Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Try Playing the Blame Game with President Trump–They Lose Again

If there is one thing consistent about the Democrats’ Trump derangement syndrome it is this: They ask the question, are you going to believe us or your own lying ears and eyes?

A Joe Biden campaign ad accuses the President of leaving the country unprepared. Biden insists that he would have combatted the threat differently. Joe would have relied more on global alliances and listened more closely to scientific experts.

The problem with being an older-than-dirt, windblown pole is that Joe’s memory tends to expire before the realization of hypocrisy can set in. He probably forgot about how his own administration left Americans with a shortage of N95 surgical masks and respirators back in 2009.That shortage was never replenished, despite multiple warnings from officials in his administration.

Joe also forgot to mention his response to President Trump’s travel ban cutting off visitors from China in January. Joe joined the dogpile of mainstream media and attacked what he called the President’s “record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering.” President Trump, said Joe, “is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” Especially when the leadership involves keeping infected outsiders from coming here, right Joe?

Then there is that paragon of out of touch politicians who can no longer relate to normal people, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She characterized the President’s tax cut as “crumbs” for working Americans. Working Americans who took home a yearly increase of over $1,000 in their paychecks undoubtedly had a different view. Of course, to a wealthy politician like Nancy who showed off her dual $24,000 refrigerators to late night host James Cordon while explaining which of her exuberant amount of luxury brand late night snacks were her favorite, a thousand bucks really doesn’t mean much.

Pelosi’s latest excursion into fantasy was highlighted in a Sunday interview on Fox News. Nancy gave President Trump an F for leadership. She accused the President of ignoring science and not coming up with a plan to recover from what has shut down most of the economy.

Even host Chris Wallace, who is no fan of President Trump, had trouble with Nancy’s rant. How could she claim, Wallace asked, that Trump did not take the threat seriously when she behaved the same and doubled down? Wallace showed a video of Pelosi walking the streets of San Francisco’s China Town on February 24. She wore no mask and encouraged tourists to go there. She said it was “very safe.”

Oh, well, Chris, she insisted, that wasn’t an example of her taking the outbreak lightly. Her appearance was only meant “to end the discrimination, the stigma, that was going out against the Asian-American community.” Something liberals have claimed is a problem but yet strangely no one can show an example of. When faced with that kind of truly nutty reasoning, what can one say?

The stigma, as is becoming increasingly apparent, will undoubtedly show up on the hands of China’s communist leaders and their puppets in the World Health Organization. As Democrats cry out against President Trump’s stemming of the flow of U.S. cash to the W.H.O., the President will once again be proved correct.

However, with the mainstream press on their side, Democrats can always claim that, though President Trump did a good job handling the crisis, he cannot be exonerated from the blame for all those deaths. If only the President had shut the country down last October, declared martial law, and sent lawmakers home, it would all have been so different.

But wait. Weren’t Nancy and her pals in the middle of an impeachment trial back then?

Damn. If the President had taken those radical steps Democrats could have added more fake charges to the impeachment trial and thrown him out of office and then gone after Mike Pence.

They would have had to act fast before Mike Pence chose his own vice president, because next in line in succession would have been—guess who–the Speaker of the House, Nancy frickin’ Pelosi.

So, all in all, maybe another year of putting up with Democrat lies would be the better outcome.

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