Good Riddance: “Earth Day” Founder Croaks at Age 79

Ira Einhorn, a man who was beloved by the world’s elites and who was the original creator of the fake holiday of “Earth Day,” has passed away at the age of 79. He died of natural causes. In prison. For murdering his girlfriend and composting her in a trunk in his closet. I’ll bet you thought this was going to be another coronavirus story, didn’t you?

But this story has nothing to do with the Chinese Wu-Flu. It has a lot more to do with the world’s elites – a group of wealthy sophisticates who are ultra-liberal (natch) and who think that they deserve to be in charge of every aspect of your life. It even ties into the late Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself).

As a heavily drugged cult leader in the 1960s, it’s safe to say that Ira Einhorn was the single most famous person in the city of Philadelphia during that decade. Einhorn described himself as “the planetary enzyme, far-watcher and advance-man for the counter-cultural revolution.” So, you can probably see where this is going already. He was a close friend of all the hippie weirdoes and cult leaders of the 1960s. Among the list of subhuman dorks that considered Einhorn a close personal friend:

  • Pedophile poet and founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) Allen Ginsberg. If you’ve gone to public school in America, you’ve been forced to read Ginsberg’s gross poetry at some point in your life.
  • Cult leader and drugged out weirdo Timothy Leary, who was fired by Harvard University after trying to convince everyone that taking LSD with students was a religiously protected sacrament.
  • And communist agitators Jerry Rubin (founder of the Yippies) and Abbie Hoffman.

Einhorn was so well-known and beloved in Philadelphia that he ran for mayor (but lost). He organized dumb events for the environment like “be-ins” where you sit there and uh… just be, I guess… Sun Weeks, and Earth Day.

The elites absolutely loved Einhorn’s predictions that the earth was going to end because of some weather calamity, and so we all need to just… you know… experience the earth and just… be, man!

Like most of the darling public intellectuals of the 1960s, Ira Einhorn didn’t have a job. Instead, he received financial support from the world’s elites so he could run around spouting environmental insanities and letting everyone know how much better off they’d be under communism.

Just like Jeffrey Epstein, Ira Einhorn was financially supported by a shadowy network of wealthy elites. One of the few elites that are known to have funded Einhorn a lot are the Bronfman family, the Canadian whiskey heirs and heiresses.

Einhorn was so well-known and popular that Philadelphia police detectives didn’t even consider him a suspect in the initial weeks after he murdered his girlfriend in 1977. Holly Maddux, a chipper, blond cheerleader from Texas, decided she was going to finally break up with Einhorn because he kept sleeping around on her. She rented a separate apartment, went back to Einhorn’s apartment to get her things, and was never heard from again.

No doubt out of his deep concern for the environment, Einhorn stuffed her in a trunk in his closet and attempted to compost her body. He was arrested when police came back to investigate the terrible smell that the neighbors kept reporting.

Einhorn’s attorney was Arlen Specter, who would later go on to become a US Senator for Pennsylvania (the guy who switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in 2009, resulting in the tiny Senate minority that allowed Obamacare’s passage).

Specter convinced the judge to reduce Einhorn’s bail from $4 million to $40,000. Einhorn didn’t have a dime to his name, so socialite Phyllis Lambert paid it for him. (Phyllis Lambert’s maiden name: Bronfman)

Einhorn immediately fled the country and lived in Ireland for the next decade. This was before Ireland and the US had an extradition treaty. He periodically gave guest lectures on the environment at Trinity College. With the help of Interpol, federal agents nearly caught him in Dublin, but Barbara Bronfman somehow caught wind of his pending arrest and tipped him off.

Einhorn then fled to Sweden, assumed the name of a bookstore owner friend in Dublin, and married a Swedish woman but adopted her last name. That allowed him stay in hiding for a few more years. When Interpol nearly caught him in the 1990s, long after he had been convicted of Holly Maddux’s murder in absentia, Einhorn and his wife fled to France. Einhorn successfully fought his first extradition trial against the US but lost the second one. Connie Chung of CBS News went to France for an interview with the “fascinating and charismatic” Einhorn during his second extradition trial. The Bronfman family had been supporting him financially the whole time. Einhorn finally arrived back in America to serve out his life sentence in 2001.

If the Bronfman name sounds familiar, that’s because Clare Bronfman was arrested as one of the ringleaders of the human sex trafficking and white slavery NXIVM cult in 2018. Ms. Bronfman, being an elite, was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge of “harboring illegal aliens for financial gain.” The cult was sneaking its kidnap victims down to Mexico before branding them like cattle, keeping them in captivity, repeatedly raping them, and pimping them out to other elites, so that makes total sense. Great job, federal prosecutors!

Clare Bronfman is the niece of former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. – a friend and supporter whose name was found in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.

Not to be confused with Edgar Bronfman, SENIOR, the CEO of Seagram’s and one of the closest personal friends and biggest donors to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Bronfmans have friends all over the place, don’t they?

If you wondered why so many wealthy elites in America supported Jeffrey Epstein after his first conviction, now you know why. This is who the elites are. This is what they are. The same people who hung out with Jeffrey Epstein after his first conviction helped to financially support Ira Einhorn for decades after he stuffed his girlfriend’s corpse in a closet.

We can’t say that the world is worse-off for the loss of Ira Einhorn. But the next time some liberal tries to get you to try some kale chips on “Earth Day” to save the planet, now you can let them know all about the girlfriend-composting murderer who started that fake holiday.

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