Italy’s Death Numbers in Question as Statistics Fly Off the Rails

Remember when health experts were telling us that we were all too stupid to put on masks properly? “Masks won’t protect you in the first place and besides that, if you don’t have an advanced degree in Maskology from a Prestigious Science Place™, you’ll put the mask on improperly and then you will get sick and die,” said every medical professional on TV.

And then a few days later, it was forbidden to shop for groceries unless you had a mask on. Good times!

Is it anyone wonder that people all over the world no longer trust the medical experts for any advice?

People certainly aren’t trusting the numbers in Italy. By the way, Italy is still under quarantine in most parts of the country and 60% of its businesses are still shut down.

They’ve been locked down since February 21 – almost an entire fiscal quarter. And more and more doctors and dissident politicians in Italy are speaking out about the official narrative.

After months of being told that everyone in Italy is dropping like flies – and remember that this was the reason why we started doing lockdowns here in America – the Italian government has released the following death statistics for the Chinese coronavirus based on age groups:

  • 0-59 years of age: ~1% of deaths
  • 60-69 years of age: 16% of deaths
  • 70-79 years of age: 35% of deaths
  • 80-89 years of age: 42% of deaths
  • 90+ years of age: 6% of deaths

In other words, for a 59-year-old Italian who is obese, diabetic and suffers from kidney disease and hypertension, there’s still a less than 1% chance that the Chinese coronavirus would kill them. The average age of people dying from coronavirus in Italy and also here in the US is right around 80.

The official statistics in Italy say that 30,560 people have died from the Chinese coronavirus. But is this accurate? Not according to Italy’s own Ministry of Health. We know that if a shark takes a person’s leg off and then they happen to test positive for coronavirus in Italy, doctors will mark “coronavirus” as the cause of death. That’s not an exaggeration.

Professor Walter Ricciardi is a scientific advisor to Italy’s Ministry of Health. He’s been studying the death certificates to try obtain more concrete data about the Chinese coronavirus. He found that only 12% of Italian death certificates during this pandemic show that the virus was the direct cause of death. Which means that 26,892 people who died over the past three months in Italy may not have actually died from coronavirus. They simply tested positive for it when their bodies were checked.

An Italian politician, Vittorio Sgarbi, went on a furious televised tirade recently to decry the way that Italy’s false statistics were being used as justification to keep businesses shut down even longer.

“Don’t use the deaths for rhetoric and terrorism!” shouted Sgarbi from Italy’s equivalent of the US House floor. “The numbers from the Higher Institute of Health say that 96.3% died from other diseases!”

Italy is also going through sudden mask tyranny today. Masks are required for everyone today. No one was wearing a mask a few weeks ago because recommendations from their health experts said otherwise.

“While Italy was a red zone, everyone here was without masks,” continued Sgarbi. “Today, Basini is accused because he has to wear it. You are ridiculous! You didn’t wear it until the day before yesterday!”

Sgarbi goes on to compare the Chinese coronavirus numbers to a bad flu season, which is the type of thing that will get you kicked off Twitter if you say it publicly here in the United States.

“Let us be united in liberation against hypocrisy and lies,” continued Sgarbi (oh, he wasn’t done yet!). “Against falsifications, against the false numbers that are given to terrorize Italians. The 25,000 dead, as Professor Bassetti said, died of heart attacks, cancer and other ailments!”

It was truly a rousing speech. I like the part when he gets to the end:

“It’s a way to terrorize Italians and impose a dictatorship of consent. It’s ridiculous!”

Check out the video of this Trumpian Italian as he speaks out against coronavirus lies, damn lies and statistics:

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