Joe Biden No Longer has a Choice: He MUST Select a Black Woman as his Running Mate

Democrats and their zany racial politics are fun to watch sometimes. For example, Joe Biden’s recent “You Ain’t Black” if you support Donald Trump comment, will probably appear on Black Republican t-shirts next election.

While Biden is receiving backlash only from conservatives (the liberal media and Democrat party leaders have already forgiven him and asked that we all move on), his penance for his faux pas is likely to be a lack of choice for his VP. Biden has hurt his reputation so badly that he no longer has a choice when it comes to selecting a Vice President. He has to pick a black woman.

Biden has already promised he will pick a woman as his #2, no men are being considered for the position. Before Biden’s racial slur he was considering women from every racial background. It was rumored that his former debate stage, Senator Elizabeth Warren, was a top contender. As was Senator Amy Klobuchar. Both are white women.

But now that he has damaged his reputation with black voters, he knows the only way to win back the voters he lost is to pick a black woman as his #2.

So, what choices does he have? Reportedly he is considering these 3 black women for the job:

Stacey Abrams, the first black woman to be nominated for governor. Stacey is the liberal media choice.

Her policies are as far to the left as Bernie Sanders. She wants Medicaid for All, to restore voting rights for felons, and to end “the white voting block” as she called it in one interview.

Her main claim to fame is that she lost the Georgia election for governor, because the other guy got more votes. However, she refused to concede—claiming voter suppression, or racism or something, anything.

Stacey would be a good choice when the Democrats lose the next election. She can carry on in the tradition of Hillary Clinton and claim the Republicans cheated—anything other than admitting people just don’t like or trust her.

Kamala Harris, the Black and Indian senator from the People’s Republic of California, has good name recognition. She is famous for her tongue lashing of Joe Biden during the Democrat candidate debates. Who can forget her fond retelling of being “that little girl who was bussed.” Her posing had the same credibility of “Spartacus” Corey Booker, another rich black candidate whose policy-light campaign went nowhere.

Finally, there’s Representative Val Demings, who could bring in Florida’s monstrous 29 electoral votes—only California and Texas have more. She serves in Florida’s 10th congressional district (Orlando area) and considered a hot runner.

She told CNN that Biden “shouldn’t have said” that about black voters, but he’s apologized for it. She’d like us all to move on now because an apology is apparently all that she needs to wipe away Biden’s cavalier feelings about blacks.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, can’t be forgiven for capitalizing on Joe’s racist remark. Said Demings, “I really think the gall and the nerve of President Trump to try to use this in his campaign — he who has since day one done everything within his power, of course supported by his enablers, to divide this country, particularly along racial lines.”

She failed to provide a contrasting example to support exactly how anything President Trump ever said came within a country mile of Joe’s stupid remark.

In any case, now that Demings has sprinkled holy water on Dopey Joe, she remains on Biden’s short list. Besides bringing Florida’s electoral votes, she could appeal to moderate Democrats and a few normal Americans. She’s a retired police chief. She served on the Orlando Police force for 27 years and became the city’s first female chief of police.

So, the question is, will selecting a running mate with a law-and-order background draw attention to Joe’s legislative albatross? Joe helped write the 1994 “tough on crime” law. This law was one of the most controversial criminal justice issues in the 2020 Democratic primary and authored by Joe himself. Like his “You Ain’t Black” crack, Joe has apologized for that law.

The law was intended to reverse decades of rising crime in the United States. It was one of the key contributors to increasing the population of prisons. Opponents claim the law led to more prison sentences, more prison cells, and more aggressive policing. It especially hurt black and brown Americans.

Val Demings has a B.S. in criminology. Will some reporter ask her this question: “Ms. Demings, is it true that one of the biggest factors in the lowered crime rates in the 1990s was because we put more criminals in jail?”

That question will probably neither be asked nor answered.

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