Is Joe Biden a Placeholder Until Democrats Can Come up with Something Better?

Provided he survives the rigors of a Presidential campaign, on election day 2020, Joe Biden will be completing his 78thyear. We have seen the physical toll campaigning took on the somewhat younger Hillary Clinton. Anyone remember the videos of her being shoved in a van by Secret Service after collapsing on the sidewalk?

Then there is the stress and premature aging that occupying the office of President has taken on much younger, haler men like Barack Obama. Despite cutting back on his pack a day cigarette habit Obama managed to go prematurely grey.

But the sad fact for the Democrat establishment is that Joe Biden, who has shown signs of, for lack of a better term, “mental confusion” is really all they have. He is their last bastion against a left-wing socialist takeover of the party. They want no part of what happened to the stodgy, squishy Republican leadership at the hands of Donald Trump. There is no doubt that the Republican Party belongs to Donald Trump, and his cohort of supporters now run the show.

How did the Democrats arrive at this desperate state of affairs? Their last, best hope was Hillary Clinton. Her hubris and arrogance were her undoing, and she hasn’t had the good sense to stop lying and learn from her mistakes.

Hillary forgot that we have this thing called an electoral college and that she didn’t need to campaign in deep blue states. She should have gone for the purple and avoided insulting normal voters with epithets like “a basket full of deplorables.”

If Joe comes away from the Democrat nominating convention smelling the hair and with his arm around his female running mate Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar, he will no doubt inject an initially manic amount of energy and Democrats will laugh off his inevitable gaffes.

It will be amusing watching his charges and bluster crumble against the rock-solid accomplishments of President Trump, especially when President Trump presses Joe’s nuclear button and asks “Where’s Hunter?”

Speaking of which, over in the Senate, Hunter’s chickens may yet come home to roost. What House hack Adam Schiff managed to stonewall, the Senate will open a probe into the Ukraine business dealings of then-Veep Joe and his stalking horse Hunter.

The Biden-Burisma probe’s leader is Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). He chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. What both stands in contrast and probably worries Democrats is what Senator Johnson told one interviewer: “I’m not Adam Schiff. We’re not Democrats. We’re going to be careful, we’re going to be deliberative, we’re going to go through this investigation and we’re going to go through the truth.”

Notice that Senator Johnson skipped making up a fake telephone conversation between Joe Biden and his Ukraine pal over the quid pro quo. All he needs to do is replay Joe’s taped admission. Yeah, sure. The Obama Administration and the press have repeatedly claimed that there “was no wrongdoing” here. Let’s not go there.

During the last three years of unrelenting Democrat charges, bogus investigations, and desperate attempts to undo Hillary’s failure in 2016, there is a breathtakingly simple explanation why the Democrats haven’t laid a glove on President Trump: the truth is like Teflon. Mud and muck eventually slide away to reveal the source and intent of the mudslingers.

In any case, Democrats, especially those younger than 50, have to be wondering. How can two old white guys—one a communist, the other a doddering nitwit—be all there is. How are either of those losers going to be able to defeat the bad orange man, whom they hate beyond reason?

The Democrat party establishment doesn’t want a socialist, so they have to go with Joe as a placeholder, who is unlikely to survive a first term—provided the men in white coats don’t haul him off the campaign trail.

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