Supreme Court Rules That Soros Caravans Must “Remain in Mexico”

The notorious Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals tried to dismantle President Trump’s wildly successful and popular “Remain in Mexico” program last week. Fortunately, we now have a constitutional firewall in place with a majority-American Supreme Court. And in this particular case, the high court didn’t wait several years before coming to a decision. It swatted down the Ninth Circuit in a matter of hours, leaving Remain in Mexico intact.

A three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit delivered one of its customary universal injunctions against the Trump administration. The open borders lobby sued Trump, claiming Remain in Mexico is somehow unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court will rule on that case eventually. In the meantime, the open borders crowd begged the Ninth Circuit to stop the Trump administration from blocking migrant caravans from coming into the country.

The Ninth Circuit panel agreed – and a massive border rush immediately started. From Texas to California, migrants who had been bused back to Mexico suddenly rushed the border, flooding Border Patrol checkpoints.

Get this: Many of them had printed copies of the Ninth Circuit’s ruling in hand. They knew about the ruling before the Border Patrol agents did. They sure do seem well-organized for a group of people who left their homes in hopes of living off America’s welfare system.

The groups suing the Trump administration include George Soros-backed NGOs that are ginning up migrant caravans in Central America and paying them cash to conduct their long marches north to the US border. They argued to the Ninth Circuit that because previous administrations just allowed migrants to walk in and become illegal aliens, it’s discriminatory, unfair and “unprecedented” for Trump to stick them on a bus and send them to wait in Mexico for a refugee hearing.

That’s rich. It’s also “unprecedented” for George Soros to pay for 8,000- to 10,000-member welfare hordes to march from Tegucigalpa to Laredo, Texas with an expectation of a much better way of life paid for by American taxpayers.

Here’s the good news…

The Trump administration appealed to the Supreme Court for an emergency stay of the Ninth Circuit’s ruling. Lo and behold, the Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration that same day. Remain in Mexico remains… in Mexico… and in full force! When is the last time you can remember the Supreme Court granting a same-day emergency ruling on any issue?

It was an 8-1 ruling from the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was only dissenter who thought that the Ninth Circuit’s universal injunction should stay in place. She must have been using her magical “wise Latina” powers to come to that conclusion. It’s funny how judges and politicians always seem to think that mass immigration is just fine, so long as the mass of immigrants looks like them, isn’t it?

The wise Latina judge seems to think, “You know what America really needs right now in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak? We need to destroy every legal and physical barrier to entry! Let’s just do away with our borders completely! When we’re already concerned about one new virus overwhelming our healthcare system, let’s allow a bunch of people who are already sick with different exotic diseases to come in, just to complicate things!”

And of course, the media spins this sensible ruling from the Supreme Court as a “judicial flip-flop.” Brett Kavanaugh is “causing chaos and confusion at the southern border!”

There are still 25,000 migrants waiting in camps in Mexico who tried to the rush our southern border. Thanks to the Remain in Mexico program, the vast majority of them will never set foot in America again.

Based on current approval percentages, less than 25 of those 25,000 migrants will turn out to be actual refugees. They’ll eventually be granted asylum and allowed to move into the US. The rest will try to blend in and stay in Mexico (which doesn’t want them) or go back home.

The migrants being sent home shouldn’t be angry with the American people or with President Trump. It’s not our fault their little stunt backfired. In fact, everyone has pretty much known that Donald Trump wants them to stop coming here in mass numbers since 2015. If the migrants want to get angry with anyone, it should be the person who paid them and encouraged them to rush our border in the first place.

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