The Most Egregious Add-Ons in Pelosi’s Stimulus Bill

President Trump is expected to sign off on the Coronavirus stimulus bill that will give direct cash payments to Americans. This will be the largest stimulus package in U.S. history.

While it’s great that Americans and small businesses hit hardest by the virus will get some economic relief soon, these direct infusions of cash could have come a lot sooner. Nancy Pelosi nuked the first draft of the relief bill so she could go back and draft her own. Even in a pandemic, with millions of people out of work, Nancy Pelosi is still playing politics. It’s despicable.

As if that wasn’t bad enough Nancy Pelosi’s bill that she presented to Congress to pass was FILLED with egregious, far left agenda items she wanted funding for. We told you last week how she delayed the package to try to sneak in taxpayer funding for abortions. Apparently she didn’t learn her lesson after Republicans made her take that out of the bill because she just did it again! Here are some of the worst, far left things Pelosi asked to be included in the stimulus package.

More Taxes Right Now

The point of a stimulus package is to prevent businesses from folding. This applies to big and small businesses, in short, because we want everyone to have a job to go back to when we lift restrictions. Instead of that, Pelosi is proposing a slew of additional taxes that would go into effect right now (mostly in the form of interest and penalties on bailout loans).

She wants carbon taxes on the entire transportation industry. Airlines are looking at canceling all flights right now, and she wants to raise their taxes. That’s more than 13 million jobs that are currently at stake if there is no aid. She’s offering the opposite of aid.

She also proposed an increase in payroll taxes. Supposedly it’s intended for large businesses, but the language is loose and would apply to any incorporated business. More payroll taxes will again kill jobs that are already in danger. This is what Democrats view as help and worker protection.

Ballot Harvesting

Sadly, this is seriously in the bill. It requires states to increase early voting, mail voting and ballot harvesting or else aid will be withheld. Pelosi and the Democrats are seriously trying to use this stimulus bill to expand voter fraud. It’s crazy.

At the same time, this bill also attacks Republican efforts (from different legislation) to increase voting security. This is supposed to be a stimulus bill. Instead, it’s an obvious power grab. They aren’t even trying to hide the ball.

Corporate Board Diversity

The Democratic Party is the party of identity politics and they want to push that on the rest of America right now. Nancy Pelosi wants to delay the stimulus bill to require every corporate board in America to have more blacks and women on it. Any business that takes a loan or grant from Pelosi’s bill would be permanently subject to diversity quotas on their boards. Read that again: facing a pandemic, Nancy Pelosi is pushing race and gender. How will that stop anyone from getting sick or paying their bills? News flash it won’t.

Student Loan Forgiveness

While people are dying and struggling financially, Nancy Pelosi is willing to hold this package up to get some student loan forgiveness in her package. She is demanding Republicans agree to write off $10,000 minimum for every person with student loans. This makes no sense especially considering President Trump already waived student loan payments for those affected by the virus.

$15 Minimum Wage

Unfortunately, right now millions of Americans are learning the minimum wage in America right now is zero when you lose your job and elected officials like Pelosi will hold up a relief bill to try to sneak in liberal ideological wish list items. Her bill requires all businesses to pay their employees $15 an hour. A recession, if not an economic depression is upon us over this pandemic and she wants to raise the minimum wage which would put even more Americans out of work!

No End Dates

With more than 1400 pages in the bill, there are plenty of bad ideas to review. The scariest part of the bill is that it has no sunset clauses for the biggest spending packages. Sure, they have expiration dates for things that help large companies, but increased minimum wage, mandatory paid leave, carbon taxes and a slew of huge spending are all without a predetermined end. They want this to be a permanent increase in government power. 

It’s a good thing we can trust the Democrats not to politicize a devastating pandemic.

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