and Soros all virtue signaled mightily over the weekend that they were donating money to help bail these domestic terrorist rioters out of jail. I’m no legal scholar, but that sure sounds like aid and comfort to an enemy that is levying war against the United States right now.

In one of the biggest election-year blunders ever, Joe Biden’s campaign took the money that it has received from Democrat donors and sent it to bail domestic terrorists out of jail. That’s going to go over well with people in flyover country.

Part of the reason why these riots spread so infectiously and so quickly is because this domestic terrorist group hasn’t faced any consequences for its actions. Even if the cops pick them up, liberal Democrat mayors aren’t enthusiastic about it (they often tell the cops to go extra easy on them, and that’s if they don’t tell the cops to “stand down” and not do their jobs). Meanwhile, liberal Democrat prosecutors refuse to press charges against them. They spend a night in jail and then George Soros or Madonna pays their $72 fine, so they go right back out and start rioting again.

There’s not real consequence for them for literally trying to destroy America. But with federal charges now a possibility, that’s about to change. If some little rich white kid from Berkeley is suddenly facing 10 years on terrorism charges, he’s going to sing a like a canary and roll over on the bigwigs in his organization.

Trump needs to understand that this will be wildly popular with not only his base, but with most normal Americans who don’t view burning down police stations as a viable means of “political expression.” We view it as terrorism, Mr. President. Now get out there and take down this axis of evil.

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