Democrats Vote to Keep TSA Just as Awful as it Already Is

If you watch the mainstream media, you might be under the impression that the Kung Flu is the only thing Congress is focused on right now. However, Congress is actually trying to get some other things done.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Pelosi-led House is going to be able to accomplish anything that benefits Americans. The perfect case in point is the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act. Democrats led by the “The Squad” managed to vote down an amendment to that bill this week that sought to make TSA workers at airports not quite as terrible as they currently are.

First off, I don’t support attempting to amend or regulate the TSA into being a “better” agency. If we really want to improve airport security, the first step should be to abolish the TSA. Then, pass a simple liability law: If any airline allows a terrorist attack similar to 9/11 to happen with one of their planes, that airline is liable for damages to all victims. That would give America the safest airline system in the world, overnight.

Imagine how quickly the airlines would each set up their own screening programs and security. Competition would drive them to make airport screening as fast as possible, with the minimum amount of offense to flyers. New marketing slogan: “We don’t use naked 3D porno scanners like those other airlines!” Wait times at the airports would shorten and flights would be safer, because every airline would be worried about getting sued by ambulance-chasing lawyers.

But instead of abolishing the TSA, Congress is trying to improve the monolithic government monopoly that keeps making things worse. One thing that could have improved the TSA was an amendment offered to the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act by Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL). Underwood’s amendment would have required the TSA to screen employees in order to exclude convicted sex offenders and terrorists from working for the agency.

This seems like a reasonable bar for employment as an agent protecting airline passengers and conducting invasive pat-downs, doesn’t it? But Squad members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and that other one all railed against the amendment, claiming that it would unfairly target immigrants applying for jobs at TSA. (Hey, what does that say about immigrants, by the way? Anyone? Anyone?)

A majority of House Democrats then followed the Squad’s lead and voted against an amendment that was proposed by another Democrat. Pelosi then withdrew the amendment, rather than letting it come to a vote. (The amendment would have passed with Republican support otherwise.)

Pause for just a moment and consider the fact that the TSA is not screening employees currently to determine whether they are convicted sex offenders or terrorists. That’s what the amendment would have improved about the TSA, if it had passed. The federal agency that single-handedly spawned the Twitter hashtag #Don’tTouchMyJunk has not been screening employees to see if they’re registered sex offenders.

A lot of things about airline travel suddenly make more sense!

How many stories have we heard in the past 18 years or so about airport screeners inappropriately touching men, women and children? Too many to count. Likewise, attractive women, models, female singers and actresses are frequently telling their stories about inappropriate searches. One TSA worker forced an attractive woman to submit to a strip search; he was fired later, but why was he hired in the first place?

A group of 12 TSA screeners in Puerto Rico were arrested just last month. They’ve been accused of working for a drug cartel. The Justice Department says that the employees worked for the cartel for over a decade, smuggling more than 20 tons of cocaine into the US while collecting taxpayer funded salaries and benefits.

How many convicted felons, registered sex offenders and terrorists does the TSA employ currently? Wouldn’t it be nice to know the answer to that question? Most of us probably assumed that the number was close to zero, but if the TSA isn’t screening employees – and the Democrats don’t want to make the agency screen employees – how is this supposed to keep people safe?

Fortunately, it looks like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not eager to pass the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act, which is really just another federal unionization scheme. A better option would be to abolish the TSA and put airlines directly in charge of airport security.

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