China Must Pay for This Attack on the Rest of the World

On August 6 and August 9 of 1945, the US military dropped atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing an end to World War II. Those two nuclear strikes, which remain the only use of atomic weapons for warfare in human history, killed at least 129,000 people. That’s less than the 150,000 that Communist China has killed in the first four months of 2020.

There are two prevailing theories as to how COVID-19 originated in China before spreading to the rest of the world. The first is that it originated in the disgusting wet markets, where the Chinese eat bizarre forest animals in their attempts to cure diseases and ailments. Supposedly eating bats will cure a person of impotence.

Not even the invention of Viagra, which is probably manufactured in China, has convinced the Chinese people to abandon this barbaric backwards cultural practice. Anyway, one theory is that the virus came from bats that people eat in the wet markets. That theory has now been thoroughly debunked. Only partisan media outlets are still parroting that story.

The second theory is that COVID-19 was created in the Level-4 Biocontainment lab in Wuhan, where Chinese mad scientists work on nasty biological weapons, under the guise of trying to create vaccines. The new theory is that a lab worker became infected with the blood and urine of a horseshoe bat, and then spread the virus to his girlfriend and the rest of the world.

This seems more plausible to me, especially after researchers have discovered a fully intact HIV protein in COVID-19. In fact, that is biologically impossible unless China’s mad scientists were tinkering with the coronavirus and trying a new recipe in a lab.

Whether you blame the outbreak on the weird eating habits of a primitive culture, or on the typical communist sloppiness that always seems to happen in the most dangerous environments of repressive regimes (Hello, Chernobyl!), one thing is clear: This is China’s fault. China must pay for this.

The question is, how do we make China pay? There have been a lot of good suggestions so far.

One is for every nation to act in unison to default on their debts held by China. The Communist Party in Beijing controls more than a trillion dollars in US debt. We’ve already spent twice that amount in attempts to keep our economy alive. The first economic rescue package from Congress was more than $2 trillion and it looks like additional bailouts will have to be issued to keep our entire economy from collapsing.

An even better and more effective option, which won’t be popular with the elites, is that we must decouple from China completely. Bring all of our manufacturing back from China, starting with our medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Every mask-making company, every NyQuil plant, every Vitamin C factory, every Viagra facility – bring them all back, immediately. From there, expand to everything else. Accept nothing “Made in China” on American store shelves.

China now has a near monopoly on the world’s supply of REEs – “Rare Earth Elements.” These elements, obtained through mining, are used in everything from smartphones and computer hard drives to military night-vision goggles and armor plating for military vehicles. We have to buy those elements from China in order for our military to keep up with theirs. This is insane.

No more NBA games in China. No more furniture or computers or food produced in China should be sold in America, undercutting our own farmers and workers. No more anything.

Despite President Trump’s peace talks with Kim Jong Un, North Korea is still considered an enemy nation. There are no direct daily flights from North Korea to San Francisco, and we don’t import anything from them. Your kids have a zero percent chance of bumping into a North Korean exchange student at Harvard.

We don’t export our jobs there. And last time I checked, North Korea hasn’t killed 150,000 people through sloppiness and tinkering with bioweapons. But we treat North Korea as a pariah and an enemy nation. It’s time to treat China the same way that we treat North Korea. This used to not be a controversial position when talking about any communist nation.

As the brave Hong Kong protester said a few months ago in a video that went viral:

“Do not trust China. China is a**hole.”

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