Hell Freezes Over: Trump Hating Politicians Rep Ilhan Omar and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Praise President Trump’s Coronavirus Leadership

Proving that even the most deranged Trump-haters can have brief periods of lucidity, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar shocked her mean-girl squad with praise of President Trump. She specifically pointed out the President and his team’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Did they hear her right? She actually said that the response was “incredible and the right response in this critical time.”

Other Democrats and leftie commentators at CNN and elsewhere decided to temporarily abandon nutty politics in favor of plain common sense. CNN’s eternal critic Dana Bash offered similar praise by saying President Trump’s “new tone on the coronavirus” made him the “kind of leader that people need.”

Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo abandoned partisan politics. In a recent press conference on the coronavirus outbreak in New York, Governor Cuomo had this to say about President Trump and his team, “The team is on it. They’ve been responsive. I want to say thank you.”

Well, what’s not to like about decisive leadership and fast action in response to a national emergency? President Trump has used a 70-year old emergency powers act to steer private industry production of emergency medical supplies. He is taking firm action to increase the country’s diagnostic testing, and he ordered the Navy’s 1,000-bed Hospital ships, USNS Comfort to New York City and USNS Mercy to another location on the West Coast.

What pleased his Democrat critics was all the money the federal government plans to add to keep the economy from tanking. Of course, was the predictable whining from a few Democrat lawmakers that the billions would only help the wealthy—blah, blah, blah.

Earlier in the week, arisen-from-the-dead candidate Joe Biden chalked up three more primary wins in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona. Just as the coronavirus outbreak has brought out President Trump’s leadership and management qualities, the crisis provided a stark contrast between Biden and Sanders.

In the Democrat debate Bernie had no effective comeback to Biden’s charge that a socialist revolution was not what the country needed in a time of crisis. Bernie’s lame response was that the reason the pandemic began was because we didn’t have single-payer universal health care. Biden won the argument with the crushing comeback, “Well, Italy has a single-payer program. What good did it do them?”

When asked about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic Biden fell back on his partisan politics. He said he wished President Trump would “just be quiet” and let the health experts do the talking.

Memo to Joe: Have you been sleeping again? What about all those press conferences with the President and his health experts whose advice he follows aggressively?

Predictably Joe’s ankle-biting reporter allies whined about the President calling it the “Chinese Virus?” Isn’t that racist? They had no problem using Africanize names for viruses like West Nile, Ebola or Zika, but suddenly when the President does it, its racist.

Republicans, on the other hand, are hopeful that Joe won’t “be quiet.” Joe will need Bernie and his Bolshevik crowd’s support, which will nudge the Democrat party platform even further to the left. He may become “Bernie” lite, but he can’t run away from his true inclination: “What do the polls say I should think about this?”—all the while forgetting what his previous positions were.

Food for thought: In the year following the reelection of President Trump, some liver-lipped liberal pundit will probably say this about the coronavirus pandemic: Its true tragedy was that it elevated President Trump as a credible leader, who, like George W. Bush, transformed into a leader the country needed in the days following 9/11 and was the President the country needed.

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